Chapter Eight - 'Make me yers...'

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Chapter Eight - 'Make me yers...'

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Chapter Eight – 'Make ye yers...'

The sea had been rough, a storm had brought them extremely close to the Maelstrom and they had fought for their lives against the nature Itself. After a weeks fighting they finally reached the shores of The Barrens and end up in Ratchet, Nailizzia had been unconscious the whole trip, no doubt Vasgar managed to put her in a coma or something alike. They packed their things together and wobbled onto the landing-stage, Vasgar had picked Nailizzia up again and threw her up onto the horse then climbed up himself.
I kno' somewhere we can go, lads. Follow me... - Saihna let out a slight sigh due to the heat, the sweat was pouring down over her face.
Aye, sure. - Rayes replied with a grin.
Wha' ever ye say, Commander. - Vasgar said, smiling lovingly towards her and to his surprise the sweet smile was answered.

Carefully and cautiously they swept over the steaming hot plains, several assaults was launched towards them, centaurs, raptors, quillboars and whatnot. As usually Rayes had been the first to charge in swinging his sword like a female moose on heat, even though the danger he had cut his foes down, which brought a smile to Vasgar most of the times, seeing his fighting spirit. As the sun set it painted the sky red, Vasgar let out a sigh as his gaze swept over the horizon. It remind him of home, of Arathi, what was he doing here when his brethren were fighting until they fell in battle at home? He closed his eyes under his wolfskull and let out a quiet snort, Rayes pondered the situation and quickly noticed the annoyed look on Vasgar's lower face, but decided to leave him be for now. They approached a lift of some sort as the moon had risen, two taurens could be seen close to it, not armored nor armed. The taurens noticed them as they noticed the taurens, one of them raised their arm and waved at them, which surprised the whole group. As they approached them with weapons drawn the older one of them raised his right hand and shook his head.
Do not attack, you are free you pass, humans. - The tauren nodded at them and spoke on a surprisingly good common.
Ye.. speak common? - Saihna asked while the rest of her group remained silent.
Ah yes... It is not only horde that wish to use the Great Lift, young one. - The elder tauren smiled slightly gestured for one of the lifts.
Please, do go on. Do not let us hold you form continuing. - He nodded again and peered at Nailizzia, but for their own good decided not to ask what it was all about.
Thank ye. - Saihna replied and shrugged a shoulder slightly, still surprised. They continued toward the lift and was forced to use it two and two due to the lack of space. While it was still quite warm in the plains it was quite chilly down in the thousand needles, what clothes they had removed needed to be put back on again.

It was not a long ride before they reached Feralas, a green and beautiful jungle, still untouched by destruction from the outside. Vasgar glanced down at Nailizzia who seemed to wake up, he had a tight arm around her waist so that she wouldn't fall off.
My.. head... - She groaned, peering around dazed.
Mornin'. - Vasgar said rather sarcastically.
Rayes! Ye carry 'er now, aye? - Vasgar glanced up from Nailizzia towards Rayes.
Aye, sure. - He held his arms out and moved up to Vasgar with his horse. Vasgar lift her up and passed her over to Rayes, whom wasn't as gentle as Vasgar and placed her with her stomach on his lap, resulting with her leaning over the horse slightly.
Oooof.. I hope you are holding onto me now...- She seemed quite nervous about the whole position.
Aye, sure. Saihna would kill me if I dropped ye. - Rayes grinned wickedly with those words said.
Most likely, Liam. - Saihna sighed and glanced at Vasgar, whom still had his chest bare. She smiled vaguely and dozed off, she shook her head and returned to reality, turning to the road again. Vasgar had caught her staring and smirked slightly. They were getting tired now, that was the result of a days riding on a horse in a warm land, but the chill was soothing now, soft breezes caressed their bodies as they continued their ride through the quiet jungle. The constant breezed kept them all from falling asleep, since the wind put a sudden chill against their body each time it swept in onto them, Saihna suddenly took into the jungle, leaving the road behind. The others were quite puzzled but followed her without hesitating. Slowly they approached a small river and they all increased their pace into a relentless gallop, knowing that they easily could jump over it. One by one they flew over the river, the length wasn't much of a match for their horses, even though they were getting quite tired themselves.

