Chapter Ten - 'Was this it?'

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Chapter Ten - 'Was this it?'

Post by Jehorius on Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:32 pm

It was dark, cold and silent. He couldn't see a thing, couldn't feel anything, neither hear. Then suddenly, he shivered for an unknown reason and a light could be seen ahead of him, it was vague, but still a light.

He marched toward the light and once he reached it, he found himself standing on the plains of Arathi. No mountains, no trees, nothing could be seen.. Only the endless plains. The grass started swaying as a cold wind swept in over him, his cloak were caught in it and sent up behind him. He peered around himself with narrowed eyes, he thought he had heard something. The wind swept over him again, this time it was stronger and colder. 'Vasgar...', he froze in place and his gaze wandered off to a place unknown as he simply listened.
Wha'd ye want frem me... - He blinked once and narrowed his eyes again.
What we want matters little for the time being, what needs to be done is what matters, Vasgar.. - The voice echoed now, it was booming and intimidating, seemingly being carried to him with the wind. He remained silent, he didn't understand, or perhaps he just didn't want to understand.
You will be given a chance to change the unchangeable. Are you willing to accept it? - The voice was softer now, but still echoed.
Wha' is it tha' yer tryin' ta say? - He lowered his head thoughtfully and stared at the ground.
It was not your time, Vasgar. We have plans for you, as did your family, your friends and the people whom you care for. More important, as did the -world-. - The wind stopped all of a sudden and everything turned silent. He stared blankly at the ground, barely breathing.
Send me back.... - A tear emerged out of his only eye and fell towards the ground, as it stroked the side of a grass straw everything turned black again.

The pain was unbearable , suddenly he was chipping for air, it was cold. The moon was staring down upon him and he could hear something, someone was digging somewhere nearby. He peered to his left and a man could be seen digging a huge hole with a shovel, muttering quietly to himself.
He's worth a grave dug by hand, but this is.. heavy... I should use magic, yes.. I should. - The man shoved the shovel into the ground and rubbed his back with his left hand as he wiped his forhead with his right sleeve.
Why are ye diggin' anyway... - Vasgar grinned to himself, this would be amusing.
Wh-.. Who goes there? My.. By all that's holy! Vasgar?! - He man turned and stared at Vasgar, his eyes widened.
Don't ask.. long story. - Sounds of hooves could be heard from nearby, he sighed.
I 'ave ta go, Remus... Thanks.. fer doin' this, I'll explain in time. Don't tell anyone o' this.. Dig me grave and bury somethin' else. I'll be hidin' in yer house in tha mountains.. T'is ta late ta turn back now, they think I'm dead. - Vasgar pushed himself onto his feet and gazed upon his blood drenched armor and bloody weapons.
I.. don't understand, Vasgar. How.. why? When? .. Why no- - The sound of horses were getting closer.
No time, Remus. I 'ave ta leave now. Goodbye, ol' friend an' thanks fer everythin'. - He turned on his heels, leaned down to pick up his sword and shield and walked down the hill, in a hurry. Then suddenly, he was gone.

Remus simply stared down at Vasgar in disbelief, he then peered at the spot where his body had been laying. 'I'm going mad, I'm really going mad...'. He then turned and shook his head, gripped the shovel and continued to dig the grave as ordered.

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