Chapter Seven - 'I love ye...'

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Chapter Seven - 'I love ye...'

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Chapter Seven – 'I love ye...'

The group of arathorians arrived to Stormwind close to twilight, the flight down south had gone as expected, without any accidents and smooth. They all jumped of their gryphons and made their way to the local in, they had afterall been sitting on the back of a gryphon for several hours, such things surely made you exhausted.
Tha Gilded Rose, tha'll do. - Saihna cleared her throat and spat onto the ground, heading inside the tavern with the rest of her men.
Good evening, ma'am. How can I be off service, something to drink, something to eat, perhaps a room? - The young and sweet Innkeeper hurried up to Saihna. She had golden curly hair along with distant emerald eyes, she was a head shorter than the regular human females and matched Saihnas length perfectly. A sweet smile curled up on her lips with her freckle filled face, giving her a pretty childish look about her.
We'll need plenty of rooms, miss. Fer all of us. - Saihna coughed slightly to get her mens attention, silence filled the room quickly as she did.
Well, It's your lucky day, one could say! I have plenty of rooms free for the night, usually I'm all filled up, but I suppose you will sort that out. - Once again she smiled, this time giggling faintly.
Uh-huh, I can promise ye tha' sweetcheeks. - One of her men murmured out under his breath, grinning widely.
Well.. Seven rooms then, please. - Saihna nodded shortly.
Seven rooms coming right up! - She peered at the man who had murmured, apparently snapped up what he said also, a light pink color formed up on her cheeks as she passed a key to all of them.

The upcoming morning they all had moved downstairs to eat breakfast, not a word had been spilled, there was an almost awkward silence. They had been the only guests that night, so they had plenty of food to eat, plenty of space to abuse, plenty of mead to drink – Yes, some of them had ordered mead for breakfast. Saihna opened her mouth after swallowing a piece of bread and broke the silence.
I got plenty o' errands ta make 'ere, an' I 'ave a feelin' we'll stay 'ere fer a while, make yerself at home but don't forget tha' we are guests 'ere. - Saihna glanced around the table, her eye digging deep into every last of them. The only one who returned that piercing stare was Vasgar.
Yeah yeah, sure. - One of them said then chuckled.
'Course, Commander! - Another coughed out.
See no reason why I would behave in a bad way. – A third said with a wide grin.
I'll try... - Vasgar said then turned down to his bread and milk, eating again.

A month passed and the only soldiers Vasgar had seen roaming the streets of Stormwind was Saihna and Arador, that's two of the most important people up North. Most of the times he had only shook his head and snorted around Saihna, which many times triggered her and they end up bad mouthing eachother. The one walking away most of the times was Vasgar, even though all of their fights he listened to her in battle. But the day came where Vasgar simply accepted the fact that it was him who had been acting like a complete jerk, Saihna had accepted the apology with a smile, a smile that entagled Vasgar completely, his heart started pounding rapidly again, a drop of sweat rolled down from his forhead along with him loosing his breath. Despise how he behave around her she could give him secret glances herself at times and some of the time he simply had answered that glance.

It was a warm day even for Stormwind and Saihna and Arador were discussing something close to the stairs of The Cathedral, curiously Vasgar approached them both and tilt his head as he reached them, peering at them.
Oy! Worg! Ye comin' with us ta tha Vale tonight? - Saihna lashed out an arm and waved him in closer.
Eh, Naah... I can'nae come...- Vasgar replied, gritting his teeth.
Wha'? Why not? - Saihna folded her arms across her stomach, tilting her own head abit.
'Cause I'm goin' ter attack tha Dread Castle o' Naxxramas ternight, Commander... - Once more he peered up at her uncertain, as if he didn't want to look her in the eye.
Ah well, sure. I can't stop ye frem doin' tha'. Wish I could 'ave ye with me, though. - She nod at him as his eyes met hers.
Wish me luck, Commander. - He smiled vaguely.
Ancestors watch over ye. - Arador opened his mouth and saluted Vasgar.
An' ye. - Ye turned and decided to fly up to Soutshore where he had been told to meet up with his fellow brethren of the Crimson Gauntlet.
Be careful... - He could hear quietly behind him, he peered over his shoulder and once more met Saihnas stare, he gave her yet another nod and continued walking.