They moved up onto a road again after a couple of hours, continued over a huge bridge and passed a ruin filled with ogres. Once again the moved into the wilderness and passed a cave, old cadavers of a variety of animals could be seen inside and outside of it, the air around the cave was filled with a stench of rotten flesh. They hurried past it and up in a grove free from trees, and ran into a herd with a very beautiful animal. The beast was half horse and half bird, having two majestic horns on It's forhead along with shimmering feathers and soft, smooth fur.
Wha's tha'? - Vasgar asked suddenly, staring at the proud beast with interest.
I 'ave nay idea, Worg. - Saihna replied, peering at them quite curiously herself.
T'is nay long left now, we're soon there. - She jumped off her horse and so did the others. She lead them up in the mountains, moved in behind a tree and came into a smaller grove, a lumbered tree was placed next to what seemed was a camping spot, a small shack was built there aswell, crates, cages and barrels surrounding it.
We'll set up camp 'ere, make yerself at home. - Saihna sighed again and let her horse go free, as did the others. Rayes lifted Nailizzia down and placed her on her own feet.
There ye go! - He said, nodding firmly to himself.
Thank you... - Nailizzia spat out, letting out a deep drawn-out sigh.
No worries! - Rayes chuckled heartily.
I'll go an' get some wood fer tha fire... - Vasgar unarmored Wind and himself, piling the armor up before grabbing one of his throwing axe, moving toward a tree he had spotted a fitting brance on that he could chop off. He left the others behind to mind his own business and clear his mind from troubling thoughts, although... One that he couldn't get rid of, was Saihna. What was the staring about? Did she feel the same for him as he did for her? He shook his head and sheathed the axe again, he took hold of a climb plant which seemed strong enough to hold his weight, which it also did. With help of the climb plant, branches and twigs he slowly reached the branch, which he pulled himself up onto. He sat down with a sigh, unsheathing his axe once more, he pressed his legs together to hold him in place as he swung his axe for the start of the branch, slowly and carefully chopping it off. Although, he had missed on small but very important detail, he would fall down with the branch as it broke. As he gave the branch the final strike his eyes widened up, he heard the crack and lets out a slight groan along with a 'Oh no...'. The branch rapidly fell toward the ground along with Vasgar, a dull scream escaped his lips as he grabbed after twigs, the climb plant and other things that he could take hold of, but simply fell, not having any luck with the grabbing. With a loud crack he hit the ground, ontop of the branch. His forhead slammed against the branch and fell silent, groaning for himself. Over by the camp he could hear someone laughing loudly, he knew that it was Rayes. That ignorant whelp, one day he would teach him a lesson. Slowly he decided to get on his feet, dusting himself off, wincing as he felt all the bruises and small cuts from the fall. He sheathed his axe and took hold of a twig on the branch and started pulling it toward the camp.

