Chapter Nine - 'Me last tale...'

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Chapter Nine - 'Me last tale...'

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Chapter Nine – 'Me last tale...'

He closed his eye while drawing a deep breath, a sudden breeze swept in over the over the small settlement and brought a chill to every single soldier within it. He opened it slowly again, staring out over the distant peaks of Icecrown. He narrowed his eye and glanced over toward the 'stable', if you could call it that. 'The years has had passed by swiftly...' he thought, it was now nearly twenty years since that night in Feralas. That night, he crouched down and dug his fingers into the snow, still in his own world. He got married so long ago, he even have two wonderful kids, he threw all that away for revenge – Was it worth it?

A younger boy approached him and knocked him on his right shoulder pad, drawing a deep breath – Vasgar wasn't known to be the most polite person around.
S-sir.. Your drake is ready. - The boy stuttered out as he wrapped his cloak tighter around his body.
Already.. ? - Vasgar glanced up at the boy, staring him directly into the eyes.
S-sir.. You've been sitting here for hours. - He blinked twice.
Hours... Then I should be on me way. - Vasgar pressed himself onto his feet, dusting the snow from his armor.
This way.. Sir, Right over he- -He was interrupted.
I might be wearin' an eyepatch, but I'm not blind, boy. - Vasgar narrowed his eye again with a low grunt.
Of course sir.. Of course you're not... - He boy chipped after air, he still remember the face of the last soldier who angered Vasgar, bloody and lifeless. Vasgar rolled a shoulder and glances over at the so called 'stable', a massive and huge proto-drake stood ready for battle, but then...
Vasgar! Vasgar, wait! - An old mans voice could be heard.
Hrm.. ? - Vasgar sighed, quite annoyed over the constant interruptions.
There you are! Leaving already? - The old man smiled warmly, clad in a bright shining golden armor, the Ashbringer resting upon his back.
Aye.. already, Tirion.. Was there somethin' else? - Vasgar asked directly, turning his gaze to him.
Are you sure you want to do this? You know It's a suicide mission.. - Tirion sighed heavily.
Yer still ta negative fer me taste, Tirion. Aye, I'm -sure-. - Vasgar snorted shortly and mounted the proto-drake which let out a booming roar.
I don't want another souls anguish resting upon my shoulders, Vasgar. You better come back, in one piece! - Tirion stared up at Vasgar, a hint of worry lingering within his eyes.
I had tha' planned, never kno' wha' will happen, though – Do ye? - Vasgar nodded firmly and motioned for the drake to lift, without giving Tirion a chance to answer his question.

One would never be able to picture a land as devastated as this one, to be beautiful. Undead armies marched upon the ground as far as the eye could see, yet... The undying beauty of the majestic peaks stood proudly upwards toward the sky.
Much happened lately.. Don't ye think? - He thought, not sure if an answer would be given.
You have a point.. I'm waiting. - The feral voice echoed within his voice.
I'm wanted... Death warrant now, Sol'thar.. Yet, tha' ol' coot accepts me 'ere.. I still don't understand why... - Vasgar lowered his head slightly, staring off into the distance as his proto-drake made It's way through the sky.
Because he read beyond the lines... Stay alert, Worg.. This is not the right time for a conversation... - The sentence ended with a snarl, then everything went silent. Vasgar sighed heavily and gazes around him, his hungering eye looking for a prey. 'Nae frost wyrms around... Odd...'. The undead wouldn't be able to reach him this far up, beside the wyrms. But so far none had been spotted, and hopefully It would stay that way. 'Belgarde Fortress, in Jotunheim.. West in Icecrown.. Should be there soon..' He had no idea for how long he had been flying anymore, the sun never peeked through the thick clouds of Icecrown. Only thing that ever emerged down through them was the huge lightning pillars which clashed down into the ground randomly. An echoing roar could be heard close by, diving down through the thick clouds a huge frost wyrm came. It stared at Vasgar and his drake, arrogantly Vasgar glanced upwards and smiled 'Finally some fun...'. The wyrm continued toward the much smaller drake, aiming to shove It's massive horns into the drakes side. Vasgar rapidly and with great force pulled the reins upwards, forcing the drake to lift just in time – He then let go and fell backwards and landed on the wyrms back, quickly he swung an arm around a spike sticking out of It's neck to prevent himself from falling off. The wyrm span around in the air, roaring once more, the smaller drake dived into It's side and a loud cracking sound easily was snapped up by ones ear. Vasgar unsheathed his one handed sword and slammed it down into the wyrms neck twice, cutting deep into It's spine – But it was far from enough to decapitate it. The drake clashed into the wyrms ribcage again, but this time on the other side, the same sickening cracking sound was heard – Vasgar took the opportunity to slam his sword down into It's spine, this time two quick times and once slow strike with a lot of strength. Rapidly the wyrm fell toward the ground, head first, then the rest of the body. Vasgar forced himself onto his feet and then pressed upwards into the air as the drake flew in under him and picked him up, basically. Breathing heavily and rapidly, the adrenaline rushing through his veins - he gripped the reins tightly and laughed mockingly.

