Chapter Five - 'A shattered 'eart...'

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Chapter Five - 'A shattered 'eart...'

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Chapter Five - 'A shattered 'eart...'

He had removed his wolfskull helmet as he wandered the plains of Arathi Highlands slowly, constantly staring around aimlessly. He had decided to visit an old and huge oak, which he used to spend time at in his youth, he could see it in the distance - Old and majestic. The wildlife could sometime spare Vasgar glances, but quickly end up staring right through him, as if he was invisible. It warms his heart that the majestic Highland raptors still lived in a great number in the Highlands, he had also spotted them as he left Wetlands, what annoyed him greatly was that alot of Ogres had moved in, along with a whole bunch of forest trolls. The hours passed and he had not yet rested, his strength seemed endless now that his heart had been satisfied, for he was home. He walked over the huge hills, his fingertips stroking the plants that adorned them in a beautiful way - no one was to disturb the inner peace and happiness that he had been given, no one!

He slowly approached the four hills which surrounded his oak, the oak itself was over a thousand years old, perhaps even older. It's huge tree crowns reached far up into the glistening cloud-free sky, the moon shined brightly and seemingly down upon Vasgar as he walked. He reached the first hill which had quite of a slope he needed to climb up over, so he did. There it was, the oak he so many times had hidden at, sung at, cried at, just spent time at. He walked around it and peered at a special spot on the front of the tree, he pulled a dagger from his boot and started carving some of the bark off, a faint and worn sentence could be found saying 'My heart is yours, Sonda', his right hand turned limp and the dagger slowly fell towards the ground, it hit his boot and bounced off and landed next to a huge flower with white petals, with a touch of pink about it. He reached for the spot left side of his chest and placed his hand upon his heart, his heart pounded heavily as he closed his eyes with a sigh.
Sonda... me love... why did it 'ave ter end like it did? - He whispered, he clenched his fist, his nails risped the bark slightly. He sighed once more and opened his eyes, he knelt down and grabbed the dagger, seathing it in his boot again. He pushed himself standing again and turned, staring up towards the mountain. He used to climb these mountains in his youth, screaming out in glory, let the wind play with him.

He walked towards the mountain with determination, once more peering up towards the tops of it, which reached the skies. Knowing one of the routes which led up to a smaller plateau, he decided to to take that path then climb the rest of it. It took him almost an hour to find his way to the plateau, afterall it had been a long time since he was here last time, but with abit of patience he managed to find it, instantly he found the wall he usually climb, without hesitating he walked up to the clipwall, he adjusted his armor, re-strapped his axe then started climbing. Slowly, but steadily he approached the top of the mountain top, no that he was in a hurry but still, as he reached the top the moon had set and dawn approached.

There was another plateau upon the top of the mountain, with a couple of bushes and a small tree. He head over to the edge of it and crouched down, staring out over Arathi, far in the distance he could see Stromgarde as nothing but a small dot. Slowly he got onto his feet, took a deep breath and clenched his hands into fists, he slung his head backwards and let out a loud warcry which bounced amongst the mountain walls and finally out over the plains, it echoed slightly in the distance and it was answered by a wolfs howling, an eagles shriek and another warcry. He cried out in glory once more, he lost control over himself and leaped backwards, turned to the tree and took hold of it, he hugged it tightly as he slowly pulled, It's root gave up and the tree was ripped out of it's steadfast grip he span around and hurled it down the edge - You could hear the dull cracks of the tree breaking and it fell down, cliff after cliff and finally the ground. He fell over onto his back and closed his eyes, fainting from exhaustion.