He approached them with a snarl, staring at Rayes. He let go of the branch and unsheated his axe again, ramming it into the branch.
Yer lumberin' it inter logs, Rayes. An' stop laughin' fer fekk sake! - He snarled once more and glanced between Rayes and Julean who seemingly was the only two laughing, he peerd at Saihna who had a worried look upon her face.
Sure, Worg. - He continued to chuckle and pushed himself standing, walking over to the branch, Vasgar took his spot on the lumbered down tree.
Ye alrigh'? - Saihna asked at the very same time as Julean did.
Nae worries, jes a couple o' scratches an' bruises. - He shook his head and pushed two fingers up under his wolfskull, rubbing the center of his forhead.
Alrigh', if ye say so. - Julean replied, Saihna staying silent. Rayes had gone down on his knees, chopping the branch with one hand, his free one holding onto it. Then suddenly!
OOOOOOOOOOOWHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME THUMB! - He cried out, he let go of the axe and rapidly threw his hand up in the air, staring at it. It was missing It's thumb, he pressed onto the wound with his free hand. Vasgar, Julean and the others quickly end up in a loud laughter, some louder than others, some more boisterous.
T'is nay fekkin' funny! HELP ME FIND ME FEKKIN' THUMB YE BIG OAFS! - He screamed through gritted teeth due to the pain, Julean gave up on the laughing and started searching, still with a quiet giggle, though. Vasgar on the other hand couldn't stop laughing, tears had started rolling down his cheeks at the same time as he bended over, slamming his knees with his palms.
Ahahahaha! Thar ye go fer laughin', Liam! - He leaned backwards again and placed a hand on his stomach, his muscled had tensed up slightly due to all the laughing.
Help us searchin' ye fool! - Rayes glared at Vasgar, who smiled back.
Aye, aye.. Sure.. I'll 'elp ye search fer yer thumb... - Vasgar quickly gave up on the searching, peering up toward a small cliff where Saihna sat, talking with Nailizzia in a sacred tongue, obviously troll. After a while Saihna started moving down toward the group again, Julean was tending to Rayes and his thumb while Vasgar simply sat here doing nothing. She coughed slightly as she swept past Vasgar 'S'cuse me' she muttered, she walked over to the tree Vasgar fell down from earlier and walked up behind it.
I'll check on 'er... - Vasgar muttered after a while, peering over at the tree curiously.
I'll come with ye, Worg. - Trohad replied and pushed himself onto his feet. Vasgar bit his lower lip slightly and passed him a slight nod, he didn't want him around Saihna, even though he knew they were married. When they arrived to her she was leaning her forhead against the tree, whimpering silently.
I'll fix this, lad. - Vasgar said to Trohad and nodded at him.
Very well... - Trohad replied with an annoyed tone as he turned and walked off.
Wha's wron', Saihna? - Vasgar tilt his head slightly, peering her over.
Nothin', Worg. I'm fine... - She opened her eye and glanced at him, trying to convince him with a smile, which appeared to be pained.
Tha' wasn't tha' convincin', Saihna... Tell me, damnit. Wha's good is thar ter hide thin's from eachother? - He end up staring at her, an eager stare, his heart started pounding rapidly as she returned the stare. She rolled her shirt up, revealing a gash wound on her stomach. Vasgar glanced down at her stomach and narrowed his eyes, he fell down onto his knees and gave the wound his full attention.
When did ye get this wound, Saihna? - He asked while stroking the border of it with the tip of his right index finger.
Last week.. in tha Vale. - She whimpered as he stroke her skin.
Yer out o' yer mind, Saihna.. We kno' yer strong, ye dun' need ter pretend.. ye silly girl. - He shook his head, muttering in Arathorian. His hand started glowing in a bright light, he pointed all of his fingers toward the wound – The energies started pouring into the wound, the beam faded once the wound had closed up, leaving a thin scar. Once he was done he pressed his hand against her naked skin, in a more caressing way than earlier.
I guess yer right, Worg.. Thanks.. - She swallowed and glanced down at him, biting her lower lip.
Yer welcome, Commander. - He wrinkled his nose slightly as he pushed himself standing after tugging her shirt down in place.
Ye do care a lot to be a berserk, ye kno'. - She grinned vaguely.
Even berserks 'ave feelin's, Commander. - He end up staring at her, not knowing if she had joked with him.
I was jus' kiddin', Worg an' call me Saihna, I see ye as me friend more than me soldier. - She end up smiling in a loving and sweet way, mindlessly he tilted his head, slowly melting.
Lets 'ead back ter tha others, shall we? - She pushed herself away from the tree and picked her armor up.
Aye... les der tha'.. - He replied with a nod, turning toward the camp before heading over to it, with Saihna in his heels.
I'm goin' fer a walk... - He smiled at the group, Liam sitting with a bandaged hand now, grumbling quietly.
Aye, ye do tha', be sure ter be back soon. - Saihna nodded at him. He span around and walked out of the camp, down the path behind the tree and up on another, leading onto a pretty high cliff which he decided to sit down on. Carefully he climbed the cliff, the mountain was slightly slippy due to the wet air, no doubt it was going to start raining soon, clouds covered the sky. He reached the top of the cliff and walked over close to one of the edges, he stared out over the jungle, with quite a view. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, the cold night air filled his lungs, his shoulders lifted as he did. He leaned his head backwards and split his lips open, a loud roar could be heard all over the jungle, the wind carried it with into the unknown. He opened his eyes and sat down on his bum, with his knees raised toward his upper body slightly, he leaned his arms on his kneecaps and folded his hands together, leaning his chin onto them.

