Aishling Silversun

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Aishling Silversun

Post by Xen-tau on Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:04 am

Character name: Aishling Silversun
Alias: Formally: "Magistrix Aishling Silversun", but still refered to as Ambassador or Foxy..
Gender: Female
Age: 127
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Warlock/Fel Artist

Birth region: Quel'thalas
Specific area/town: Fairbreeze Village
Family: Drayanna Dawncaller(Sister), Eoin Silversun(Brother, wherabouts unknown)
Known friends or enemies: Emrys Sunwing(friend), Tiffane Blightleaf(friend), Abulos Sunwing(friend), Solanum Devilsgrave(political and academic enemy, not on any kill-list though).

Description: Long brown hair, green eyes and a rune in her neck are one of the first things you notice. Her body is slim and she is not afraid to show it.
Personality: One of the first words to describe her would be workaholic. Aishling lives and breathes her work, and has trouble placing that aside. She used to care only for the wellbeing of Quel'thalas as a land, but has recently shown affection for others as well. She does as she feels is right, and does not fear to use others to her own advantage. A big lover of wine and a formidable political analist. Arrogant and proud, at times prude.
History: Write here
Things you may know about this character: She has been banished from Quel'thalas a long time ago by one of the magisters. Due to that magister falling for corruption, most of his judgements were revised and some corrected, like Aishling her banishment. Wants Quel’thalas to be independent and closed from the rest of the world.
Things you may not know about this character: Has a lover in Shattrah. Her haircolour is not her natural one. Killed a Darkspear troll to prove the sin’dorei are dangerous. Her former last name was “Dawncaller”(Never used during RP, ever… but some background info). She also has the ambition to become the Phoenix-Lady of Quel'thalas.(If you are queen, you can pick the titles yourself!)
Possible crime record: Speaking against the Horde, use of demons, murder of an ally of the Horde.

Other information: None yet.

Sin'dorei Aishling Silversun - Crimson Imperium - Working in Silvermoon
Pandaren Houjin Monk: Mao-Teng Swiftstrike - Traveling.
Human(Worgen) Death Knight Aeron Turner - Killing, somewhere.
(A)Pandaren Tushui Monk: Xen-Tau Swiftstrike - Finding a place to live

Idea borrowed from: Nilda Meyrick and Monrena

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Character sheet
Name: Aishling Silversun/Dawncaller
Title: Magistrix

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