He dropped a handful of silver in the hands of the Gryphon Master, whom walked over to a huge and majestic Gryphon with snow white feathers and golden brown fur. It's huge blue eyes gazed upon Vasgar, It's beaks split open and it let out a slight growl. Despise the gryphons first impression Vasgar climbed up on it and steadied himself in the saddle, gripping the reins. The Gryphon seemed happy to have Vasgar no It's back due to it peering up at him, like signaling 'Lets go!'.
Ter Soutshore, lad. - Vasgar said and pated the side of the Gryphon, whom growled loudly this time and set of for the edge of the room and dived into the air, flying upwards toward the sky. Gryphons.... how Vasgar hated gryphons! But it was something with this one which made him ... calm, in a way. He felt safe upon It's back. Despise the speed of the Gryphon, he felt safe. With the lights speed they flew across the lands of Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge, Vasgar glanced down into the steaming hot infernal he had traveled through twice, It was a relief that he wouldn't a third. A sudden cold hit him as they continued into Dun Morogh, and it surely was cold due to the speed of the gryphon. Vasgar squeezed his legs together as much as possible and let go of the reins, wrapping his cloak around him tighter before he pulled the reins inside of the cloak, holding it there. As they continued into Wetlands he could hear loud explosions and guns firing, along with very faint voices yelling – Where the dwarves still fighting the Dark Iron dwarves at that stronghold? Hrrm, Dwarves surely are tough like tempered leather. As they approached Soutshore he couldn't see a single person on the yard and he was only ten minutes early. He dived down toward the Tavern and people fled the scene due to the huge gryphon, he locked his surrounding out and gazed on a sign saying 'Fellow brothers and sisters of the Crimson Gauntlet! Tonights attack on Naxxramas has been canceled due to a new force of undeads marching toward our lands, which we must protect!' He stopped reading as a thought hit him, he almost yelped out 'Saihna!', he peered around at the people screaming at him, spitting in his direction and whatnot. 'Stranglethorn Vale, lad. Please.. Make haste!' Once more to his surprise the gryphon had understood exactly what he had said and nodded, once more it set of in a gallop toward the small landing stage and dived into the air as he reached the end of it. Silently as he flew he had several thoughts of Saihna and his brothers being slaugthered, or perhaps they were hiding somewhere? They couldn't have come far yet... 'No no, they are alright!' he pressed out from his lips while screaming 'Faster, lad! FASTER!' The gryphon glanced up at Vasgar as if asking 'You sure?'. He didn't know why, but he said 'Yes.. faster!', had he heard a voice? The gryphon which was equal to Vasgar size compared to another human increased It's flying speed rapidly, Vasgar leaned down along It's throat, holding onto It's feathers instead. The wind was biting in Vasgars flesh now and it had reached the bone, he grit his teeth and hoped that this would be over soon. As he landed he met Wind, how did she know where he was? He had left her in the Highlands. 'Wind?' he blinked as he eyed her up and down, she risped her front hoof in the ground. Vasgar smiled warmly as he climbed into yet another saddle, he peered over his shoulder at the gryphon and sighed. 'Thank ye lad, return ter yer handler.. or fly away, yer free.' He swung his heels into the sides of Wind whom set of in a rapid gallop.

Every single thought circling in his head was connected to Saihna and his brethren. He reached one of the bridges and his eyes widen up as he saw the huge gap in it. 'Continue Wind! Ye can der it! Push on!' He screamed out, her hooves rattled against the bridge, when she reached the gap she pushed as hard as possible with her back legs, glamorously she flew over the gap and landed on the other side of it with a loud crack, the wooden boards bent slightly due to the massive weight of both Wind and Vasgar.

