Chapter Six - 'Thay will see...'

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Chapter Six - 'Thay will see...'

Post by Jehorius on Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:28 pm

Chapter Six – 'Thay will see...'

It had been a rainy night, but the dull and gray cloud has shifted to a blood red color as the sun climbed the sky, no doubt the day was going to get warm. Vasgar was still standing guard on the position that his commander had given him, for two days straight he had stood there, he was getting really tired, no food, no sleep, surely that would tear anyones body asunder. With his iron will he surely would be able to last for atleast the rest of the day, several guards had tried to exchange him, some were even worried. A man who mysteriously appeared giving his life for a couple of ruins surely caught ones interest.

Vasgar yawned slowly, he gazed up towards the sky and the wind had changed direction, and what clouds had left the area slowly were moving back. This wasn't going to become a warm day, wet was a more fitting word. His was leaned against a wall close to him, he juggled a single throwing axe with his right hand, constantly peering around cautiously. He knew himself that he needed food aswell as sleep but refused to give up, this was a way of proving himself worthy to his people, or just prove how idiotic and stubborn he was. An arrow broke the silence as it flew toward Vasgar but hit the wall directly to the right of his head, he gripped his axe and stared at the direction the arrow had come from. Silently he waited for a second arrow to spot the archer, another whistle could be heard and the second arrow came flying, he turned his shoulder and the arrow pierced his plated shoulder, but didn't dig deep enough to even hurt him. The archer was sitting in a smaller hole in a wall, aiming a third arrow toward Vasgar, quickly he raised his right arm to throw the axe but someone behind him apparently was quicker to fire an arrow, swiftly it flew through the air and pierced the Syndicate archers throat. Vasgar sighed and glanced over his shoulder and to his surprise he saw his Commander standing just a couple of feet behind him, holding a massive bow.
Yer should go ter rest, soldier. If ye collapse due ta lack of sleep there's nothin' I can de if another of their archers spots you. - She had a stern look on her face as she stared at Vasgar.
I'm jes fine, Commander. - Vasgar replied shortly and turned to his shoulderpad, he broke the arrow as he tried to rip it out. He took hold of the arrow head with his thumb and index finger, slowly wiggling it out.
If ye would 'ave been alert, ye would 'ave spotted tha archer before he could fire tha first arrow, soldier... Go an' get some rest, t'is an order. - She narrowed her eye slightly.
Per'aps yer right... fine, I give up, I'll get some sleep an' food once I wake up. - Vasgar shook his head while smiling at her vaguely. She was rather short compared to a normal human woman, her sky blue eye stared at him, a weak breeze catched her brown ponytail. There was something with her that caught Vasgars interest, she beautiful, steadfast and determined, something that made his heart pound faster.
Ye can take tha' house, Worg. - She raised her arm and pointed toward a bigger house, which he had seen several soldiers walk into and out from, obviously filled with beds. He tilt his head slightly, staring back at her eagerly, not aware of it himself.
Go an' sleep, an' I mean NOW. - She licked her dried lips, still pointing at the house. He nodded twice, slowly and grabbed his axe, walking toward the house.

To his surprise the house was complete empty and there was a couple of beds which were bigger than others, it was one of these beds which he would need to sleep in in order to lay abit comfortable atleast. He unstrapped his armor with his eyes closed, his shoulders were sore and bruised to due his rather uncomfortable shoulderpads, he really need to reinforce them with leather soon. He leaned his axe against a wall close to his bed and crawled down under the cover, his feet reaching out over the edge of the bed, he tossed the cover down to cover his feet, leaving his upper chest naked. He tipped his wolfskull down over his face, closing his eyes slowly, a quiet and faint sigh escapes his lips before he slowly drift away into worlds far beyond this one, into the world of a dreamer.

