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Lini Richfield

Post by Lini on Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:21 pm

Character name: Lini Richfield
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Race: Human
Class: Monk (Formerly Priest)

Birth region: Lordaeron
Specific area/town: Tirisfal
Family: Lina Richfield ("twin-sister")
Known friends or enemies: None

Description: Slightly shorter than average with a body shaped by the rigorous training she has gone through in the recent times, she still retains surprisingly much of the softness her physical appearance was previously best described with. Blonde hair tied to a bun as per the custom of her home town, a shy little smile on her round face and an aura of almost unwavering calmness, Lini would still easily pass for a simple country girl if it were not for the years of travel, war and stress leaving their subtle and not so subtle marks. The most notable of these marks being the missing left hand ring finger.
Usually seen in either decorated priestly robes or a plain leather armor fitting a monk, the most common characteristics of her equipment are the custom made gloves adorned with the emblem of The Shining Strand and modified to take account the missing finger. In addition she usually has her personal diary and a prayerbook of the Light either hanging from her belt or other convenient place.

Personality: Shy, quiet and soft-spoken, Lini usually tends to avoid attention. However, under this apparent frailty lies a woman of exceptional mental strength. While usually avoiding conflict, she rarely backs away when faced with difficulties.
Despite being polite almost to a fault, Lini isn't exactly a formal person. So far her position allowed her to get away with it, but with her former rank gone she has started to pay more attention to the way she addresses others.

History: Youngest child of a well-off family of farmers, Lini was sent the capital city to study the Light at an early age. While her training did advance at a rapid pace, it came to a screeching halt with the arrival of the Scourge. Only 14 at the time, Lini was forced to leave the city and soon after flee south to Stormwind with her parents, leaving behind both her former life and her elder brother in the army.

During the following years Lini finished her training Northshire Abbey and soon after joined The Shining Strand with her mind set on reclaiming her lost home. Showing both dedication to the cause and strength in the Light, Lini quickly rose through the ranks of the order's religious branch, eventually being granted the highest position despite her young age. Time went on with Lini dutifully leading her new flock while slowly accumulating both skills and knowledge usually not found in such a relatively inexperienced person. While never truly comfortable with her leadership position, she slowly got used to her responsibilities.
As Lini was slowly settling down with her status, a series of events centered around the death of The Shining Strand's leader Zylo Greybeard shook the entire order, leaving her as the highest ranking person in the order and effectively its leader. As the order slowly got back on its feet with both new recruits joining and old members recovering, Lini was joined in sharing the workload by two arcanists and fellow officers Tiberio Dawnspeaker and Alyssya Reese. While the leadership was now technically held by a triumvirate, it didn't take long before Lini found herself being called the de facto leader of The Shining Strand. This, however, didn't seem as apparent to those outside the order, as her way of leading through junior officers meant the general of the order's armies, a certain loud Lionmane, was often mistaken for the leader...

Perhaps it was the stress from a position she had never asked for or perhaps something completely unrelated, but as time went on a certain shadow awoke and eventually took over Lini. While initially possessing Lini's body it eventually broke free and obtained a body of its own, assuming the identity of Lini's twin-sister Lina. Relations with this new sister appearing seemingly out of nowhere were initially cool, if not downright hostile due to opposing ideologies and personalities. This interpersonal cold war was however eventually called off as both sides realized they were interconnected to each other. Much to the dismay of them both, they seemed to be stuck with each other. Ironically later on Lina became her only living family as Lini's mother was claimed by sickness.

During the later parts of the Outland campaign the stress from both her personal life and her position in the order got to her and Lini stepped down, handing the leadership position to Bishop Fortesgue Witherthorpe. While still holding an important part in the order, Lini was now free to dedicate more time to her own life and interests.

The next few years saw Lini traveling around Azeroth and Outland for personal reasons as well as part of various campaigns, one notable example being the Northrend campaign during which she fought as if to compensate for her unreclaimed homeland. But as it often seems to be the case, those which shine brightly for extended periods also have a higher risk of burning out. In Lini's case this finally happened after numerous battles with the witch Ireth. These battles left her a shattered remain of her former self. Traumatised and exhausted, Lini fell into a state of apathy. It wasn't until she fell back to her old ways of disciplined meditation that she found the motivation to search for a new self.

Things you may know about this character:
A scholar with a rather impressive personal library. Knowledgeable in several fields.
A herbalist and a gardener in free time, has written a rather large tome on the various uses of herbs found on Azeroth and elsewhere.
Has a habit of biting her lip when thinking.

Things you may not know about this character:
Has some theoretical knowledge in several arcane arts, including necromancy.
Has partial amnesia.
Dislikes spiders.
Her hair has lost its colour. Dyes it to keep the original colour.

Possible crime record: None

Gwah...why did I decide to write a very condensed version of almost eight years of RP into the history section? Now it feels both too long and too short at the same time.
Maybe I'll expand on this later on.

Or maybe I won't.

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