Blinded by the sun he opened his eyes, he could hear wings flapping slowly in the distance, he narrowed his eyes and rubbed them with each of his hands, staring at something which grew bigger and bigger, surely this wasn't an eagle, or a gryphon... This was something else. As it came closer he could see It's huge and majestic body, red scales adorned the body which glistened in the sun, reflecting the light. Two huge horns were placed on It's forhead along with several smaller ones along It's back, two strong legs with claws to feet and two smaller frontlegs, which also was strong built, though. A long and glamourus tail wagged slightly as it flied, this being was huge and it noticed Vasgar, was he going to end up as It's prey? It flew down toward the plateau and landed, even though it almost took up all of It's space, Vasgar had a smaller spot he could move on. The lizard-like creature stared at him, It's eyes rapidly shifted between yellow and a flaming crimson color.
Wha-Wha' are ye...? - He had a feeling this creature could talk, he don't know why, though.
Most of the mortals would call me a dragon, young one. - The dragon rusked It's head slowly, still staring.
If ye want ter eat me.. der It fast.. dragon. - Vasgar signed and adjust his wolfskull back on his head.
Eat.. you say? No I do not think I would swallow you, instead I have come to tell you something. - The dragon slowly kneeled, to lay down. She hung her tail down the edge and curled into a smaller 'ball', one could call it.
Tell me somethin'...? Who are ye?! 'ow der ye kno' me?! - Vasgar was confused, he had heard tales in his youth about majestic dragons roaming around freely, tales of dragon slayers... But dragons that carried messages? No, not one of those.
Your people needs you, Strom surely does lie in ruins, Utal is correct, I'm will- - The dragon couldn't finish it's sentence before Vasgar interrupt her.
Utal...? 'ow der ye kno' 'er?! 'ave ye been spyin' on me?! No, ye coud'nae 'ave done tha'! Ter too big... Explain, damnit! - Vasgar snarled feriously and stared at the dragon.
I will explain... - The dragon sighed, It didn't have any effect on Vasgar but a dwarf would've been sent down the cliff.
I am Azsatrea the Crimson of the Red Dragonflight, guardian of life, daughter of the Life-bender, and I have come to tell you that your people needs you, these are dark times and you need to react quickly before it is too late. - Azsatrea had an endless stare, she didn't even blink while talking, Vasgar had to keep his eyes narrowed not to get them tearfilled due to the wind.
I... per'aps yer.. right, but why waste time on us 'mortals'? - Vasgar tilt his head slightly with a sigh.
I would have explained if you were meant to know, but this is far beyond your understanding. - In a dragony way Azsatrea smiled warmly.
Let me fly you down, the wind is hard today and it would be your death if you tried to climb down. - She legged onto her feet again and the mountain cracked slightly from her weight, she kneeled down slightly.
Climb up... sit by my neck and hold onto one of my horns.
[i]Right... be careful I dun' wanna fall o'...
- Slowly he climbed up onto the gorgeous dragon, feeling her scales between his fingers before he wrapped his arms around a horn, holding onto it tightly.
I hope you are ready, young one! - With these words said she slung herself out from the edge and slapped her wings out in the wind, Vasgar let out another warcry, not of fear, but of excitement.

He don't know how long it took, an hour, perhaps two. This was something he wouldn't forget, the honor of sitting upon a dragons back. She flew down toward the ground and landed with a loud crack, the wildlife fled from the scene.
Alright.. you can climb off, I will leave you here, you have an hour, perhaps less to walk to reach Stromgarde, young one. Do not fail your people, for they are few. - Azsatrea smiled dragony again and kneeled down.
Aye.. thank ye alot, Lady Azsatrea... - He jumped down from her neck and peered her over, 'Lady.' was that a fitting word for a dragon? He didn't know.
Go now, young one. Time is short and an action needs to be made, I will be back. Go with peace... - She pushed with her backfeet and flew off into the sky, disappearing amongst the clouds, a glistening crimson sparkle could be seen as she vanished.

