Thaeleen Bladesworn

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Thaeleen Bladesworn

Post by Gesh on Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:14 am

Character name: Thaeleen Bladesworn
Alias: Bladesworn
Gender: Female
Age: Venerable
Race: Kal'dorei
Class: Sentinel

Birth region: Wintersprings
Specific Area/town: A Garrison of warriors sworn to Elune, Thaeleen grew up amongst Huntress and Priestess alike.
Family: Blood relatives within The Sisterhood of Elune, there has been talk of her once having birthed a child, although she rarely discusses this.

Known Allies: Connections with Arenfel Serpentine and members of The Stormwind Regiment, like many of her of Sisterhood, Bladesworn continuously hunts abominations of undeath and wielders or chaotic magic, and therefore is attempting to build some degree of trust with the civilians of Stormwind.

Known enemies: Particularly disliked by the Frost Trolls of Wintersprings and naturally considers herself an enemy to anyone foolish enough to wield fel magic or necromancy.

Appearance: Thaeleen is built like an amazon, tall and broad-shouldered her frame is well earn't after centuries of training and ruthless combat, as soon as she could hold a blade she was paired up with other children and would spar into the early hours of the day.

She sports a white braid which rests comfortably on her bossom, it's noticeably entwined with thick silver rings, rings etched with worshipping runes to Elune.

She is rarely seen out of her Sentinel uniform and wears the thick, well-crafted suit with pride and a undeniable sense of authority, her white gaze blisters through her mask and even without the mouth-guard she has illustrated war paint decorating her cheeks, also designed to praise Elune.

By Elven standards she's not particularly beautiful or even pretty and her piercing eyes can be incredibly off-putting, Thaeleen has little to no humane characteristics to her face: cheekbones are prominent and high, lips are thin and pursed, she would easily stand out amongst a crowd of humans.

Personality: In her youth Bladesworn was fiery and righteous, as well as rebellious and often out-spoken, she would frequently question her Sentinel-Captains course of action and only through years of discipline was her tongue reigned in.

Now, considered nearing on anicent by human standards, Bladesworn is quiet and reflective and far more liberal, she reconises the need for change and often thinks before she asks, understanding how very traditional and almost barbaric her views may appear to the mortal races. It isn't uncommon to see The Sentinel silently watching Human politics from afar, or coldly explaining the merits of interrogation to a bubbly Pandaren.

She is however morally ' good ' and by all accounts follows her code of conduct because she believes it to be just and right, she is deeply religious and often quotes Teachings of Elune, having taken the time to learn the translations into common tongue.

Raised amongst the warriors and priestesses of her race, it's clear to see why Bladesworn holds such a deep connection to her Goddess, from childhood she was trained to hunt, stalk and kill those who would threaten Elune and in time her children, it was common to see young night elven children sleeping amidst the halls of the Garrison's Temple and Thaeleen was no exception, she would kneel before the moonwell and whisper prayer after prayer, a habit she's kept throughout the centuries.

She was the daughter of a Sentinel-Captain and her chosen mate, an only child burning with the ambition to match her mother's strength and agility, her young days were filled with training, study and prayer and when she came of age she stood beside her mother in the field of battle, reigning down fury against Demon and any other aberrations that stalked their homeland.

During a particularly vicious century, The Legion had a strong foothold within Kalimdor and spent many years tainting the ground with Kal'dorian blood, Bladesworn and her mother ventured into the heart of Felwood and spent months hunting down the Demonic Portal responsible for bloating The Legions forces, it was a traditional scouting mission that went awry and erupted into utter chaos, she witnessed her mother ripped apart by Legionaires and her entire platoon stomped under burning hoofs, she barely escaped with her life and spent many years in seclusion attempting to deal with the monumental loss.

Returning to her oath, Bladesworn was granted her own platoon and spent many years leading them into direact conflict with the legion, it was this time where Thaeleen grew more zealous with her hunting and often would prayer for the strength to deal retribution against those who butchered her kin.

In the modern age, Thaeleen is a veteran Sentinel with a lifetime of experience, who now hunts amongst The Eastern Kingdom and is one of the many Kal'dorei aiding in the defense of this ' Alliance ', she reconises the strength and possiblity within the younger races and even though she actively attempts to remain open-minded (even having befriended a Quel'dorei.) she often makes belittleling comments to her non-Kal'dorei comrades.

Things you may know about this character:

  • Has mastered the arts of close-quarter combat with blades, sworns and unarmed, often uses the latter to tackle pickapockets and thugs who are foolish enough to confront her.

  • Noticeably taller then the average Night elf.

  • Qoutes and preeches whilst bringing judgement to the enemies of Elune. ' Find peace in The Embrace of The Goddess! ' ' In Elune's name! ' etc.

  • Never has and never will, wield magic.

  • Is a capable archer, although she prefers to rely on her blades or fists.

Things you may not know about this character:

  • Has a son of several centuries, who resides within Wintersprings, he currently studies philosophy and Elune's spiritual path of enlightenment more directly focused on pacifism, when visiting Thaeleen often brings her son cups of warm tea as he reads underneath the frozen waterfalls of his home. Training as he has his nose buried in a book.

  • Lost her mate and her son's father due to her obsession with hunting, although he remains alive they no longer speak and is no doubt one of the main factors for Bladesworn's abrupt change towards temperance and restraint in the last few centuries.

  • Deeply fond of breath-takeing scenary and the vast lands her hunting has taken her to, she often purchases paintings by local artists and sends them by carriage to her son, complimenting them with letters and tokens of the local flora, jungle fruit from Stranglethorn with a small postcard from booty bay to go with it, is one of her particular favourite discoveries.

  • Carves small wooden animal totems (favouring cats and birds.) often uses them for prayer and will sentimentally leave these tokens amidst the shrines scattered across Kalimdor she chooses to pray at.

Contactable ingame via Geshel(Alliance)

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