Vangrel Lansire

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Vangrel Lansire

Post by Guest on Mon 07 Jan 2013, 8:41 pm

Character name: Vangrel Lansire
Alias: Royal Envoy
Gender: Male
Age: 60s
Race: Undead / Forsaken
Class: Death Knight

Birth region: The Kingdom of Lordaeron
Specific area/town: N/A
Family: N/A
Known friends or enemies:
The Living

Description: A ghastly figure adourned in white. Tall, pale and hunched over, the blue eyes of this character emptily stare at what is before them.
Personality: Shrewd, cunning, devoted.
History: Long forgotten after Vangrel's second ressurection.
Things you may know about this character: Loyal to the Queen, resents the tight leash of the Horde around the Forsaken Nation, enjoys well cooked cheesecakes.
Things you may not know about this character: May or may not be reporting to the Kor'kron.
Possible crime record: Unavailable.

Other information: Vangrel has a devious streak for plotting and implementing mass genocide, particularly using the blight in gas form.


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