Several dark clouds had swept in over Arathi, the rain poured down along with sparkling thunders. A loud and dull rumble could be heard all over the Highlands as the thunder struck down again and cleaved a tree in two, setting it on fire. The fire died pretty fast due to the rain. He opened his eyes slowly, the thundering had woken him up, he adjusted his wolfskull back in place before he shuffled off the bed, standing up. He glanced down at his chest and stared at the scarred body part, he crooked his fingers into claws and placed it upon a spot on his chest, where some kinda of cat or wolf animal had given him yet another ugly scar. He sighed and glanced toward his armor, he started strapping his armor back onto his body, piece after piece. Before he pulled his tabard onto his chest he inspected all the beads, teeth, tusks and other trophies he had adorned his harness with, he didn't know why he did it, perhaps for the memories, slowly he pulled the old and worn tabard over his head and buckled his belt over it, adjusting all his pouches and throwing axes. He slung his axe onto his back and stretched the four straps which held it on his back along with the iron chain, which he buckled to his right shoulderpad.

He walked out of the house with a grunt as the pouring rain hit him, and before he had walked over the first street he was soaked, his braids were pasted onto his shoulderpads and neck, his rather old and worn boots had taken in a lot of water and made these splashing sounds as he walked. He made his way to what apparently was some sort of a tavern, he didn't even look around before taking his guarding post, he could catch up a distant smell of cooked food, though and by following it, he end up in a tavern. Inside of it a group of ten were sitting, eating aswell as talking, all of them peered at Vasgar as he entered the tavern, not even half of them had seen him until now. He sighed heavily and walked up to the desk, snarling quietly at the barkeep.
Wha' can I get ya, lad? Ye look hungry. - The rather fat and old man grinned up at Vasgar, showing his teethless gums.
Surprise me, but make sure ter pick somethin' tha' manages ter satisfy me hunger, aye? - Vasgar arched an eyebrow while looking disgusted at his gums.
Aye aye, sure.. Pick a table an' I'll be with ya in a second. - The barkeep muttered under his breath and sighed, moving into the kitchen. Vasgar snorted silently, turning towards an empty table, he moved towards it and pulled out a chair close to a wall, sliding down on it. As he finished unstrapping his axe and had leaned it against a wall the barkeep came out with something that appeared to be a grilled swine, he placed it down infront of Vasgar with a huge knife and fork, he grinned again and nodded at him, returning to his spot behind the desk.

Vasgar leaned backwards against the wall as he finished his breakfast, he folded his hands together over his stomach, simply resting for a while, watching people walk out of and into the tavern with a vague interest. No one really spoke to him, sure a handful of people had greeted him but that was it, perhaps they were suspicious, perhaps scared, or simply didn't care. The thought of Saihna hit his mind, once again he wasn't sure what he found so interesting about her, it was something. His heart pounded faster and he couldn't help but to smile vaguely, for a moment he was lost in thoughts before yet another rumbling thundering echoes through the city, it was much closer than the last thing.

He opened the door of the tavern and walked out into the storm again, he could hear a distant voice from within the city, one giving out commands, a dull male voice. It seemingly came from the chapel he first met Saihna at, after shruggling slightly he wrapped his cape around his body, covering it from the rain. He glanced at the tunnel he had been stationed at earlier out of pure curiousity and found two guards chatting about something, one laughed and the other gestured as if he tried to slap something, before he end up in a laughter himself.

He arrived to the chapel yard and found three lines of soldiers, seemingly new recruits or young soldiers. They were staring at a man with raven black hair, a well trimmed beard and a soldier black armor, a massive sword was seathed on his back, the man was in his mid fourties, perhaps – No doubt he was a captain of some sort, or perhaps a lieutenant. He walked back and forth in a straight line infront of the soldiers with his hands folded behind his back. He spoke with a determined voice, one soldier muttered something and elbowed his friend in his side of his stomach. The captain stopped and raised an arm, pointing at the soldier who had muttered something and split his lips open, shortly he ordered him 'Give me twenty, an' then give me twenty laps 'round tha Chapel, CHOP CHOP!'. He turned to the soldier and fold his arms over his stomach, staring at him. The soldier pout his lips and sighed, he knelt down as the captain opened his mouth again saying 'Oh, I ferget.. Give me tha laps first...', the soldiers glanced up at his captain with a passive glare, legging to his feet again. He rolled a shoulder and snorted, mumbling 'Pff, like twenty would be hard?', the captain grinned wickedly and answered 'Well, give me fourty o' each then!'. The soldier seemingly lost his breath for a second, he shook his head and set of, starting his laps. Slowly the captain counted the laps screaming out every tenth number, pantingly the soldier returned – Once more he knelt down with a sigh and gave the captain twenty two push ups before his arms gave up and he end up laying face down in the mud. The captain moved up to him, knelt down and whispered 'Perhaps ye will behave now, soldier... On yer feet!'. He took hold of the soldier and pulled him up, moving back to trace back and forth in a line, almost screaming out various information about how to react on a battlefrield, what you shouldn't do and several other things.