He was left alone on the road, pondering the whole situation for a while 'A dragon, huh?', he shook his head slowly and started walking toward Stromgarde, he could see the town from far, it shouldn't take too much time to arrive, though. He had no choice but to start walking, even thought that was what his heart yearned for, to see Stromgarde, to walk It's streets again. He kicked a stone on the road and it flew down a slope, he sighed and was thirsty, his waterskin was empty and he had atleast a quarter left to walk, but then... He could hear a loud neighing behind him, a large majestic and beautiful palomino mare came charging, stright for him! He span around and waited for the horse to get closer, so that he easily could dodge what he thought was an attack. It rammed it hooves into the ground and slided along the road, stopping a meter infront of Vasgar, staring at him. Vasgar narrowed his eyes and returned the stare, he snarled slightly and inspected the mare, which just stood there.
Ain't ye a beautiful one, eh? - He reached out for the mane and strokes it softly. The mare neighed again whille nudging her nose against Vasgars arm, he ran his hand up along her mane and down over her face, pating her mule once. Once again she neighed and turned slightly, turning slightly, giving Vasgar the chance to mount her.
Heh... Wind... aye, I'll call ye Wind... - He jumped up slightly, tossing his right leg over he back and held onto her neck, pulling himself up. She pranced slightly, neighing loudly.
Ye like it? - He chuckled heartily while pating her neck.
Ter Strom, Wind! Ride fer Strom! - He kicked her sides carefully as she set off in a gallop, a steady rhythm could be felt upon her back.

His eyes widen up as they fell upon the walls of Stromgarde, the broken gate... His brethren impaled on poles, he shook his head slowly 'No no.. t'is nae true.. T'IS NAE TRUE!' he cried out, he tilt his head backwards and screamed out, Wind reacted on his sudden movement and pranced, neighing out in pain along with him. He leaned down over her neck and whept, he buried his face in her mane and sighed.
Enter tha' ruins.. Wind.. I doubt all o' is lost... - He steadied himself upon her back with a slight snarl, sighing. 'Keep yourself together Vasgar, you promised yourself not to weep over this cause again, convert it into anger! Strike your foes with your wrath, slay them, every last of them!', the voice echoes in his head, he knew it was just a mere thought, he remind himself of it. Slowly they trot into the ruins of a glorious city, one that every man should be proud over, yet ashamed that It's fallen into ruins, for it surely is the mother of all other kingdoms that lives today. Everywhere he turned he saw death, chaos, destruction, sorrow, his heart shattered into a million pieces and left was a burning hatred for his enemies, the enemies he had yet spotted.

He heard a slight crack from a house ruin, as he peered towards it he quickly noticed a young man with a orange mask, he held a sword in each of his hands. An arrow whistled over his shoulder and struck the bandit between his eyes, quickly he turned around with Wind and spotted a warrior in a redish plate armor with a bow.
Come 'ere, lad. Or ye'll end up dead within a minute! - He beckoned Vasgar over with his free hand, waving him in. Without hesitating he rode for the Arathorian, staring at him as he approached.
Wha' 'appened 'ere... pup... - He licked his upper teeth and snarled quietly.
I'll let ye speak with Commander Saihna... - He once more beckoned him over, this time with his head, walking off into the area that they still had left in the city. Another guard appeared and took his post. Five minutes passed and they had approached a small chapel, and It was actually in a pretty good state.
She's in there.. don't yell at me if she flames ye for goin' in. - The guard saluted Vasgar shortly, eyeing him once, then left.
Mrrrh... thank ye... - He snarled quietly and turned back to the chapel, he head inside and found a young woman discussing something with another guard, they both turned toward Vasgar as he entered the chapel.
Wha' de ya want? - She asked with a steadfast voice.
I... I... wha' 'appened ter tha' city, Commander...? - He asked with a slightly confused voice.
Ye gotta be kiddin' me, right? - He arched an eyebrow while eyeing him over.
Nae... I 'ave... been gone fer a while, a lon' while. - He raised his head as a proud gesture, staring at her.
We where invaded, lost tha' city, end o'. - She narrowed her eyes.
Simple as tha'...? - He bared his teeth slightly.
Simple as tha', ain't ye a big one? - She lowered her eyebrow again.
Does tha' even matter...? Whar der ye want me stationed? - He adjusted his armor while staring at her.
Go ter tha tunnel leadin' into this section o' tha city. - She nodded and saluted him shortly, then turned to the guard again.
As ye wish... Commander - He turned with a sigh, unstrapping his axe, letting it hang in his chain.

He arrived to the tunnel and peered at the other two, he didn't say a word. Took a position and narrowed his eyes, waiting for what foes would come, hoping that HE would be the one to slay them... For they had shattered his heart into a million pieces.

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