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Character name: Amaryl
Alias: Amy, Captain
Gender: Female
Age: Late thirties (it depends on which time-line you're using)
Race: Human
Class: Knight of the Silver Hand

Birth region: Lordearon
Specific area/town: A farm on the gilnean border near pyrewood village.
Family: Father: John (Deceased) Mother: Rose (Deceased) Brother: Jeremiah (Deceased) Husband: Lot (Deceased) Daughter: Amber (deceased)
Known friends or enemies:
Friends: Fortesgue Witherthorpe
Chrystan Dalakarv
Lephia stoneheart
Enemies: Kargathan Dalakarv
A lot of people she punched in the face.


Amaryl is a woman of an average height with an average size. Usually clad in full plate with at least one weapon within arms reach. She has blonde hair that she usually wears in a pony-tail with a stray lock of hair here and there, to keep it from getting infront of her eyes. She would have a friendly face, if it were not for the fact that she exudes a calm visage, leaving little room for emotions to creep over her visage, Bar the discomforting grin she sports when discussing bloody, bloody, violence. Amaryl is as expected in top physical shape. Most of her form though hardly remarkable would unlikely stand out clad in inches of leather, mail and plate, and if it would be revealed, the lack of plate would be the novelty as opposed to her form. Every part of her armour seems to be shaped, and engraved with symbols, runes and lines.

Personality: Amaryl is a woman without much patience, regardless of her statements otherwise. She has little respect for decorum or etiquette, and values results above as she calls it: Standing in line and looking pretty. often she speaks rudely and harshly, eschewing nuance or pleasantry to get to the point. The honest point. Her blunt honesty doesn't make her many friends. and as such she is generally regarded as cold, rude, rash and a bitch.
Beneath the veneer of the no-nonsense soldier, lies a woman broken, a woman without family and little friends, without a home, and only twenty years of warfare, death and misery to look back at, pair that with the training under Uther's and Lordaeron's Silver Hand, Lies a caring woman. a compassionate woman that would foolishly attempt to move mountains if she thought that would help her save people.


Service Record -

Knights of the Silver hand
Seen action in darrowshire, turned away at Stratholme,
fought in the siege of Dalaran.
The Shining Strand during the exodus of the Lordearon
Scarlet Crusade in the eastern plague-lands,
Argent Dawn in the eastern plague-lands, - Knighted as Knight-Lieutenant
The Shining Strand, in lordearon, kalimdor, stormwind, strangletorn, outland. As champion and later as Captain, and Commander of allied Armies.
The Alliance Army- Valiance Keep – Wrath-gate, as Drill Sergeant and later as Lieutenant and Captain.
The Argent Crusade – assault on the Citadel.
The Shining Strand – Lordearon, Ashenvale, Barrens, Stormwind, as Captain and Commander of Allied Armies on campaigns.
The Disciples of Light – Stormwind
The Alliance Army – Chillwind as captain.
157th Company Wild tempest – Jade forest- as Captain.

Things you may know about this character:

  • Is a Knight of the Silver Hand
  • Used to have an apple orchard in Hillsbrad.
  • Is a widow.
  • Is the personal guard to Bishop Witherthorpe
  • Doesn’t like politics.
  • Has a history of fighting cultists, namely the dark sphere and the hand of nightmares.
  • Has had a string of squires to become paladins that don’t seem to last long.
  • Doesn’t drink alcohol.
  • Doesn’t sleep much.
  • Keeps a big heavy book, filled with pages, etches etc, her Libram.
  • Is known to scribble dirty pictures on official documents when bored.
  • Calls Stormwind the City of Fools for its inability to look at the bigger picture and become totally selfinvolved on small insignificant affairs.
  • Doesn’t like politicians.

Things you may not know about this character:

  • Before joining the Knights of the Silverhand between the age of 12 and 16, she was a dancer and server in a lordearon brothel.
  • Suffers from nightmares, which is the reason she doesn’t sleep much
  • Is the current holder of Silver-Strand, the blessed sword of the Shining Strand, which is locked up in a vault in aldor, which requires multiple keys.

Possible crime record: Incoming

Other information: Incoming


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Re: Amaryl

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Tough girl, huh?

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