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Benjamin 'brigs' Morgan

Post by Brigs Morgan on Sat Jan 05, 2013 9:29 pm

Character name: Benjamin Morgan
Alias: Brigs, Troll, Boneman, Mister Morgan.
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, Possibly early twenties.
Race: Human
Class: Monk.
Birth region: Unknown, Possibly gilneas
Specific area/town: Keel harbour.

Todd Morgan: His younger brother, Now deceased. His only known family member from whom he found out some of his own past from. How reliable this information was is sceptical at best as he was just as mentally unstable as Brigs himself.

Known friends and enemies:
Brigs has very little left, In the way of friends. With the blades disbanded he has lost contact with many:

The black hand: Brigs has found the misfits that populate this strange cult to be rather welcoming, As far as murderous madmen go.

Prython: Brigs considers prython a close friend and ally. Despite the fact he once tore his eyeball from its socket they have a rather trustful relationship. Prython often utilizes brigs as a weapon due to his small and agile frame, Throwing him though windows or toward the enemy.

Feral: Brigs has a rather close connection to feral, Although who doesn't. He looked to Feral as a kindred spirit, Free from the shackles of a sane mind and more like a wild creature than a man. Now Feral has regained most of his past and mind brigs still looks to him as a friend due to his unwavering loyalty.

Yon: Although seeing her as a rather pathetic and weak individual, Brigs always had an odd connection with the rather insane night elf Yon. More often than not scaring her, Slapping or bothering her he did care for her a great deal, Even going so far as to take her as a student and teaching her how to shrink heads, Skin people and be a general nuisance.

Imrian: brigs relationship with Imrian was much similar to his one with yon due to the pair being so close. Imrian was always more of a voice of reason toward brigs and was always one of his more "Sane" friends. Imrian would not take as much abuse from brigs as yon did and woud more often than not retaliate verbally. This often made brigs mock him more, Calling him a whiny little girly mage with a blue skirt.

Nate: Bullying him through most of his early career, Nate has gained brigs respect and loyalty. Finally standing up to brigs with the aid of a broom Nate is now considered a friend to brigs. Even if he does wee himself when faced with danger.

Kashou: Brigs has always been drawn to Kashou for the reason she does not whine about killing things, does not go around doing "The sex" with people and follows her orders to the letter. She is also a good punching bag for his insults as she does not bother to respond to most of them. A probable one sided friendship.

Remai: While Kittrina and the other captains have always turned a blind eye and even used Benjamins unpredictable and often savage violence, Remai practically encourages it. Remai has often gave brigs the nod to complete actions that no one else would. In a city and organization that has chained and caged most of his savagery and cruelness, Brigs looks to Remai as the key to the lock. For this brigs considers him a rather close and necessary friend.

Humphry beaumont: The person who hired him and often praises him, Brigs can sense and has seen an underlying barbaric and cruel side to the gilnean lord. Brigs sees Humphry as someone like himself hiding under a facade of nice suits and good manners, But can still enjoy a good bloodbath once in a while.  

Kittrina Swift: Although she may sometimes probably regret it, Kittrina raised brigs from a small hairy troll like thug to a small hairy troll like captain. Brigs will always be loyal to her for this reason.

Brigs does not have many personal enemies. They are often enemies of his friends.

Sir lexegrad Bleakwind: During a military campaign the deathknight assaulted and greatly wounded two of his friends. For this reason brigs holds little love for him and still to this day rants and raves about it when asked why he dislikes deathknights.

Lycos vendril: After almost killing brigs, Destroying the blades and tricking kittrina to be possessed by a demon, Brigs has vowed to one day slay the mighty Duckbane. Even if it is possible he is his father.

Brigs is a rather odd looking individual. He sports knotted long and dirty dreadlocks from his head to the back of his shoulders. Braided and woven into these are small trinkets, From beads to tiny bones. His eyes are a bright, Light blue in colour which are often darting from side to side and open as wide as possible. Around his right eye is a cresent and jagged scar, Possibly caused by a broken bottle or possibly ritualistic. He has a short beard that is braided into two scraggly plaits. Although short (5'Cool brigs does hold a good frame. Athletic and savaged due to many years alone in the jungle, Brigs body sports many different kinds of tattoo and scars, His body is practically covered by both. Some are ritualistic in nature and others are from combat. He is most likely known for carrying shrunken heads and other body parts on his belts and his green, Trollish armour.

