Chapter Twelve – 'The fall o' a King'

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Chapter Twelve – 'The fall o' a King'

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Chapter Twelve – 'The fall o' a King'

Vasgar stood silently on the balcony in the keep of Stromgarde, staring out over the city with little interest, a lonely woman was walking down a street, several guards peered at her as she walked by. A young lad, barely ten, sat alone on the east wall, how he got up there is a mystery. Vasgar let out a quiet sigh as he reached up for the top of the wall, leaning himself forward as he gripped it, the cold night air toyed with the braids in his hair. He heard footsteps coming from the stairs leading up to the balcony, he gripped the hilt of his large sword and peered towards the entrance. From the entrance a rather small human came, head held high, his left hand resting upon some sort of pouch, long and thin, perhaps containing a letter.
Good evening, my good King. I carry with me a letter to you. - He kneeled down and lifted the small pouch upwards, for Vasgar to take.
Whoms letter do ye carry, lad? - He reached forth after letting go of his sword, taking the pouch from the courier, he opened it and let the letter slide down into his hands.
Chessny T Jawbreaker, m'lord. - The courier bowed down as he stood up before leaving Vasgar alone, whom had opened the letter and started reading it. He read the letter twice before peering down the wall in thoughts, muttering 'Redemption, huh? We'll see 'bout tha', silly gnomette...' and crumbled the letter and tossing it down onto the streets bellow.

He stood alone in his private quarters, piece by piece he buckled his armor onto his body, he had placed a shield by his sword near the east wall. He closed his eyes as he placed his eyepatch in place, carefully placing his golden crown on the table next to the large bed. He strapped the large sheath to his sword on his back and sheathed it, before slinging his shield on top of the sheath. He turned around and headed for the door, clad in his large and thick plate armor. He opened the door and walked out, closing it behind him. Each step he took made a silent 'Thud' sound, especially when he reached the stairs leading down to the ground level, soldiers, servants and other royalties peered at him as he walked past them in silence, not even looking back at them, simply walking by. Once on the outside he marched towards his large mare, Korilaa – He ran his hand through her mane and smiled to himself before mounting her. As he rode down from the Keep, down the streets, past houses and out through the gates, several peoples had asked the King where he was riding, without getting an answer. Two guards guarded the gate and peered at each other.
Ye know, this is the second time this week he just leaves like tha'. - The first said, with an arched eyebrow.
When will ye ever learn, ye wolfrag. - The second snarled before he turned to peer at the King turning to the left, off toward Hillsbrad.
Where do ye think he's goin'? - The first asked, now with a more puzzled look on his face.
I 'ave no idea, John.. No idea. - The second sighed while shaking his head.

He passed the golden plains of Arathi Highlands, crossed the green woods of Hillsbrad and ventured into the decieving forest of the Hinterlands, where he encountered several battles with forest trolls, whom fled rather than fought, Vasgars reputation was known even in these woods. Once he reached the plaguelands he dismounted and lead Korilaa through the entire lands of undeath, his sword unsheathed, constantly on his guard. He sneaked through the scarlet infested Tyr's hand, and managed to go through without being detected, even though his size. As he reached the ruins of the once proud Scarlet city, he ran his hand through Korilaa's mane again, murmuring soothing words to her, for these lands were still scourge-infested, he couldn't see any corpses, though. He searched for a Chapel and after a couple of minutes walking around, he did find the Chapel which was mentioned in his letter. He let go of Korilaa's reins and unsheathed his sword, still paranoid after all that had happened lately, wanting to redeem herself or not, could still be a trap. He moved towards the stairs of the Chapel, peering inside of it.