Several hours passed before he finally could spot the huge fortress in the horizon, he smiled to himself as it grew bigger and bigger for each passing minute. Yet another hour passed and he finally reached his destination, the top of this great fortress – An enormous horn could be seen, with a small mouth, anyhow. He landed on top of it and gazed out over the village, Jotunheim.. Home of the chosen Vry'kuls – Whom were to die for him... He ran a hand through his hair and sighed, the flight and battle had tired him greatly. He nodded twice to himself before motioning for the drake to lift again and flew just a couple of minutes down to a relatively safe spot, where he also set up a camp.

For the first time since he arrived to Icecrown he could feel the warm, yet chilling sun beams touching his scarred and cold skin. He crawled out from his tent and chipped after air, the wind outside, was indeed cutting to the bone. Quickly he buckled and stretched the armor he had removed last night, onto his body again and packed his tent together, along with all the rugs and the like. He then strapped it to the saddle of his proto-drake and rummaged through the pouches on it. He ate the last remaining food he had left and chugged down a tankard of mead, afterwards he walked over to the edge of the small cliff he had hid under and gazed out over the landscape underneath it. Four massive pillars reaches up in the sky, different colors – One red, one yellow, one blue and one green. What ever they stood for, he didn't know. The massive jungle reached further than Vasgar could see, but the part below him was devastated by the Scourge recently, by the looks of it. The sun still shined brightly and blinded him partly, he sighed heavily and glanced upwards, toward the enormous fortress – His next destination, and perhaps his last.

He walked over to the proto-drake and ran his hand over It's nose, mumbling 'T'is time, lad...', the drake tilted It's head curiously and shrieked quietly with a hint of fear within It's eyes. After going through all his buckles and stretchers on his armor he climbed into the saddle and nodded briefly at the drake while saying [/i]'Don't ye worry, lad. This will be a piece o' cake'[/i]. He tugged on the reins and forced the drake into lifting once more, it dived down from the nearby cliff and then flapped It's way upwards toward the fortress' roof. He landed upon the roof, a dull sound could be heard and snow whirled around the landing spot. The wind increased in strength as he did, carrying with it a message... 'Listen to the wind...' it said, slowly he arched an eyebrow and walked around the plateau and gazed out over the scarred lands. One thing still was bright, the sun... Proudly it blended him as he stared into it. Vasgars eye wandered around aimlessly, suddenly he mumbled 'There still is light in this forsaken lands...'. He lowered his head and sighed heavily, once more he went through his armor and weapons before giving the proto-drake a pat on the snout, it shrieked happily but appeared confused. A smile curled up on Vasgars lips as he shook his head, saying 'This is no place fer ye, lad. Fly home ta yer brethren at tha Vanguard...'. A firm nod was the last the drake received from Vasgar before he turned and walked over to the horn and clenched his right gauntlet around it before taking a deep breath. He placed his lips against the mouth of the horn and blew out – A loud and clear tone echoed through out the lands, a loud crack could be heard as the snowy top of a mountain broke and clashed down along It's side.

