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Waurall Blakkrfot

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Character name: Waurall Blakkrfot
Nicknames: Waur, Blackfoot, Blackfrog, Blackrot
Titles: Lieutenant, 1st Stormwind Regiment
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Race: Human
Class: Warrior (heavy infantry)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Birth region: Westfall
Specific area/town: A small farm west of Sentinel Hill
Family: Thomas and Dorothy Blakkrfot (parents, living in Westfall), Kiirah Blakkrfot (younger sister, current whereabouts unknown)
Known friends or enemies: Irene Silversong

A man of average height (somewhat below 1.8m) and bulky, bear-like build. Tanned, dark skin with a number of visible scars. Black hair with first streaks of gray showing, cut neatly above the shoulders. Dark eyes, usually tired, but surprisingly kind and not fitting the general image of tough, veteran soldier. Tight knots of thick muscles, coming from years of wearing plate and using a pike and pavisse.

He usually keeps his uniform in immaculate condition, all plates polished to a high shine, badge of rank proudly displayed on left shoulder. When not in uniform, he wears rather plain and unimaginative clothes, although also keeps them clean and pressed.

He keeps a straight posture and moves with a steady pace of someone used to long marches.

A soldier to the core, Waurall believes in rules, regulations and chain of command. He strictly observes the rules of military courtesy and expects others to do the same. When tasked with orders, he keeps his opinion to himself, striving to implement them as accurately as possible. He approaches bureaucracy with similar attitude - he may not like it, but rules need to be observed.

When placed in charge, he believes his loyalty is firstly to men under his command. Due to this, he's prone to sometimes excessive carefulness, prefering preserving life of his subordinates to risking a bold maneuver that could turn the tide of battle. Still, he has high expectations of his subordinates and often prefers to micromanage or execute tasks individually, not trusting others to come up with an acceptable solution.

His carefulness is also higly visible in individual combat. He's a competent fighter, but without a proper training and flair for true swordsmanship. He fights defensively, utilizing primarily his shield and trusting his endurance to tire the opponent out and create an opening.

His modest upbringing taught him to respect hard work and scrupulousness. He dislikes the noble caste in general, believing the nobles to be a useless bunch of rich bastards taking advantage of regular folk. He emphasizes to the fellow guards the need to treat every citizen as equal when it comes to law, stressing the requirement to investigate all cases with equal vigour, irrespective of the fact if the aggrieved party is a nobleman or a whore. He expects his subordinates to treat all citizens fairly and reacts harshly to all signs of racism and intolerance. Waurall is also kind to arrested persons, strictly believing in "innocent until proven guilty" rule. He often takes personal interest in prisoners well-being and is known to repeatedly go over older cases in order to find possible reasons for lowering penalties.

Due to his strict adherence to rules, he often comes through as cold and detached. This results in general lack of friends, however he is fiercely loyal to people that he managed to befriend.

Waurall lacks comprehensive education, however he can read and write. Due to lack of understanding, he dislikes - and often fears - all forms of magic and mysticism, relying instead on common sense and logic. This extends to his approach to religion - he formally observes the required religious rituals, but doesn't put much faith into them.

Born as the eldest child of a poor couple of farmers from Westfall, Waurall spent his childhood helping to till the soil, quickly coming to despise pumpkin lots and liver pies. He enlisted into People's Militia at the age of 16, seeing the military as the only possible way of escaping a life of a farmer. Due to his physical abilities he was assigned to a heavy infantry unit and spent next 10 years as a pikeman, eventually attaining the rank of corporal. He witnessed the rise of Defias Brotherhood and took some part in the downfall of the organization. After the death of Edwin Van Cleef he hoped that Westfall would enter a period of reconstruction, hopes that were quickly shattered. Upon hearing of preparations for the invasion of Northrend and formation of Westfall Brigade he quit the military, deeply incensed by the fact that the kingdom preferred to strip resources from its provinces to fight a distant war instead of protecting its citizens.

Looking for sources of income, Waurall started hiring himself out as a mercenary, often performing a role of bodyguard due to his physique. As bodyguards are to be seen, not heard, he witnessed a number of meetings amd dealings between various rich merchants and noblemen, learning about the all-pervading corruption firsthand and completing his disastrous opinion of noble caste.

His decision to join the Stormwind guard was based on purely financial motives. With the situation in Westfall worsening again, Waurall decided to strive to move his parents to a safer region. He resolved that regular pay, however crappy, would be more advantageous to this cause than irregular earnings of a mercenary. However, he quickly determined that a guard's job was much in line with his beliefs, which led to him fully devoting himself to the guardsman's duty.

Things you may know about this character:
- smokes cheap, smelly cigars. Drinks bourbon, although not in excess
- rents a room at a small inn in Dwarven District. Enjoys the company of dwarves
- is often seen playing with a small gold coin with a depiction of lion
- often mistreats reports and other documents, not used to dealing with piles of papers. Lately frequently seen with smears of ink on his hands and chin.

Things you may not know about this character:
- deposits the majority of his pay in a bank in hope of purchasing a new farm (preferably in Elwynn) for his parents
- is attracted to draenei females, although he can't explain the reason

Criminal record: none

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Character sheet
Name: Waurall Blakkrfot
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