Ten, perhaps fifteen meters infront of him he could see a troll legging to her feet, quickly he unseath his sword and slapped the reins against Winds neck twice. He span the sword around with his wrist and when he was in range to attack her, he swung his sword for her neck – A bright flame formed up on the blade of the sword, the trolls was quick enough to turn but as she did Vasgar had decapitated her. He sheathed his sword again and continued over another bridge, to his surprise he saw Saihna, Arador, Julean, Rayes, Bars, Trohad, Cristan and some elf lined up, he rode up to their side and threw his leg over onto the other side so both of them were on the same side, then he slided down onto the ground and greeted them with a smile.
Vasgar! Ye came! - Saihna screamed out, smiling back towards him.
'Course, d- .. Commander. - He nodded at her.
Nay time fer chit chats now, ladies. Vasgar take tha left flank, Liam ye take the right. - Immediately Arador started giving out orders.
Aye, aye! - Rayes muttered, unsheathing his sword.
Consider it done, Capt'n. - Vasgar replied, moving up to the left side of the group, unsheathing his sword aswell.

Lined up and ready for battle they walked, Rayes gripped his sword eagerly while breathing heavily, as for the others, they remained calm. Slowly but steadily they marched through the jungle, awaiting atleast some kind of threat. As they approached a slope they could spot a troll which Bars set off after, no questions asked, no answers needed – They remained silent.

He returned, panting slightly as he bent over slightly staring at Saihna.
There is atleast five of them incoming, along with the one I couldn't get. - He narrows his eyes underneath his goggles.
Line up, formation! Rangers an' spellcasters behind tha' soldiers! - Arador screamed out, taking a position next to Saihna. Everyone lined up as commanded, silently they stood, waiting for the trolls. Slowly the trolls approached the lined up arathorians, a troll with an odd looking helmet, his tusks pointing out of it walked up to them. He turned directly towards Saihna, staring at her.
What's the meaning of this? - He asked shortly, with a slightly confused look about him. Saihna rapidly placed a foot infront of her and presses of with her other foot, darting off toward the trolls, along with her the rest of her men charged of, the arches and spellcasters readied their bows and spells. The two forces met with a loud clang, various metal met metal – Weapons aswell as armors, the small area they were fighting on quickly turned into a swirling group of sweat, blood and panic aswell as pain. Blood poured onto the ground from one of the trolls aswell as one of the humans whom quickly had been cut down, warcries aswell as screams of pain echoes through out the jungle.

As the last troll fell all of them panted out, Julean dart out for Cristan and started channeling some sort of spell, no doubt trying to bring him back from the dead.
Ahaha! Is tha' all?! Tha' was nothin'! Pathetic trolls! - Rayes laughed and spat onto the ground, grinning.
They are quickly regeneratin', we should start movin', get Cristan onto 'is feet. - Arador glanced over the bodies of the unconscious trolls.
Grm.. ugh... - Cristan opened his eyes and peered with narrowed eyes toward Julean.
Welcome back. – She grinned with these words said. They all tend to their wounds and dust themselves of, some cleaned their weapons and others cautiously peered into the jungle, expecting more trolls to come pouring onto them. Movements could be heard behind them as they had moved abit, all of them peered over their shoulders and spotted the trolls legging to their feet, retreating into the jungle for now.
Line up, this time we'll make sure ta put 'em te rest! - Saihna almost cried out
Aye, Commander! - Rayes eagerly gripped his sword again, hoping they would come soon.
Funny tha' we did'nae der tha' first time... - Vasgar muttered, sparing Saihna a glance – Slowly eyeing her up and down. He almost shyly turned away as she glanced at him.
Once again the troll with the odd helmet was the head of the small troop, without hesitating they charged into battle once more, this time they met halfway and some rammed others onto the ground. During the battle Vasgar kept an eye on Saihna, ready to dive in if needed to help her, he raised his axe and slammed a troll onto the ground, eagerly Cristan threw himself onto it. One of the trolls threw themselves onto Julean and cut her down with ease, shortly after it was ran down by Arador and Rayes, though. Everyone froze for a second, staring at the last troll whom was the one with the odd helmet, hell broke loose as all of them threw theirselves over the troll and cut him down aswell.