Vasgar smiled broadly and unsheathed his sword and shield, his proto-drake roared out in pure anger, the roar was answered by a human being. Followed by this roar a question could be heard.
WHO DARES TO CHALLENGE BALGERADE?! - Who ever this person was, he was not amused.
Tha's me, aye? - Vasgar glanced up at his drake and chuckled heartily, he formed one simple word with his lips 'Go'. A massive proto-drake appeared out of the thin air! Blue scales, feline ice blue eyes and with a breath of ice! The breath lunged down toward Vasgar, whom darted to his side only to clash into the frost Vry'kul who had dived towards him from the drake, roaring loudly in anger. The bronze colored drake lashed down from above directly into the blue scaled drake, staring a battle of life and death himself. Vasgar, on the other hand had been knocked over from the direct hit which had penetrated his left shoulderpad and dug deep into his shoulder, he groaned in pain as the Vry'kul came charging again, with the same loud roar, as if his lungs would burst any second. Vasgar blocked the incoming attack and took a swift step to his right, he blinked, with doubt.
Start from below... - The imagine of Sol'thar prowling about caught his attention at the same time as Balgerade hurled his fist for Vasgars face, he stumbled backwards to the edge with a bleeding eyebrow and the Vry'kul simply laughed out.
IS THIS THE BEST YOU GOT, PUNY HUMAN?! You're wasting your time here, and mine! I will end this swiftly, profit for both of us!- Upon saying this, Vasgar let out a thundering roar himself. He leaped forward with his sword raised high above his shoulder, the sharp metal cut through both Balgerades chestguard and frozen flesh. Like the lightning he had attacked, his veins was pulsating, growing until they were an inch from exploding. The adrenaline or rage had taken control of him completely, there was no barricade to hide behind this time. No time for thoughts, he had to act! He tensed his jaw muscles and rolled to his side as the massive opponent leaped for him, his sword dug deep into the stony ground. He cut the stretchers of from his left arm and slowly let go of his sword at the same time as his shield fell towards the ground. He reached to his back with one hand, pulling several stretchers with his other. From his back he pulled a huge sword made out of shimmering titanium. Socketed in It's hilt two pulsating gems could be seen, but the beauty and interesting thing about this sword, was the head of it – A gap in the sword formed a perfect mouth for the lion head shaped sword. Upon doing this he growled out 'Khla-minder!'. Balgerade finally got his sword out of the ground himself and once again roared loudly, no doubt he was furious by now. Before the blink of an eye, the two of them had charged for the other.

The sun had gone down and the two combatants stood sweaty and exhausted, leaned against a pillar – Still staring at each other, and if a stare could kill.. This would be an fair battle.
What are you waiting for.. Finish him. - Sol'thar snarled in pain as well as annoyance.
He's.. equal, friend.. - Vasgar narrowed his eye and swallowed, drawing slow and deep breaths. He pushed himself away from the pillar and gripped his sword again, laughing mockingly at Balgerade.
What are you laughing at, boy?! - Balgerade bares his teeth in a murderous glare.
Tha fact.. Tha' we could go on fer hours, days, weeks or even months... - Vasgar leaned forward and let out another loud chuckle, directly in his face. With new found strength Balgerade swung his fist for Vasgars chin, sending him to the ground, landing on his back. Vasgar rolled over and barely avoided the sword which once again clashed down into the stony ground, stuck. Vasgar once more struggled up onto his feet, with the same mocking laugh, he walked over to one of the pillars and smiled broadly.
Yer one clumsy bugger, eh? - Vasgar grinned wolfishly, but his taunting grin was quickly wiped away as the massive Vry'kul set off towards him, due to the wounds and exhaustion, dodging this attack was not on the list. Before he knew Balgerade ran into him, both of them tripped over the edge and fell toward the mountains below. While in the air, Vasgar gave Balgerade a couple of punches across his face and pressed himself away from him, with his last remaining strength he swung his sword toward his head, decapitating the head from his shoulders. A smile curled up on his lips as his eye closed, slowly everything turned black.

