Siluen Bloodwhisper

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Siluen Bloodwhisper

Post by Emrys on Sat Jan 05, 2013 9:17 am

Character name: Siluen Bloodwhisper
Gender: Female
Age: 100
Race: Sin'dorei
Class: Rogue

Birth region: Quel'thalas
Specific area/town: Silvermoon
Family: Mother and father deceased, no other known family.
Known friends or enemies: Constatin Cross (mentor, friend) Deante (friend) Raziem (friend)
Description: Siluen is a very lithe, rather short Elf with pale skin. She has long, white hair which is rather uncontrollable and frizzy, she keeps it tied up, as besides cutting it short, that seems to be the only way to deal with it. She has high cheekbones and a fair complexion, which could be deemed attractive features, although she dims down her attractiveness by having a rather uninterested, sometimes grumpy stare. One of her long brows is pierced and she has a tattoo depicting a cobra along her shoulder and back. She has some heavy scarring along both her upper legs as if she got stuck beneath something and it healed up slowly and messily afterwards. She always wears black leather armor and preferably some kind of engineered goggle(s).
Personality: Siluen has a very cold personality, she seems detached at all times and does not care for the feelings or emotions others may experience. Trivial matters she will treat as trivial, no matter how important they may be in the individual's perspective. She also likes to joke around to the point of it being offensive. She is fiercely loyal to her mentor, to the point of his word being her law, her loyalty cannot be bought nor threatened out of her. Siluen also has a very morbid sense of humor and makes no secret out of being quite the sadist.
History: Siluen herself states she was a daughter to a priestess and a paladin, but it is unsure if she says this out of irony or if this is fact. What is clear is that Siluen never had much talent for magic, unlike a great deal of her kin, besides lighting bloodthistle cigarettes with her fingers. She was enrolled with the Farstrides as her aim was good and she appeared to have a talent with sharp objects, such as daggers, rapiers and shortswords.

She lacked the experience of most of her colleagues as her first experience with actual war came knocking on the door in the form of the Scourge invasion led by Arthas. Siluen fought together with the other rangers, but many of them met their end on the battlefield, Siluen was knocked out and awoke with her legs stuck underneath a carriage and surrounded by the corpses of her fallen kin. She barely managed to survive for several more days not being able to move from her gruesome location, until she was found by a small group of Elves looking for survivors amongst the dead, which was the beginning of a slow recovery from her injuries.

She managed to recover from her bodily injuries, but her scarred mind left her feeling detached from the other Elves, the feeling she should not have survived creeping through her. As she found out about Sylvanas, her dark rangers and the free Forsaken capturing Lordaeron, she decided to venture to the Undercity hoping she could find some peace of mind amongst her fellow rangers that had actually fallen in battle. This is where she met the Forsaken Cross, whom decided to take her on as an apprentice, which she has been to date.

Things you may know about this character:
- She has an oddly discolored tongue (green).
- She has a fondness for whiskey, cigars and thistle cigarettes.
- She always carries various potions with her and appears to have brewed these herself.
- She seems to find engineering rather interesting.
- She has a knack for languages and became fluent in at least Orcish and the Forsaken tongue after the invasion.
Things you may not know about this character:
- The discolored tongue is due to conditioning to poison.
- She uses alchemy to help preserve her mentor Cross.
- The scars on her legs no longer bother her and she will jokingly state they remind her to believe in luck instead of some silly thing called the Light.
Possible crime record:
Smoking thistle in front of Blood Knights. Her serious crimes are most likely more numerous, but she makes sure not to get caught.

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