Tavius Finn

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Tavius Finn

Post by Vaell on Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:07 am

Character name: Tavius Finn
Character RL Picture
Gender: Male
Age: Somewhere in his thirties.
Race: Human
Class: 'Paladin'

Birth region: Gilneas
Family: Deceased/digested.

A very muscular, powerful man with a playful and long, twirling moustache. He wears very tight tops or more often than not, no upper clothing at all. A large hatchet axe is rested on his belt, tied up by a small bit of rope and his voice is an overbearing cockney.

Unpredictable is the best word to use. His light devoted side is quite kind but still dangerous, chanting holy words as he hacks at an opponent - seeing every action as a blessing. When he has eaten meat, he is not to be approached or trusted.

A brief history overview: (This isn't a very pleasant character, so read on at your own risk!)
Growing Up:
Sir Reginald Finn was an outstanding knight of the Gilnean kingdom. He had served the throne loyally since he was a young boy and he had the same in mind for his son. His wife was a sweet woman who nurtured their son, Tavius, to an unhealthy degree - which embarassed Reginald, though no one raised a word to him. As the boy grew up, his father consistently pushed him to become stronger and better trained. He was a normal excelling fighter until the age of sixteen. That is when local cats and dogs began to go missing. Now, Tavius loved meat but this was only seen as a sign of his alpha development - a proud trait his father often boasted about. He made no colleration to the boy's excessive meat consumption and the missing animals until he found the collection of bones the boy had hidden in their basement. His father was furious and punished the boy in every way he could; smacking, scolding and whacking every section of the boy but Tavius made no sound when punished. If anything, he rather enjoyed the idea of pain because pain made him angry, which in turn made him hungry. He did not go a month without finding another stored carcass hidden away. It started to get worse and the boy found bigger targets bi-monthly: sheep, goats, pigs. It was only a matter of time until he ate his own mother. Reginald covered up her death and was convinced the boy-grown must be posessed. He called in a local priest and confessed all of his worries to the holy man, of whom was sure he could save the boy. Tavius ate the priest too. Then all of his urges suddenly stopped. For a year, he went without even the slightest lust for meat - all of his meals had a high quantity of green! After a while, it came back and he went back to his old ways. With the taste of human in memory, he set out for new targets and with the body count rising, Reginald could not hide his boy any longer. Reginald confessed all of the boy's wrong-doings and was stripped of his title and presumably executed for assisting the murderer.

Capturing and prison sentence:
Now, a fully grown man, Tavius managed to evade the persuing guards for a few years before finally being caught and thrown in a secure cell. He was in line for a public execution when the Worgen crisis broke out. During which, he survived off the lives of his fellow prisoners and many weeks after the incident, he managed to leave Gilneas unscathed and still a human.

Finding Faith:
His urges never faltered and he consistently sought out more delicacies of the world. It was only when he ate his second priest that he realised they were the only thing that could sustain his temptations. This is when he began to read their holy writing and learn of the light. He truly believed he was a soldier of the light, tested by the urges that lay before him. He drank holy water and discovered it kept his wicked urges at bay and he learnt that it 'filled him with the light'. With that knowledge, he began practicing wielding the light - praying to keep him on the straight and narrow and whenever he accidently slipped up and ate meat, he would pray and punish himself for his actions. He never stopped the occassional killing of another man, though.

Travelling to Stormwind:
He had learnt of a great Cathedral in the south and travelled there to bare witness to it. Tavius grew to like Stormwind and now inhabits it as his new home.

Things you know about this character:
  • His favorite hatchet is named Lucille.
  • He believes in the light.
  • He doesn't eat meat (or tries not to)

Things you don't know about this character:
  • You will probably not know his history.
  • He carries vials of holy water in his trousers.
  • Most won't know he can wield the light.

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