Chapter Eleven - 'Nahaha'zuul...'

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Chapter Eleven - 'Nahaha'zuul...'

Post by Jehorius on Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:33 pm

Haunted... Constantly haunted by the thought of seeing someone he loved consumed by the Devourer. He reached up and placed a hand where his heart is supposed to be, it was beating.. Slowly yet with a steady rhythm. He narrowed his eyes as a soldiers moved towards him.
My King, are ye alright? - The soldiers glanced his King over worriedly.
I'm fine.. lad, was jes' checkin' if me heart was beatin' - The King replied, smiling warmly and encouraging.
Very well then, if ye insist. Fodrig aladant! - The soldier returned to his post and surveyed the area with caution. A shrieking scream of pain killed the uncomfortable silence.

The thunder quietly roared, and above the distant mountains the lightning struck down. The wind increased in strength and the rain started pouring down over the golden plains of Arathi. He fell down onto his knees infront of a pile of bones and armor, he recognized this armor... A golden ring engraved with odd writings and runes, much alike to the arathorians writing could be seen laying on the ground, amongst all the blood and the armor. He widened his eye and gripped it, this was the exact same ring he had given to his wife upon marrying her. As he picked the ring up the wind whispered a name... 'Nahaha'zuul...'

He woke up in the middle of the night, he sat up rapidly in his bed, sweating and panting. 'Nightmare jes a nightmare...' he whispered to himself. He peered to the other side of the bed and found Saihna laying there, cuddling her pillow and snoring as loud as a man with a cold would do. He carefully moved out of the bed and dressed himself with warm clothes and his armor, he picked up his axe and slung it onto his back.
Love... I'm leavin', need ta confront tha elements. - Vasgar smiled behind his platemask.
Uuh.. Huh, now? - Saihna turned in the bed and with narrowed eyes she peered up at Vasgar.
Yes, now.. t'is urgent. I'll be back in a couple o' days. - He nodded.
Be careful.. - She sighed heavily and blew him a kiss as he left the room.

He slung the saddle onto the back of his newly trained and raised horse, Korilaa. A beautiful and large arathorian mare, gray colored. He tied all the straps and climbed into the saddle. The night was silent, many would say it was too silent. There wasn't a single cloud on the sky and the stars were brighter than ever. As he passed the newly built monument of remembrance he peered up at the statue of Thoradin and smiled, 'Soon enough, me King.. we'll meet again. he whispered to himself and passed the statue. While leaving the city a soldier gazed up at him.
My King! Why are you leaving the city? - The soldier saluted him and coughed behind his helmet.
Ta do wha' needs ta be done, lad. Go an' rest, tell someone ta take over. Yer ill. - Vasgar smiled again and gave the soldier a simple nod before gripping the reins tighter and slammed his heels into Korilaa's flanks. The soldier just blinked and turned to the second one.
He's mysterious, isn't he? - He chuckled quietly.
Oh just shut up, ye fool. He's the only reason I keep fightin'. - The other soldier snorted loudly.
I guess you're right... - Upon saying this, they both sighed and returned to staring out over the golden plains in silence.

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