He didn't really know what to think of beside Saihna, he tried to think of something else but always managed to end up thinking of her. He stared out into the jungle without any interest at all, an hour he sat, simply thinking. Then he could hear footsteps, he woke up and narrowed his eyes, glancing down the cliff and noticed Saihna moving up toward him, she struggled slightly as she climbed, slipping here and there. She smiled down towards him, sitting down by his side.
Wha' are ye doin' 'ere all alone? - She tilt her head slightly and smiled again.
Thinkin', kinda... - He turned from the eye contact and peered down at one of those birds again.
O' wha'? - She arched both of her eyebrows curiously.
Everythin' an' nothin', Saihna. - He tilted his head backwards again and peered up at the sky, the clouds had turned darker.
Meh.. if ye say so... Say.. Worg.. I barely kno' anythin' about ye, wha's yer story? - She nudged him with her elbow and smiled teasingly.
I'm nae an interestin' person, jes a simple berserk. - He glanced down at her as he got pushed.
Bah! Don't say tha'! Surely somethin' interestin' must 'ave happened in yer life? - She pouted her lips slightly.
Well.. Aye, yer right... But ye wou'dnt believe me anyway an' wou'd most likely end up laughin', ser why bother? - He grunted with those words said, his life story surely did sound crazy.
No no! I kno' ye wouldn't lie ter me me an' I promise nay ter laugh, please? - She smiled in that sweet way towards him again, the only smile that could make him melt.
Fine! Fine! Ye win... - He sighed and rolled his eyes.
Yay... an' can't ye remove tha' mask? I want ter see tha person I'm talkin' ter. - She smiled again, vaguely this time.
Eh... sure... - He removed the wolfskull and placed it next to him before starting his tale.
Right... I'm nae a story teller but I guess this will 'ave ter der... As ye might kno' we humans whar primitive once upon a time, livin' in tribes. Befer King Thoradin united all tha tribes under one banner and created tha first human Kingdom – The Arathi Nation. I was born durin' tha' period, an' I was thar when he united all tha tribes. I came frem tha Plainswind tribe... A warrior tribe more or less, each family ordered ter breed good warriors... But ter make tha lon' story short... Thoradin sent me an' two others ter scout tha northern border o' our kingdom... Since reports 'bout Troll activity 'ad reached tha city. Wha' we didn't kno' was tha' tha ol' troll empire we 'ad defeated was close ter these borders an' we whar jumped by couple o' trolls tha' killed me friends an' dragged me inter thair empire. Once in thar thay hexed me inter a frog an' threw me inter a lake. - He sighed deeply once he finished.
Oh... - She couldn't find words, perhaps she actually didn't believe him.
Told ye it sound crazy, eh? - He arched an eyebrow and shook his head.
How'd ye get out..? - She asked, curiously, eager to know more.
Tha's a story fer another time, Saihna. - He smiled down at her as thundering could be heard, the clouds that he had been watching for almost an hour finally let their wrath lose. Rain started pouring down from the sky and they both sighed as they were hit by it. Saihna wrapped her cloak around her to defend herself from getting wet, Vasgar shrugged and simply sat there, bare chested and slightly cold.
Per'aps we shou'd 'ead back..? - He asked, the rain smattering against his legplates.
Well.. Me cloak is big enough fer two... - She said and shuffled extremely close to Vasgar, offering him a huge part of her cloak.
Well.. if.. ye.. insist... - He wrapped the cloak around himself, to keep the rain from giving him a cold or anything alike. She took a deep breath and shuffled even closer, pressing her body against his, mindlessly she wrapped an arm around his waist. Underneath the cloak he curled an arm around her shoulders, their bodies sharing warmth.
How'd ye get tha' scar? - She peered at his face curiously.
I doubt ye'd like ter kno'. - He made his sentence short.
.. Well.. I do want ter kno'.. I want ter kno' more 'bout ye. - She smiled vaguely.
Well.. two trolls held me down while a third one carved this scar onter me face, then forced me ter watch two trolls eat me wife an' newborn son.
Oh.. I.. - She couldn't find words, for a long time they sat quiet, not doing a thing.
Pretty.. cozy.. eh? - He smiled down at her in an uncertain way, he took a deep breath and broke the silence.
Yeah... Somethin' wrong? - She glanced up to him, curiously yet worriedly.
Saihna... - He breathed slowly.
.. Yes, Vasgar? - She replied, her voice weaker than normal.
I... dinnae is ye want ter 'ear this.. an' I kno'.. yer married.. but I 'ave ter tell ye.. tha' I 'ave.. feelin's fer ye... - He pressed his jaws together as he stared down into her eye. She returned the stare and moved her free hand up to his cheek, softly she started to stroke it. He shivered in a comfortable way as he felt her touch, he started to breath slightly heavier in excitement. He leaned downwards towards her as she leaned up towards him. They both stopped as their nose reached eachother, their nose tips touching. She closed her eye and moved both her arms towards his head, wrapping them around his neck, she made the next move and pressed her lips against his in a soft, but to start with slightly weak kiss. As their lips met he closed his own eyes, he shuffled slightly and wrapped both of his arms around her waist, one of his hands started tracing up and down along her back in a soft and smooth way. The kisses got deeper, filled with both warmth and passion, those kisses only a couple would share with eachother. The rain continued to pour down from the sky, although, Saihnas cloak kept pushing the water away, rather than absorbing it. As they both split their lips open, their tongues moving forth for eachother, the tips touched and Saihnas mood changed rapidly. She pulled from him and crawled out from the cloak and from his lap, pushing herself onto her feet and then dart off into the jungle. He stared out after her, stunned, without breath, didn't know what to do.