Vasgar chuckled slightly over the scene and grinned himself, he was given several glances by the lined up soldiers and even the captain. Saihna stepped out of the chapel and peered over the yard, glancing at Vasgar. He blinked twice in her direction, once more his heart beats rapidly increased, what was this all about? Was she some evil sorceress who had manipulated his mind? No.. she couldn't be. This was something else... She raised her right hand and beckoned him over by waving him in with two of her fingers. He arched an eyebrow, what'd she want him? He sighed and rattled his head, water splashed around him slightly. He walked around the line of soldiers and stepped up on the small stair leading into the chapel, Saihna greet him with a vague smile, nodding at him.
Come on inside, I wish ta speak with ye. - She stepps aside, leaving him enough space to squeeze himself into the chapel, which he did. The inside was empty, it was furnished rather simple, four benches, one desk and a chair standing by it. Documents, maps and various other papers lied in a pile on the desk, she gestured for one of the benches.
'Ave a seat. - She walked over to the desk and sat down on the chair.
Eh, wha' ever ye say, Commander. - He bared his teeth slightly and sat down on the bench closest to the desk.
Straight ta tha point, I want ye ta come with me an' a handful of other soldiers down ta Stormwind. - She ran a finger along the border of a paper before peering up at him.
Stormwind? Nae chance In 'ell I'm leavin' Stromgarde, missy! - Vasgar snarled slightly, meeting her piercing stare.
Oh? An' why's tha'? - She leaned backwards against the back support, folding her arms.
'Cause I'm needed 'ere? Wha' tha fekk der ye think? - He grunted slightly.
Well, -I- need ye with me in Stormwind, we're leavin' at noon, pack yer belongin's an' prepare. - She gave him a direct order, which he was well aware of. But he didn't want to leave Stromgarde, not now!
Alright, listen... Jes 'cause ye 'ave a funky title does'nae mean ye can order me aroun', pup. - He bared his teeth once more and snarled at her.
Oh, is tha' it? - She glared vaguely at him for a second.
Aye, tha's fekkin' it. - He replied shortly, an awkward silence filled the room as they both simply sat and stared at eachother.
Fine... ye win , yer highness. - Sarcastically he spat the last few words out.
Drop tha attitude, Worg. - A slight smile curled up on her lips but rapidly was replaced with another glare.
Or wha'? Ye'll beat me up? - He chuckled to himself.
I might. – She spat out at him.
Oh.. I'd love ter see ye try... - He said, in a mocking way.
Wha's yer problem? - She asked, with a glimt of curiousity sparkling within her eye.
Yer me fekkin' problem, commander, -Ye-. - He pushed himself standing and walked out of the chapel, straight away he set off for the house he had left his belongings in.

He spent an hour waiting at the chapel yard for the soldiers Saihna had pointed out to follow her to Stormwind, an hour! Once they were all gathered she held a short speech explaining the situation before they set of for a nearby Refuge camp with several gryphons, they were going to fly back to Stormwind. He shivered slightly at the thought of the cold, wrapping his cape around him closer.

The only threat the group was given was a desperate and starved raptor that lunged out toward the group, but was killed with various ranged weapons before It could even get close. They reached the Refuge point and marched toward the gryphon master, which had readied seven gryphons, one of them was slightly armored, surely it was Saihnas. Vasgar shook his head slightly and muttered 'Thay will see...' Saihna and another one turned to peer at Vasgar, with an eyebrow arched each. All of them mounted the gryphons and took farewell to one of the lieutenants that kept the refuge camp running. Neatly and swiftly they dived up into the air, one held onto the reins and did a loop another one let go of the reins completely and cackled loudly. Vasgar simply sulked, holding onto the reins, one could never be enough cautious. One thing was for sure, and this was not like in his timeline, he would have to get used to all the insults, orders, cocky attitudes and arrogant people, but they will see...

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