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Orthur Thorgint

Post by Zhakiri on Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:43 pm

Character name: Orthur Thorgint
Alias: “Ghost” “Ghost Wolf” “Uncle”
Gender: Male
Age: 71
Race: Arathorian Worgen
Class: Blood Priest

Birth region: Arathi Highlands
Specific area/town: Thorgint Farmstead, Eastfields of Arathi.
Alive: Erahn (Son), Angxia (Step Daughter), Nygarth (Nephew), Faralan (Nephew), Adenah (Great-Niece), Timna (Adopted Great-Niece).

Infants: Lynnea (Great-Niece), Dante (Great-Nephew), Raynar (Great-Nephew).

Deceased: Chaori(Wife), Arran(Brother), Cecilia (Sister-in-Law), Lynette (Niece), Barbara(Mother), Ronald (Father).

Known friends or enemies: Friends and foes within the Arathorian Population. Primary Friends within the Thorgint Family and the Kirin Tor. No known nemesis.

Description: Currently Orthur looks mysteriously well for a seventy-one year old Elder, he walks free of any physical hindrance and his hair, previously grey, has blackened with magical youth. Equally his wrinkles have faded upon his aged brow. As a Worgen, Orthur has jet black fur to match his natural hair colour, blood red eyes and fur upon his arms rabid with congealed blood and clawed gashes made by his own bloodied claws. Most of this is inconspicuous whilst Orthur dons his Robes as a Human.

Personality: Orthur is a conflicted character, a deep philosophical scholar, the Elder has spent the vast majority of his life in the pursuit of knowledge, especially in regards to saving lives. He exists in a near permanent state of conflict between the nature of the Holy Light and Divine Shadow and this is shown in his theological works and poetry. He considers Blood to be the physical manifestation of the Holy Light, a Life Source, to be con notated with Life rather than Pain and Death and thus considers himself a Blood Priest, an Ancient Role within Ancient Arathorian Tribes and Troll Tribes to date. Orthur's primary concern is his moral compass, he is always sinning or atoning his actions in order to calculate himself entry into the Halls (Arathorian Valhalla), in which his late Wife resides. What will happen upon his true death is down to the Ancestors.

History: Orthur, born to a somewhat wealthy family of Farmers grew up with the utmost support in regards to his Arcanic Studies and studied within the Tower of Arathor until it was time to transfer to Dalaran. Living there for some years, Orthur majored in Evocation and Abjuration, minorly studying the other Schools of Magic. It was a good era to study Magic, as Orthur often commuted too and fro from Silvermoon, Quel'thalas and knew and befriended many High Elves.

Obviously it wasn't a purely academic pursuit, Orthur was conscripted from the start within Arathor's Army and answered the call of arms many times fighting against the Trolls and Orcs who threatened his homeland. It was in his late fourties that Orthur met who would become his Wife, a Arathorian Tailor named Chaori, younger but not obscenely so. Chaori was already with child, yet the Father wished nothing to do with the offspring or Chaori, leaving the two to live off a Tailor's wage. Orthur besotted with the woman took both her and her daughter, Angxia, under his wing and together they all lived in the Farmstead his now deceased Parents left to him. For many years the three lived in harmony as Angxia reached adulthood, yet Chaori eventually developed a illness. Orthur, with all his knowledge as a Mage and now, a Priest, had no answers. He isolated himself and his Family from all the War that surrounded them and sought for a cure for his beloved. Not satisfied with the Holy Light, Orthur heard wind of a School of Necromancy within Scholomance; it was here that Orthur first learnt about the Art of Blood Magic (Hemomancy). Having studied the Basics of Necromancy, it came to Orthur's attention that Blood Magic was not only a subschool of that but a highly Ancient Divine Magic that the Arathorian Tribes of Old. This Art completely consumed Orthur and unbeknown to him, Chaori died regardless of his efforts, Angxia fled and Orthur fell into a deep depression.

It took a long time for Orthur to recuperate yet eventually he left solitude, seeking his Family. He found himself in the role of Orin and served his Nation honestly and proud, trying to realign himself with the Light and Suxen. The dramas of Arathor would never allow this however and time payed it's toll on Orthur and his Family. It took some time for Orthur to come out as a Blood Priest and openly practice the shunned Magic however it was eventually accepted. His trials and tribulations have included delving deeply into Shadow Magic, converting to Anethionism and reconfiguring Arathorian Theology time and time again to suit his personal beliefs, somewhat abusing his role as Orin much to the annoyance of his fellow Arathorians; especially fellow Priests such as the Rhan'ia herself, Anaei Lionmane. Not to mention finding his own bastard son, Erahn, who is much like a Snake as his Rite name “Slither” would suggest.

After returning from Northshire Orthur was at an all time low, his reputation tarnished beyond repair with his own people and his titles stripped thus he returned to solitude. Starved, weak and decrepit Orthur desperately sought a method to prolong his life and renew his spirit. The answer, to Orthur, lied within Gilneas. Acquiring the Blood of a Worgen proved simple and alone one dark eve, the Blood Priest consumed the Blood and contracted Worgenism. As a Blood Priest He took to it well, retaining sanity, His newly empowered Blood served as a stronger reagent in his Blood Magic not to mention his new physical stature often serves as a greater tool. The benefits aren't purely physical however as Orthur's secondary intention by contracting the Curse was too invigorate himself with the Spirit of Goldrinn, feral and spirited, Orthur has renewed hope and power in whatever he may do.

Things you may know about this character:
Some consider Orthur a traitor to Arathor and a Heretic towards the Ancestors.
Orthur wields Blood Magic instead of the Holy Light, thus allowing him to cast Shadow Magic in conjunction.
Despite being old, Orthur is a notorious flirt as known of Thorgints.
Orthur is considered a Kirin Tor Archmage.

Things you may not know about this character:
Orthur is a big softy deep down, and a massive family man.
Orthur's only true specialization is Blood Magic, his other knowledge of Magic Schools is more rounded and general with exception of Evocation and Abjuration.
Orthur is a talented Poet and Playwright.

Possible crime record:- Orthur has never been convicted of any major crimes within Stormwind's Walls, despite having commited Murder throughout the Kingdoms of Stormwind, Arathor and Khaz'Modan. Arathorian Crime Records however do mention Orthur for several instances of 'treason' and 'blasphemy'.



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