Seconds, minutes passed before he coughed slightly and grabbed his wolfskull, adjusting it on his head. He grabbed the hilt of his sword and sheathed it before pushing himself standing, rushing of in the direction Saihna had ran for. The majestic beasts from before ignored Vasgar as he charged through the jungle, he unsheathed his sword as he approached a ruin, filled with ogres. He sneaked past the ones that were still awake, staying in the shadows, since the last thing he'd like was to fight one of those houses right now. He continued to follow the mud traces after Saihnas boots and end up rounding a corner, against a wall she was sitting, her palms covering her face, quietly she whimpered, tears pouring down from her eyes. He sheathed his sword again and narrowed his eyes vaguely, he approached her and knelt down infront of her, carefully placing a hand upon her shoulder.
Saihna..? - He asked, not being best at comforting in the world.
I'm so confused, Vasgar... - She managed to get out between all the chipping after air, she leaned upwards and wrapped her arms around his neck again, digging her face into one of his shoulders.
Thar thar... I'm sorry, Saihna. - He sat down beside her, an arm moving towards her back, he stroke her back softly while sighing.
T'is nay ye, Vasgar. T'is me... I dinnae wha' ter do. - She dug her nails into his bare back.
Der 'bout wha', Saihna? - His hand reached the back of her head, he stroked her fingers through her wet hair.
First... I met Trohad, then he had ter leave, now knowin' if he even was goin' ter come back, then I met Turias but with time he had ter leave himself... then Trohad came back an' desperately I married 'im ter prevent him from leavin' me once more... But still.. I 'ave feelings fer ye.. Vasgar an' they are stronger than any others I 'ave ever felt... ye wouldn't leave me.. would ye? - She leaned her forhead against his shoulder, shifting between it and her nose. She still spoke while crying slightly, though he managed to snap up most of what she had said.
Only temporarily... - He smiled to himself as he stroked the back of her head.
Wha' do ye mean..? - She tilt her head and gazed up at him with a bloodshot eye.
Death is a temporarily farewell, Saihna.. an' only through death would I leave ye. - He let out a slight sigh, knowing that he had promised Sonda the exact same thing... But she wasn't here, she wasn't with him. Saihna needed him... He needed her. She continued to whimper quietly as she crawled up into his lap again, leaning her full body weight onto him.
Sleep Saihna.. ye need it, an' per'aps ye've made a decision termorrow. - He leaned his chin against her head and closed his eyes, leaning backwards against the wall.
Yeah... Yer right.. as usually. - She closed her eye again with a sigh. Slowly both of them drift off into a dream, their bodies exchanged heat to keep themselves warm.