After making resting for a little while, once more tending their wounds and dead, they moved on into the depths of the jungle.
Wha' are we doin' 'ere anyway? - Vasgar asked, breaking the silence after a while.
Ta kidnap someone special... - Saihna grinned slightly, but end up smiling sweetly toward Vasgar.
An' who's tha'? - He seemingly melted as he noticed her sweet smile, staring blankly towards her.
Nailizzia, if ye remember her. - She blinked slowly and then turned to the road ahead of them.
Uh... Aye.. I der. - He nodded twice and blinked, following her gaze to the road.
Worg an' Saihna sittin' in a tree, K-! - Rayes was interrupted by Trohad who shook his head slightly with a chuckle.
Not worth it... - He whispered, gesturing for Vasgar.

Silently they continued through the jungle, they reached the Gurubashi arena as the moon climbed the sky slowly.
Seek through tha arena fer Tziak! - Saihna shouted out and set off into the arena, most of her men followed her, but a pair of them decided to stay behind.
Troll 'ere! Commander! - Bars shout out as one could spot a troll coming toward the arena in the distance, with haste all of them came running. The troll took It's time to reach them, seemingly not in a hurry, Saihna and the others had lined up again, this time in a more circle like formation due to expecting trolls coming from all kind of directions. When the trolls finally reached them, he stopped at a quite distance, staring at Saihna.
What is this all about? - He asked in trollish, seemingly still confused.
T'is about Tziak an' him bein' a monster. - Saihna replied, in trollish herself, snarling quietly.
Aah... - The troll pulled a vial from one of his pouches and uncorked it, chugging down some of the liquid within it, before placing it back inside of the pouch.
T'is nae o' yer business! But ye'll work nicely as a messenger, tell Tziak tha' I'm comin' fer him, an' start movin', now! - She raised her arm once her sentence was finished, pointing toward the road leading further into the Vale. The troll snarled himself and snorted, he started walking – Not having much of a choice. Saihna turned around slightly and sheathed her sword, staring at her men with a stern look on her face.
Mount up an' make yerself ready fer quite a ride, we 'ave somewhere ter go. - She climbed onto her horse with a grunt, awaiting the others to do the same. Those without a horse simply had to share one with someone.

It was quite cold in the vale at this hour, along with a high pace on a horse you actually could freeze slightly. Hours had passed since they met a troll, the last troll Rayes had chased and decapitated. Suddenly Saihna pulled over and turned to her right, setting of for a slope. The other had no choice but to follow her, they got up to what seemingly was some sort of path to a spot where a troll could be found sitting. Without hesitating the moved upwards toward the female troll, she was dressed in a neat dress made out of some distant cloth. Green hair-blueish hair was setup in some odd hairstyle, two rather small tusks adorned her face – She glanced over her as she was approached.
What is your errand here? - She asked in a surprisingly good common.
Uh.. yer comin' with us, Nailizzia.. - Saihna reached down for her arm, to drag her up.
I am..? - She was dragged onto her feet with a confused look about her.
Ye are. - Saihna continued to drag her but Nailizzia struggled faintly. Vasgar sighed as he unsheathed his axe, and hurled the blunt side of it toward Nailizzias head. She was hit and sailed down onto the ground, he slung his axe back in place before kneeling down picking her up.
I was tha' one knockin' 'er out ser I serppose I'll be tha one carryin' 'er.. - Vasgar grunted silently as he pressed her against his chest, carrying her.
Perhaps tha' was fer tha' best, she would only 'ave slowed us down. - Saihna sighed, not really too happy about the whole scene, they continued down the slope by feet.

As they walked to Booty bay Vasgar couldn't get Saihna of his mind, often Rayes teasingly could ask him what he was thinking of. He didn't know why he thought of her really, but he woke up as he could hear a goblin saying 'Heeyaa' quietly. They continued down into the harbor, Saihna started running toward one of the ships all of a sudden and the others followed her, not knowing why, but they followed her. They entered the ship, payed for their trip, made their way to the sleeping local and took a hammock each and head to bed. One after one they fell asleep, Vasgar had end up underneath Saihna, he stared up at her aimlessly, after a while he murmured 'I love ye...' and turned in the hammock, closing his eyes...

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