Vasgar gripped his swords hilt tightly and walked inside of the Chapel, peering at the gnome by the altar.
Good to see you got my letter, My King. - The gnomette bowed down to show good intent.
I muse admit ye choose an interestin' spot fer a... talk, I'm listenin'. - Vasgar lowered his sword slightly.
Mhm, I've been working on it for a while now. You could say I have a list. Now about this wife of yours... - The gnome said, smiling underneath her hood.
You're probably quite aware that my darling Tyzai did indeed steal her from you, and I do apologize for that. What is interesting however, is what she spoke of when we had her. - Chessny took a pair well calculated steps towards Vasgar. Whom drove his sword into the ground, cutting through it like butter, to lean onto it.
Tyzai can be very... or could I say, be very peruasive. Your wife said she had noticed changes in Anaei. How she didn't quite seem the same. That being in between the sobs. Again I am sorry for the whole ordeal... - Chessny bowed her head slightly as Vasgars eye flamed up, as if he was boiling in rage on the inside.
Tyzai took Anaei to see her mother, whilst we had her. She was allowed free passage to visit, as Tyzai only wanted Saihna to accept him. As he was planning on leaving us for her daughter... your daughter. - Chessny took another few steps forward, holding her arms up to show she means no harm.
I'm nae interested in any hugs, don't take another step forward! - Vasgar nearly shouted while baring his teeth and snarling.
Just bare in mind, that I am only the messenger here. - Chessny flexed her fingers nervously.
Yer point bein'... ? - Vasgar breathed heavily by now, angered by Chessnys words. Chessny in return, reached down to pick up a throwing knife from her boot, which she hurled towards Vasgar. He raised his left arm, which the dagger hit and flew away, a loud unsheathed shout was heard as he pulled his sword from the ground, fumbling after his shield aswell. In between all of these actions, Chessny turned into a shimmering shade and used the nearby bench to leap from, in order to reach Vasgar with another dagger she had unsheathed, the cold steel of the blade sliced his remaining eye out.
MRRWAAARRARGGH! I KNE' THIS WAS A TRAP! - Vasgar let out a bellowing roar as Chessny disappeared, along with his sight.
You didn't really think, silly King... that I would redeem myself? - Chessny chuckled quietly as Vasgar swung his sword around aimlessly due to being blind.
Ye pathethic excuse o' a gnome, fight fairly! - Vasgar was near the state of panic, never had he felt this helpless – He was scared.
Why faight fairly and die, when I can fight dirty and win... silly King. - Chessny giggled, but was interrupted as Vasgar roared, the ground was shaking violently, was he bringing forth an earthquake? The battle raged on, on the inside of the Chapel. Vasgar only managing to punch Chessny once, due to mere luck. She coughed and pushed herself onto her feet again after landing clumsily due to the shaking ground, Vasgar nearly fell over as he moved backwards and reached the stair. Chessny came flying through the exit and slashed Vasgar with a poisoned dagger across the forhead, in return he managed to hit her once more, this time with the edge of his shield – She landed perfectly this time, even though the hit. The chapel collapsed behind both of them, dirt and dust flew in the air as the chapel was nothing but a pile of stone.
Any last words, my King, which you would like to be passed on? - Chessny tilted her head mockingly.
Argomath a Esarin nakk'Laranikk! - Vasgar roared loudly.
Chessny leaped towards him once more, unsheathing two large swords, for her size ofcourse. Vasgar pressed his eyelids together and turned slightly to swing his sword, Chessny launched one of her swords towards Vasgar. He felt the bitter cold of her steel once more, only that this time she had cut his throat with the tip of her sword, he reached forth to get a hard grip of her and managed to grab her neck, he snarled loudly, his vocal cords not having taken that much damage. Chessny smiled sweetly like staring into his gouged eyes and reached forth, stroking the wound on his throat. Vasgar coughed and growled once more, and perhaps his last time as he launched forward with his jaws, taking a steady grip of her left ear he bit down. Chessny screeched loudly and placed her hands on his head, trying to yank him off. He continues to bite down on her ear as he sent a fist flying towards her stomach, which hit! He let go of her in the right moment, she screamed in agony as her ear was torn apart, and Vasgars large fist smashed her stomach, she landed on the stairs.

Vasgar opened his ruined eyes as the sound of thundering could be heard from above, dark clouds had sweeped in over the lands, as the lightning struck, the rain also started pouring down. Vasgar wobbled slightly, the poison had finally done It's work. He fell over forward, landing on his knees and hands, barely keeping him from falling over completely. Chessny breathes rapidly and steadies herself as she watches the King on his knees. She walked closer slowly, keeping a fair distance only just managing to pick up one of her swords which she dropped during the last minute of fighting.
Twenty years... 'ave I longed fer this moment... twenty lon' years... - Vasgar coughed up a wave of blood, with a gurgling and vomiting sound.
... Because I have pity on you, I will make your death swift. I will end your life, rather than letting the poison take it... And if you've waited twenty years, I won't keep you any longer. - She raised her sword, as if taking aim.
Wait.. wait... I'm... goin' ta let ye into a secret few kno's... Two thousand, two hundred an' forty two years, 'ave I walked this earth... an' NEVER 'ave I fought someone as cunnin'.. an'.. FALSE as ye... but... I ask o' ye a favour. - He goughed again, slumping down onto his elbows, the lightning struck once more, this time much closer.
One last favour I will grant you, my King. - She smiled sweetly and nodded.
T'is a simple but... heavy task... Be me witness, so tha' I don't fade into tha nothin'ness, remember me... - His nose was touching the small pool of blood and water underneath his face now. Chessny bowed down deeply.
I will do as you say. I will let them know you fought bravely, and I will not let them forget about you, my King. - Chessny raised her sword high up into the air once more and with an elegant twist, she swings the sword, aiming for his throat – Vasgar pressed his eyelids together once more, as the cold but swift justice, end his life – Sliced through the remaining flesh and cartlidge of his throat. Vasgar shot a hand forward, gripping her ankle, the remaining and last air in his lung was pushed out, he breathed his last breath before slumping down into the pool of water, blood and dirt on the ground, without showing any signs of life...

It was dark and empty, he couldn't feel any emotions. He opened his eyes but still couldn't see anything, then suddenly! A simple candel lit up the entire world, it seemed. On the end of a long stair – A large serpent-like being with two arms, ending with two large scythes stood. It's tongue slittered in and out of It's mouth and it grinned broadly.
Come now, Vasgar Plainswind. I hunger... - The Loa moved down the stairs and cackled maniacally, then everything went black once more...

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