Vasgar had been awake for hours, smiling while staring at her as she slept in his embrace. Slowly she opened her eye and glanced dazed up towards him immediately, with a loving smile.
Mornin'.. Vasgar. - She said, seemingly not wanting to stop smiling.
Mornin', dear. - He replied, smiling vaguely as she widened her eyes up slightly, still smiling, though.
Ugh... The others must be worried... perhaps we should 'ead back. - She traced a hand through her own hair with a yawn, stretching in his lap before standing, then stretching once more.
Uh.. I completely fergot 'bout tha'. - He grunted and pulled himself onto his feet with help of his sword, he stretched and moved uncomfortably. He span his sword with his wrist twice before nodding at her.
Les go. - He grinned slightly and leaned his sword against his shoulder, he glanced around slightly. He nudged his head for the backside of ruins, that way they wouldn't have to fight their way through a herd of ogres. She nodded firmly and then they set of for their camp again, carefully and cautiously they sneaked, noticing that there were a couple of ogres there afterall.
He grabbed one of her arms from behind just as they got visible, Julean legged to her feet as she saw Saihna and Vasgar. Vasgar span her around so that she faced him, he dug deep into her eyes with his piercing stare.
Saihna... Is it.. yer an' me.. or? - He felt a knot forming up in his throat but quickly swallowing it, awaiting an answer. She reached for a chain which hanged around her neck, quickly she pulled it of and slided it over Vasgars head, a pitch black orb with a flaming red center, one could swear it was an endless flame burning under the surface.
Ye 'ave me heart... - She smiled sweetly and placed her hand onto the orb, which now was placed upon his chest.
Love ye, Saihna. - He was just about to lean down unite his lips with hers as he remembered that Julean was looking.
An' I love ye, Vasgar. - She replied and gestured the necklace then his tabard, which was stuck in his belt. He nodded at her and untied it, pulling it onto his chest to hide the necklace. He buckled his belt over the tabard and adjusted it as they walked over to the camp. Julean had most likely been up for a while, guarding since all the others were asleep. She greet them with a suspicious stare and before she could say anything Vasgar said 'I'll.. go huntin..'. with a nod and span around, quickly making his way from the scene to flee from any possible questions. As for Saihna, she end up on the lumbered tree with a sigh, the last thing he saw was Julean sitting down beside her.