He woke up first a week after the actual battle, how he got back to the camp or why – He didn't know. He opened an eye and peered around tiredly, white walls made out of cloth, same with the roof 'A tent...', he thought. A woman around her thirties smiled down upon him as he glanced around, she had crystal clear blue eyes and shining blond hair. Her small pink lips formed a youthful and beautiful smile, slowly she split them open to speak.
So, you're awake, Champion? - She asked with a warm yet worried voice.
Where.. am I? - Vasgar asked, for confused he was.
The Argent Vanguard, a draenei came back to the camp after a patrol with you hanging from the claws of her proto-drake. - The woman raised her knees up to her chin to wrap her arms around them, obviously freezing abit.
Who.. ? - He asked, his voice hoarse.
I'm not sure, sire. A draenei from the Scarlet Crusade, that's about all I know. - She wagged back and forth uncomfortably. Vasgar closed his eyes again and let out a quiet sigh.
Leave me be fer now, lass.. - He coughed, still freezing slightly.
Very well, sire. Shout and I'll come. - She smiled vaguely and pushed herself onto her feet, walking out of the small tent. As she walked out a woman walked in, light brown hair, a firm body build and beautiful beyond imagination. She sat down beside Vasgar and took his hand in hers, he opened an eye and peered up at her, his beautiful wife had come to pay him a visit.
Vasgar.. Are ye.. Are ye alright? - Her eyes were slightly bloodshot, as if she had been crying recently.
Saih.. Saihna! - He smiled brightly for a mere second, a voice echoed within his mind.
Tell her to leave.. Gather your strength, we got things to do, Worg...
Saihna.. I- .. I'm fine, ye should head home an' watch over tha kids. - He stared up at her, with gleaming eyes.
Vasgar.. I want ta be 'ere, with ye... - Her smile faded and was replaced by a confused look. A draenei walked into the tent and both of them peered up at her, she smiled warmly at the sight of Vasgar.
Ah.. You're awake. - She said, firmly.
Who's she.. ? - Saihna asked, narrowing her eyes.
I dinnae.. I think she saved me life. - Vasgar smiled shortly, coughing.
Oh.. I.. see. - Saihna glanced down at Vasgar again and lowered her head slightly, kissing his hand.
Begone Saihna.. watch over tha kids. - He narrowed his eye and his face end up emotionless as he rolled over to his side...

The thunder struck down and cleaved one of the ancient oaks in the Highlands in two, He opened his eye and stared out over his homeland. The rain fell down over the normally dry plains and He tilted his head backwards as the chilling cold raindrops hit his face. He closed his eye and hardened his entire face in rage as he thought back, so much had happened lately.. So much. He thought back to the time when he had gotten rid of that blasted Loa, how he nearly were killed by something he thought he could trust...

He hurled the soul shard into the air as it exploded in a wave of fel energy to start with, emerging out of the ocean of small purple glass splinters an enormous spectral lion lashed out. Vasgars eye widened up and he turned just in time, the lion dug his teeth through his massive plate shoulder pads and further down through his skin and knocked him down onto the ground. Vasgar swung an elbow toward the lion and hit It's upper jaw and managed to push it off of him, he rolled over and pushed himself onto his feet only to be bitten from behind, once again the huge fangs pierced his armor and his skin, he growled out in pain as he unsheathed his massive sword and kicked with his boot, breaking one of the fangs in his jaw. He span around, he wasn't there, he turned again, nothing. The third time he turned a massive paw cut through his chestguard and wounded him again. A sudden thought rushed through his mind 'My armor cannot stop his blows.. I need to strike him down, but is that even possible?'.
You should not have done this, Worg. It is a great loss, your loss, but my gain! - Sol'thar roared loudly and charged for Vasgar again, whom bit his jaws together due to the pain and dodged to his left, span around a bit and hurled his sword toward the huge lions back, and to his surprise he cut through It's fur and left a huge and dangerously bleeding wound. The lion slumped down on the ground for a mere moment before crawling back up on his feet, he started circling around Vasgar, slowly forcing him toward the nearby cliff edge. Vasgar dropped his twohanded sword and unsheathed a lighter one, and while he was at it the lion lashed out toward him roaring 'It ends here!'. As the lion reached Vasgar, he leaped up into the air to knock him down the edge, Vasgar quickly knelt down and end up underneath the lion, he shoved his sword through his stomach and pressed for everything he was worth, screaming over the pain caused by his wounds. Sol'thar joined in and roared out in pain himself, as he tumbled down the edge and finally end up laying against a tree, without moving. Vasgar breathed heavily and fell toward the ground, closing his eye.

He opened his eye again and the rain had increased in strength, not only the rain, but also the thundering lightning that struck down from the sky. Were the gods angry at someone, or something? 'Who knows..' he thought, and shrugged the thought away. With a sigh he remembered, that he had fought his last battle. 'But we're not there jes yet...' he said with a saddened smile upon his face.

