Kyven Lionheart

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Kyven Lionheart

Post by Vaell on Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:48 pm

Character name: Kyven Lionheart
Character RL Picture
Gender: Male
Age: Late twenties.
Race: Human
Class: Warrior

Birth region: Lordaeron
Specific area/town: Lordaeron City
Family: Deceased during the Strahnbrad Orc attack.

A very good looking man, with chiseled features - a strong jaw, flowing & well kept hair and a smile which could melt the panties off a queen. His body is muscular and of a medium structure. He often smells very pleasant and rarely has a visible dirt mark across his body. He takes very good care of himself.

Taking a strong amount of pride in his looks, he is very noticably vain. His voice does not match his body and he would be mistaken for a noble if he did not speak. Instead, his voice is gruff and common, often missing out syllables through his regional dialect. He is arrogant but loyal, following superiors orders whenever they're given. An ideal soldier for a general, but not exactly for the public. He is rude, outspoken and often ill mannered. He treats women like objects, different races like the enemy and bigger men like competition. He has street smarts and is currently outgrowing his immaturities.

A brief history overview:
Growing Up:
Born to a poor family, Kyven was a street rat of Lordaeron City. He spent most of his time thieving food and coin to feed his family. Often scowled and chased, sometimes beaten by local butchers and bakers, he always managed to charm his way out of losing his hand. Even as a boy, he had a way of talking his way out of a situation. He was known as a local singer as a child and would do so whilst his younger brother stole his audience's purses/jewels. As he grew up (hitting puberty early) and his looks developed, his parents spent most of their coin on fresh water to clean him up and buy him presentable clothing. He was quite the trickster, able to copy a nobleman's voice well enough to woo rich wives, bed them and then steal from them all at the age of fourteen (though he'd lie and claim he was a man of twenty). After a couple of years, his younger brother grew ill and passed away. Kyven felt responsible for his fate and could not bare to walk the streets without him. He put what coin he had together and bought a very small house in the town of Strahnbrad. His family lived happily, his father becoming a local shoe shiner and his mother a maid to one of the local noble's houses. He lost his home and family when the Orcs struck out just prior to the plague's appearance in Lordaeron. Defeated and depressed, he travelled west toward the coast - using his looks and thievery to gain shelter during the nights. He was kidnapped by a travelling group of slavers, also heading west.

Life as a Slave:
He spent the first few weeks trying to break free from his situation, but it almost cost him his delicate looks. After various beatings and a rather nasty branding against his arse, he began to behave. He was made to walk naked and serve drinks whilst guests admired his body and groped when it pleased them. Many bid for him (ironically rich wives who had been sent out to acquire low ranking slaves) but the slavemaster grew fond of Kyven's company, often finding him rich in humour. This did not win him his freedom but it was a step in the direction. One night, one of the bruisers became drunk and lippy, attempting to grab Kyven like one would a woman. He had never been touched beyond a grope and usually the slavemaster would make sure of it. This night, Kyven was alone and unable to be defended. Instead of calling out, he simply threw a fist into the jaw of the large man and with one heavy blow, the man slumped. Kyven knew he was dead and was ready to accept consiquences.

The slavemaster, fond of Kyven's company, knew he could not leave him unpunished. He had two choices, to kill and make an example of the slave or to do quite the opposite and praise him. The other slavers were baffled when the slavemaster raised Kyven's fist in triumph. He had no intention of freeing nor rewarding him; instead, he put him into pit fights where Kyven earnt the name 'Drop-dead Gorgeous' (acquired due to his deadly right hook, often finishing opponents in a matter of seconds as opposed to minutes). He hated it at first, the thought of killing someone haunted his sleep but he grew accustomed to the life-style and was soon entered into gladiatorial pit fights (all of which were quite underground but still rewarding) and his name altered to 'Handsome Hatchet' because well, he was bloody deadly with a sharp edge. As a few years passed, the slavemaster started to see that Kyven was beginning to lose fights and bones were being broken, scars were forming and his knuckles were becoming mishapen. He knew that unless he sold him soon, his looks would be gone and he'd be worth little to nothing. No noble wished for a petty gladiator to serve them drinks and so eventually he was bought by a farmer's family. They fed him well, clothed him and he spent most of his time helping the men of the ranch. He only lived with them for a couple of years before he was given his freedom.

War in Northrend:
He travelled south and needed coin to survive, so he served his time in the war of Northrend. He was not often involved in battles and acquired no new scars nor heroic tales of valour.

Joining the guard:
He had no life when he finally came to Stormwind; drinking and fucking with the coin he had earnt in the North. He attempted to create his own sellsword company and spent all of his coin on a single set of finely crafted armour. As poor as he was a slave, he returned to the streets and was days away from selling his armour when the call came out for recruitment among the regiment. He finally decided to join the guard and live a somewhat normal life.

Things you know about this character:
  • He is handsome and well built.
  • He rarely wears a helmet. Helmet hair is worse than the plague.
  • He has quite a mean right hook.
  • He is quite rude.

Things you don't know about this character:
  • About all of his years of slavery (unless he has told you).
  • He is riddled with various scars and the branding on his arse (unless you've seen him naked).
  • He slept with the farmer's wife... Just once!

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