"Yes, I do hear voices in my head.. But they don't really bother me to be honest. I usually just ignore them and carry on killing"

Brigs is utterly insane. He is prone to unpredictable and violent outbursts towards people he does not know. He holds little to no fear of anything which is a curse as much as a gift, Allowing him to mock, attack and kill people he should not dare too. He loves bloodshed. The sight of blood causes him to go into a frenzy and rip his target apart, Preferably while alive. Once they are killed Brigs is well known among his close peers to eat, Skin, wear and collect parts of his victim. On the contrast to this he is known to enjoy every aspect of life, Never sad or crying over anything. Among those worthy of keeping around and the blades as a whole he can be more of a fool and a clown than a murderous maniac. His attention span is catastrophically small, Sometimes walking off mid conversation saying no more than "This bores me". He will copy and mimic the actions of some people, Quoting them and shadowing certain movements. He will obsess fanatically over the slightest things. Melon juice and the phrase "lies and slander" are his favourites as well as trollish culture and the colour green. He is a compulsive liar and will lie about almost anything to anyone. Although actually having somewhat of a relationship with a woman called faith brigs has little to no interest in other women at all, Often shying away like a small child if he is flirted with. His personality is probably best summed up by the fact that while laughing and joking, He is imagining how good your skin might look on him, Or how long it will take to boil your head down to belt size.

Due to recent events and changes however, Brigs is able to find peace and brief periods of clarity and sanity. This is fleeting, Mostly and is often one ball hair away from wearing someones skin.

All history of brigs up until little over a year ago is speculated by himself. He believes he is of gilnean origin due to bearing the Worgen curse although the fact he claims to have lived in the jungle for many years and his youthful appearance conflict with this. After living as a savage in the jungles of stranglethorn for a possible many number of years he was captured and sold as a slave by pirates. After the ship was taken by alliance soldiers brigs was freed upon entry to the city. After a month of finding out how to blend in and live as a somewhat normal person he joined the forlorn cartel for a very short period of time. Upon his initiation task he was asked to find and kidnap a scarlet crusader by the gnome greenbeard. Not knowing what a scarlet was brigs was guided to buy information from a mercenary group in old town. After a quick conversation with a rather large dreanei and kittrina he he decided it was probably not in his best interest to go about capturing one alone. He was offered a job later the same day by lord beaumont. brigs worked his way up from a cadet to a captain of the blades, Becoming more civilized and less savage as time went on. Due to recent events in the blades he may well soon be back to his old ways with a little help from Commander Remai.

Things you may know about this character:
He likes green
He loves trolls
He is not mentally stable
He likes to be disliked
He will annoy and irritate you as much as he possibly can
He served his own brand of rum and energy drink at the pig and whistle
He is well trained in hand to hand combat and completed training to become a monk, Although a strange one at that.

Things you may not know about this character:
Brigs once trained vale monkeys in the use of wielding machete's. It backfired and they revolted.
He is renown king of a very small tribe of gorloc.
He has kept a piece of every person he has killed as a trophy.
Despite his clownish nature, he is a very cruel and wicked man, More often that not running on primal instinct fused with his twisted and warped sanity.
No one will play truth or dare with him any more due to his over the top and nauseating dares. Going as far as to making someone eat a chunk of Brigs own flesh and then calling him a dirty cannibal.
He likes to target those that think themselves as evil or bad people, Not out of any real sense of justice, More because he wishes to prove himself as worse.
He ate vincent whitecastles heart.
He is a member of the Black hand.

Possible crime record:

Murder, Torture, Cannibalism, Crimes against nature. Cultism.

Other information:
Brigs was my very first RP character. Before him I had no RP experience at all apart from on a low level character I created to simply watch and laugh at role players with a friend due to their sad and pathetic nature. Now I am addicted to it and have/would recommend it to anyone.

Edit: Outdated.
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