Slowly he walked within the molten lair of a dragon, together with his love and soulmate.
Ye sure.. this is a good idea? - She asked, nervous no doubt.
I dinnae, love.. I ain't forcin' ye into this.. But I 'ave nae choice. T'is either this or a life bein' chased or one In jail. - He sighed, knowing this was a bad idea himself and he was worried too.
Nae.. I won't back out now, love.. Nae now. - She smiled warmly at him, leaning up to place a kiss on his lips. He returned the kiss and then nodded at her. They both continued forth and finally reached the last turn before the actual lair itself, and the dragon. They rounded the turn and stared down at the huge dragon, as their eye fell upon him he opened his eyes and stared back with furious anger lingering within them.
Bold of you to venture all the way into my lair, only to find yourself burned to death within a moment. Come then, mortals! Come and meet your doom! - The dragons voice echoed within the entire lair, it all sounded as if the voice came from everywhere. Without a doubt they continued down into the lair and towards the dragon, they unsheathed their weapons and Vasgar quickly passed her some sort of engineering device.
Take this an' press tha button if he tries ta breath fire on ye.. T'will save ye frem a certain death. - He said and smiled shortly before turning to the dragon again. He took a deep breath and Saihna followed his example before both of them charged toward the dragon, leaping over the hundred of cracks in the ground before them. They stopped a handful of feet away from the dragon, he could fry both of them if he wanted to now.
[ibSo you have decided, mortals. Very well, I will feast upon your bodies with joy![/b] - He arrogantly pressed himself onto his feet as Vasgar unclipped some sort of grenade, which he threw toward the dragon. It bounced upon his back and down toward one of his knees and exploded, a huge explosion of chilling cold air and frost magic dug into the dragons scales and flesh. He roared loudly and his eyes sparkled in anger.
Now you have spoiled your little chance of a victory by showing your last trick for me, no more tricks! - He dragon indeed were huge, standing meters above both of them. If a dragon would be able to grin, this one would, since he flew up into the air. Vasgar stumbled backwards due to the wind created as the dragon flapped his wings. Vasgar walked up onto a pile of small rocks and the like, which obviously had fallen from the roof, Saihna unsheathed her bow and stringed it with an arrow, aiming at the dragon with a trained eye, her only eye.
Fear me, mortals! Your glory ends here! - The dragon took a deep breath as Vasgar threw himself down behind the pile of rocks, Saihna once again followed his example and hid in a huge crack in the ground. The flames clashed down into the ground at several spots, since the dragon had vomited out several balls of flaming fire. Saihna crawled up onto her feet again and fired her first arrow toward the belly on the dragon, as if she knew just where and how to wound one. Vasgar on the other hand, made his way up onto the pile and panted heavily, his adrenaline pumping through his veins.
Bah! I grow tired of this! I will crush you, humans! - The dragon dived down toward Vasgar, in mid air he changed his attack and hurled his tail toward him, Vasgars eye widened as he leaped up into the air and clashed into the tail, clinging to the scales not to fall off. Saihna stringed her bow again and gasped as Vasgar started climbing up along the dragons tail, she coughed and fired another arrow toward the dragons belly, this one merely pierced his skin, did he even notice it? The dragon slapped his tail around, into the walls several time but Vasgar just wouldn't fall off, and now he was at the dragons back, clinging to the huge barbs. The dragon spat another ball of fire toward Saihna, and in the process was hit by an arrow in his left eye, he roared out in pain as Saihna threw herself onto the ground and activated her device, the ball missed. Vasgar reached It's neck and gripped his sword with both of his hands and thrusted it down through the dragons neck, blood stained Vasgars entire armor and face. As the dragon roared and fell toward the ground Vasgar let go of what ever barb he held and jumped! Halfway down toward the ground, he grabbed his cloak and formed it like a parachute! 'Gnomish devices surely are effective and helpfu-' he couldn't even finish the sentence before one of the cloaks edges slipped out of his bloodied hand, he hit the ground with a loud clash and grunt. He crawled up on his feet and unsheathed his twohanded sword, panting heavily and limping slightly as he charged toward the falling dragon. He thrusted the sword up into the dragons belly as it hit the ground. Vasgar as well as the dragon roared in pain, Saihna had picked up a spear and made her way toward the dragon herself, she leaped up into the air and thrusted it towards as if she wanted to pierce It's skull. The dragon snapped out for her and managed to pierce her entire left calf with one of his teeth as her spear pierced his upper jaw. Vasgar crawled, tugged and fought to get loose from the dragon, since he was laying on his left arm and shoulder. With him out he pulled the sword, blood poured out from the belly of the dragon now, and as Vasgar got onto his feet and Saihna out of his mouth, he raised the sword in the air with his last remaining strength.
Even tha mightiest can fall! - He swung the sword toward the dragons neck and cut deep into It's neck and spine, with great effort breaking it aswell.