He unslung his sword and sighed, the only beast close by that he knew off was horse-bird, yeah.. That was a fitting name for it he thought, 'Horse-bird, sounds kinda childish thought.'. He sighed again and started looking for one that wasn't by the herd, since attacking one in it would result with his death. A constant smile was curled up on his lips as he hunted for food, his growling stomach and the thought of Saihna made him quite distracted, though. Then suddenly, he heard an animal land behind him, quickly he span around, a huge and white colored horse-bird was staring at him! It's eyes burned of hatred, perhaps it thought he was an intruder, second after second passed and they stood there staring at eachother. His heart started pounding, this surely was a huge animal, he gripped his sword with both of his hands, lowering it towards the ground, the tip stroke the green grass. Suddenly it lashed out for him with It's claws raised in the air, quickly he took a sidestep and raised his sword and with a powerful and right placed blow he dug his sword deep into the majestic beasts neck. It let out a loud shriek and fell down onto the ground, blood pouring out of the wound and within a couple of seconds the beasts was done. He let out a sigh of relief, if the beast had hit him it would've shred him into pieces without a doubt. He cleaned his sword on It's feathers then sheathed it, he knelt down close to It's behind and peered over a piece of It's body the horse thigh surely would be enough to feed the whole group. He pulled his dagger from his glove and started cutting the chosen meat out, making sure to clean it from muscles, fur and fat on spot. Once he was done he thread the meat onto his sword and stood up, he rolled his right shoulder then started walking back toward the camp. What he didn't know, was that a group of ogres had spotted him and slowly followed him back to his camp.

He rounded the tree and walked into the camp with a dull grunt, peering over at the two ladies who still was the only ones awake, his glance continued down to the fire which had some sort of a meat rack built above it. He smiled for himself as he walked over to it and picking three chunks of meat which he thread onto the rack, the rack had some sort of handle which he gripped and started weaving on. To his surprise the meat span around, he smiled and glanced up at Saihna and Julean whom both were grinning at him.
Wha'? - He arched an eyebrow slowly.
Nothin' – They both answered him at the same time. He shook his head slowly and turned to the meat, giving it his full attention not to burn it, as people started waking up he smiled and started serving the finished meat out. They were all gathered around the campfire, munching on a chunk of meat, with spices smeared onto it and a pint of ale each. In the middle of their meal they could hear distant voices, dull voices and heavy footsteps approaching them rapidly, loud roars could be heard and a group of ogres charged into the camp from the path behind the tree. They let go of their meat and tossed themselves onto their weapons and then flew up onto their feet to meet the incoming enemies, Vasgar unsheathed a throwing axe and hurled it for one of the ogred and end his life with a perfect hit, cleaving It's forhead in two with the axe. The ogres let out another loud roar as they saw their friend die in battle, Rayes charged for one of them but was sent flying into a mountain wall, due to one of the ogres slamming It's hammer into his side. Arador released an arrow from behind and pierced one of their throats and another ogre was finished. Vasgar, Bars and Arador lured them away from the camp as the rest of the group quickly packed their things together and started moving toward the path leading down from their hidden camp spot, they picked Rayes on their way down. Vasgar and the others took a more defensive stance due to the ogres outnumbering them slightly, jumping to the sides, blocking weapons and finally moved backwards toward a small cliff where they more or less jumped down, leaving the ogres quite puzzled on it. Saihna, Nailizzia, Rayes, Trohad and Julean had called for their horses and quickly the group mounted up, packed their things and set of before the ogres could catch up on them.
Follow me, I kno' a spot where we can stay! - Arador screamed out so that everyone would be able to hear him.
Stupid hummies! We unly wanted yur shinies! - From their old camp spot an ogre yelled out, roaring again. In a high paced gallop they flew through the jungle, the adrenaline slowly vanishing to leave them in a slight surprised state. Even though they knew the ogres were far behind they decided to keep the pace up, wanting to reach their new camp spot as fast as possible.

Arador lead them through the jungles, towards a huge river which disappeared into a great waterfall, ontop of a will they settled down, panting slightly.
How the 'ell did thay find us?! - Saihna spat out, snarling.
Good question, always thought ogres were dumb. - Trohad grinned slightly and sat down.
Guess thay might 'ave seen me goin' back frem me huntin', only explanation I can come up with. - Vasgar sighed, stroking the center of his forhead underneath his helmet.
Are we all gathered? Might aswell hold our weekly meetin', eh? - Saihna started counting quietly, murmuring all of their names. She then nodded and beckoned everyone closer.
Vasgar! Stay by the hill an' keep watch. – Arador pointed toward a small hill down by the path they had come from.
Aye, Cap'tn! - Vasgar nodded and started walking down toward the hill.
We'll shout if yer needed up 'ere, lad. - Arador grinned vaguely. He unsheathed his sword as he reached the hill and rammed it down through the earth, his hand traced up to his neck. He tugged the necklace out from his armor and grasped the orb that Saihna had given him, a smile curled up on his lips as he stared over the landscape for any hostile kind of movement toward their new camp.

