The Forsaken Mobilize

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The Forsaken Mobilize

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:19 am

A delegation of riders, deathguards and other official looking Forsaken makes its way around the Forsaken controlled zones in the continent of Lordaeron, here is the news they bring:

Attention citizens, fellow Deathguards, Apothecaries and Faithful, by decree of the Royal Envoy Vangrel Lanrise, an issue of a call to arms has been made! Those loyal to the Dark Lady and to the Nation here us, we call upon you all! To those who can bear arms, this is your opportunity to prove yourselves, this is your opportunity to prove your loyalty to your nation and to your sovereign, hear us!

Brothers and Sisters, we are in a war of extermination! The Northern remnants of the Alliance have been at our very doorstep for far to long, sabotaging and wrecking the great state of the Forsaken Nation, we are duty bound, as children of the Forgotten Shadow and loyal subjects of the Dark Lady to take up our weapons and prepare for war! Brothers and Sisters, it is either us or them! They do not accept our way of life, they do not accept our faith, they do not accept us! Many of you remember the pride of Lordaeron, many of you remember that our great nation in life stood as the capital of the Alliance, I only ask of you this, what changed? Have we lost strength or pride because we have died?

No, brothers and sisters, nothing has changed. Lordaeron remains the most powerful nation in the Eastern Kingdoms, our armies undefeated and our lands expanding, in the name of the Dark Lady we are to march upon the lands of the living in the Arathi Highlands and consume them all in undeath! The message has been made and it is clear, brothers and sisters - Bring your steel, bring your shields and bring your devotion to the nation, for we shall not falter, we shall not bend, and we shall not be destroyed!

Glory to Queen Sylvanas! Glory to Lordaeron! Glory to the Shadow!


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