He chuckled, the hollowed laugh echoed slightly. He smiled up toward the moon, lost in deep thoughts. 'One hell o' a fight, t'must 'ave been...' he mumbled, the rain had increased in strength again, he wasn't sure if he ever had seen it rain this much. 'One last tale left, then...' He snorted and stared out into the distance.

It was a sunny day and nothing could go wrong, the Arathorian army and It's allies marched toward Hillsbrad Foothills to claim the lands as their own from the horde. They secured the route to Ravenholdt Manor and then continued toward the crossroad near Tarren Mill. Arador, the captain of Arathors army pointed at several persons and said 'Ye'll flank 'em frem behind at me signal!', and smiled warmly. The remaining army moved forth toward the small village, Vasgar glanced backwards at the gathered infantery. Eldarion, Cristan, Justinian, Rohwyn, Eselan. He smiled proudly and then turned forth, staring ahead while waiting for the signal. 'Good lads an' gals, I'm sure o' it..' he thought, then it came. A loud and clear horn, which Arador used for these moment. 'Charge, brethren!' Vasgar screamed and swung his heels into Winds flanks, Wind indeed. He had borrowed it from his daughter. Vasgar and his troops charged the enemies from behind, cutting through them like a warm knife through butter. A mace smacked Vasgar over his chest and he fell of his horse, landing on his knees and elbows. He heard an orc roaring and rolled over, swinging his sword for the orcs heel strings, cutting both of them off. He then pressed himself onto his feet and stomped the orc over his throat, a sickening crack could be heard. He span around and gazes out upon the battlefield as Arador screamed 'Gather up at where we charged frem! Gather up!'. That was when Vasgar saw one of his own, he wasn't sure of who it was but he set off toward the arathorian soldier which quickly was overwhelmed. He hung his sword in his belt, unsheathed a throwing axe, growled loudly and hurled it toward a forsaken and to his surprise cleaved It's skull in two. He gripped his sword again and charged into the back of a blood elf, whom stumbled forward and span around. Vasgar narrowed his eye and gazed upon the beautiful elf without a helmet, he then lashed forward and slammed her with his shield, her nose broke and then fell over on the ground. His sword cut through an orcs thigh and he blocked an incoming attack and ducked for another. The arathorian soldier screamed out in pain and slumped down on the ground, gurgling sounds being all that could be heard as he did. Vasgar took a step backwards and stared around him, orcs forsaken and blood elves. They came from everywhere. He took a defensive battle stance and waited for them to approach him, which they did, one by one, slowly. As they got into range, he swung his sword toward his foe, orc, elf or forsaken, it didn't matter. A 'Swish!' sound could be heard as he froze, something had pierced his armor from behind and buried It's way through his left lung and stopped between two ribs. He let out a loud and thundering roar, he wasn't sure if he would be heard but the Horde nearby stepped backwards, only to lash out toward him. Vasgar struggled with his breath and knew that he wouldn't live through this, he stomped the ground. A nova of thundering lightning emerged out from him and knocked everyone of them backwards. He then gripped his sword tip with his left arm and a large and swift beam of lightning shot out through it, frying an orc and bouncing to an elf, and then onto a forsaken. A warm feeling boiled up within him, he didn't feel any pain all of a sudden. He recognized a voice screaming 'Worg!', he span around and narrowed his eyes. A paladin rushed toward him, clad in solid armor with a pair of goggles covering his eyes, 'Bear-jaw..' he coughed out and turned again. He was tired and weakened, sword after sword cut through his armor or clashed into his sword and shield. He stumbled to his right, punched something over It's throat with his shield, he couldn't see anymore. His forhead had taken a direct hit by some sort of mace and blood had poured down over his left eye. He roared out again and decapitated an elf with a well-placed blow in anger as another 'Swish!' sound could be heard. He froze once more, and the entire scene around him seemed to do so too. He fell forth onto his knees and leaned on his shield, then slumped down on his stomach. An arrow had pierced his throat from behind, risping his spine while doing so. He pressed his eye together and struggled against the pain, he raised his head slowly and opened his eye, staring up at the bright and warm sun before the last remaining air escaped his lung and he died, thinking about his beloved family. Laying in an ocean of fallen soldiers of the Horde and the Alliance, the fallen king could be found.

He clenched his fist and nodded to himself, slowly he gripped his staff again and with the help of it, pressed himself onto his feet. He licked his lips and peered toward Strom, mumbling 'Me tale ends 'ere, an dornu kel fodrig.'. He took a deep breath and let out a thundering roar, then marched down the hill and disappeared into the night...

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