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Decurius Longmane

Post by Tuomas/Decurius on Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:13 am

Character name: Decurius Longmane
Alias: Dec
Gender: Male
Age: 35 as of now, 31 when died
Race: Worgen
Class: Death Knight, ex-warrior, guard, waiter, servant

Birth region: Gilneas
Specific area/town: Pyrewood
Family: little sister(assumed dead), father, mother(assumed dead).
Known friends or enemies: Seen more often than not around the Blades, in particular Feral alias Oliver Thornwood, Simaria Winter and Timmy Deneton, with whom he built a strong bond of trust, at least on his part, he’s also known to have an odd relationship with the Disciples of Light, whom he tries to help and at the same time seems to despise or avoid. Other people who are seen often with him are Zerdia Sanaro and Jared Windwhisper, death knights. Among his enemies most cultists, and in particular the Black Hand. Lately he’s been quite outspoken about his despise of the Alliance and most of the political games in the military issues.

Description: Slightly taller and bulkier than than the average worgen, he shows little of his ferality but also little of his undead condition. With clearly a strong sense of hygiene, and the use of blood magic to preserve himself at his best, and perhaps even thanks to the worgen curse, signs of rot in his body are absent. No feasible heartbeat and no fur growth, with the absence of ‘true’ blood, he can bleed but the blood is extremely darkish and denser than true living blood, are the most evident signs of his undeath, together with the glow on his eyes, from which could be gotten that he had blue eyes when alive, and the reverberation of his voice. Seen mostly in plate armor, usually the type and the color of armor can be seen as a hint of his mood in that period. As a tendency, he tends to wear his hood when in bad mood, getting back to his worse self when feels failed, or feels he failed others. When he is in a sort of happy mood, he tends to even abandon armor and wear jumpers or shirts.

Personality: Decurius is an extremely pessimistic person, result this of all his past. Extremely conscious that his life has been a failure, and that most if not all the decisions he made were mistakes, he strives in his unlife to be the best person he can, even to his own detriment. He is easily angered, but as a rule he never breaks laws, in respect of the reputation the Knights of the Ebon Blade should keep, and he is also though easily pacified. Struggling to find some kind of acceptance and tolerance, he tries to appear the less creepy and the less frightening he can, aside when his mood is particularly bad, for whatever the reason, this usually obvious by the darker attire, usually his old Scourge attire, and most prominently the use of his hood, to hide his expressions and facial features. He’s the kind of person you can always trust, in the good and in the bad. Always outspoken about his opinions and thoughts, he can’t stand compromises about what’s good or evil, and so he hates with a passion hypocrites and traitors. Considering himself expendable, he’s also self-sacrificing, but only for causes he deems worthy, or personal, like friends or, in the past, his family, the Knights of the Ebon Blade or the Alliance. Terribly honest to those he cares for, he tends to hide most of his feelings under a mask of seriousness and professionalism when in official situations. This doesn’t prevent him to be ironic and self-ironic, even in the worst of circumstances, perfectly aware of the wrongness of his condition.

History: Born in Pyrewood from a family of self-made men, his father a rich owner of many of the fishing places and crops around the village, was separated from him at the age of ten, when he got walled out of Gilneas, and of his father, remained inside to help Crowley and his rebellion. Forced out of the country, he worked as a farmer, fisher and defender of the village, trying to help his mother and little sister, left out with him. Had always a tender feeling towards a little girl, and then woman, Christabelle Whiteheart, to whom he wanted to propose. In need of money, and a place to live and be safe, he went, at the age of twenty, to work under Arugal’s orders in Shadowfang Keep.
There, he got cursed and, with other cursed, was able to escape the Keep and Arugal’s control thus though, as many other people cursed at the time, losing control of himself. Wandering in the woods for years in worgen form, barely retaining ghosts of his former mind, Decurius was finally met by the Scourge when Arthas started to attack the Eastern Kingdoms again, after the long absence after the Third War. Decurius was offered a gamble, he chance to get the control of his body back, and he accepted, becoming willingly a Death Knight, his worgen side of the mind completely strapped out.
Then, he fought as Death Knight of the Scourge. What he couldn’t foresee was that Christabelle was there, forcefully raised by the Scourge to serve them in what would have been later called the Scarlet Apocalypse. Participating in the destruction of the Scarlet Enclave, he joined the Battle at Light’s Hope. There, finally gaining free will again, after a self introspective experience, he witnessed the definitive death of Christabelle at the hands of the Brotherhood of the Light. Left with the inner conflict about whether himself was lost, what was his role in the broader context, and what should think of himself and the Light, he joined the Knights of the Ebon Blade, and fought against the Lich King in Northrend, in service at Wintergarde and then at the Wrathgate. In the end, with the Ashen Verdict arrived at Icecrown, and laid siege to it, infiltrating the Citadel.
After the Lich King’s defeat, he remained in Northrend, wiping out the remains of the Scourge, up until recently, when, choosing to come back to Stormwind, joined the Alliance Army, only to get involved in a series of betrayals, conspiracies and letdowns, but also to get some friends and, perhaps, some kind of hope for himself.

Things you may know about this character:
Odd sense of fashion. Wears saronite armor.
Has learned, or was taught to, to not only absorb life energy from his victims to preserve himself, as any other death knight, but also to pass it to other living beings as a mean to mend their wounds.
Has been seen cleaning the Cathedral’s steps.
Been part for a brief period of the Sons of Goldrinn pack.

Things you may not know about this character:
If exposed to the Light for a period of time, including even forced in holy ground, he can recover temporarily most, if not all, of his sense of touch and taste.
He misses tremendously much of what means being alive for him, including carnal pleasures, but also the fact of not of being hated for what you are.
Carries always with himself a little book, ‘Light Lost’.

Possible crime record: Arrested twice by the Disciples of Light. Once for assault against a shooter, the second for refusing to get punished for having defended himself against an Anethionian. Punished for the first with the humiliation of cleaning the steps of the Cathedral, and then helped by some people who offered, for the second he asked for a trial and trialed, and left free with an ultimatum in case was arrested again.

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