Argues could be heard up from the camp, sometimes everything went silent, the serenity was often broken by a laugh or by someone swearing. Felt like he had been standing here for hours, then Arador shouted for him to come back up, he pulled his sword from the ground and leaned it against his shoulder as he made his way back up. As he peered around in the camp he couldn't see Nailizzia, Trohad or Saihna.
Whar's.. Nailizzia, Tro an' Saihna..? - He tilt his head slightly, his heart starting to pound faster.
Nailizza left.. Trohad an' Saihna's talkin', why so eager to kno' where they are? - Arador narrowed his eyes slightly and arched an eyebrow.
Nah, jes curious, jes curious.. - Vasgar turned towards the road again and continued to gaze out over it like a hawk. Half an hour passed before Saihna and Trohad came back.
Yer all dismissed. - Saihna saluted her group of soldiers and then swept up by Vasgars side and whispered 'Hey...'. He glanced down at her with a smile and peered over his shoulder, Trohad and poked Rayes and they left with their horses. Bars and Arador had followed them and left alone was Vasgar and Saihna, he didn't know when the others had left.
Say... want ter visit Tanaris with me, Vasgar? - Saihna wrapped her arms around his left one, smiling sweetly up towards him.
Tanaris? Tha's tha desert nearby, aye? - He returned the smile and gazed eagerly into her eyes.
Aye, tha's it. Want ta go? - She grinned vaguely. 'What did she have in mind now?' he thought, he nodded at her and they both turned to their horses, they had a last check in the camp for items someone might have forgotten but didn't find anything, so they mounted their horses and set of for a nearby elven outpost.

They reached the outpost and bought a gryphon each, setting off for Gadgetzan, a goblin holdout in Tanaris. Somehow he knew that atleast Wind would be there when they landed, he didn't know how she could be so incredible fast, It should be impossible. But he loved his horse, she was special and that's what he liked so much about her. The wind was strong above Thousand Needles but still It only took them an hour to reach Gadgetzan and Wind was waiting there just as he had suspected, there was no sign of Saihna's horse, though. He climbed onto her and then offered a hand to Saihna, pulling her up as she accepted his help. She pointed their way forth and let them toward a small harbor, they reached a bridge and stared out over the horizon as the sun set, gently he lifted her up and placed her down onto the ground before jumping of Wind, landing on the landing-stage. He removed all of his upper bodies armor while Saihna pulled out some sort of folded silken cloth, she swept into a shack with a warm smile on her lips and murmured a whisper 'No peekin'...'. Metal clinging against metal could be heard from within the shack and after a while she moved out of it, dressed up in a blue dress with silver borders. The cloth shimmered in the vague but bright moonlight.
Yer.. ye..- Ye shou'd wear dresses more often... - Vasgar stuttered out a compliment as he gazed upon her body, with a hint of lust lingering within his eyes.
Thank ye.. but nae.. t'is quite uncomfortable. - She smiled but then end up blushing vaguely as she noticed him staring at her body. She moved towards him as wrapped her arms around his neck as he bent down slightly, as if he knew what she wanted. His hand softly stroked their way around her waist and their lips met in a kiss filled with warmth and passion. The kiss seemed endless for a second before she split her lips open slightly and moved toward his ear, she licked her lips and breathed into his ear, murmuring a soft whisper.
Make me yers... Vasgar... - She pulled back and gazed eagerly, her eye filled with lust. At first he blinked at her then gave her a questionling look, as if asking 'Are you sure?'. She replied his thoughtful look with a nod as their lips darted against eachother again, he moved his hands up toward her shoulders and moved two of his fingers down under her dress, caressing her naked shoulders before tugging the dress off, her naked chest became visible, slowly and steadily...

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