Chapter Three - 'Tha Cathedral o' Light...'

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Chapter Three - 'Tha Cathedral o' Light...'

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Chapter Three - 'Tha Cathedral o' Light...'

Vasgar kept a tight hand laying on a pouch, attaching to his belt that he had placed the letters within, Slowly and cautiously he moves forth. He gazed up at the five statues, honoring five heroes of the allience. He smiles to himself as his eyes fell upon the elven archer, he mumbled 'Aah.. ser tha' high elves are still loyal... tha's good.. we 'umans surely 'ave grown...'. He returned to reality as a group of children and their school mistress had stopped rapidly infront of him, all of the children slowly stepped backwards, to hide behind their teacher - But this one kid, he had brown long hair, reaching to his shoulders, brown huge chestnut eyes, a rather small nose and his lips were curled into a curious smile.
Now that's what I call an abomination of life! - The kid shouted while poiting, he shortly end up in a laugh.
If ye dun' shut yer yap... I'll rip yer 'ead off an' shove it up yer arse - Vasgar bared his teeth while snarling loudly, the hand he had placed upon the pouch slowly traced down to one of his throwing axes.
Mind your tongue, lad! - A guard, apparently, on a huge white stallion shouted out while staring at the kid. His eyes got carried away for a moment before he nailed his stare onto Vasgar.
Don't mind the children, you know how they work, eh? The think out loud! - The guard smiled warmly while looking at Vasgar.
It's an honor to have you here, Arathorian, please... Continue into the city. - The guard nodded twice and saluted Vasgar.
Eh... aye, sure... Thank ye. - Vasgar almost mumbled as he continued his walk towards the Cathedral, which should be within this city. He could see two huge buildings reaching up further toward the sky than any other - He decided to check these two first.

He swept over the streets like an invisible person at first, until he reached Old Town. This pack of thugs slowly turned, their 'leader' arched an eyebrow and chuckled.
Well well well.. What'd we have here? An ogre? A cave man! - He shout out, chuckling again.
Yeah, A cave man! Uh-huh! No no, It's an abomination! - His gang cried out, laughing themselves.
Or yer worst nightmare... - Vasgar snarled slightly as he clenched his hands into fists, cracking his knuckles.
Don't worry... We're six and he's one, He don't stand a chance - The leader grinned wickedly, his yellow and foul teeth were shown slightly.
We'll see.. pup... - Vasgar snarled again as he approached the thugs, ending up a feet or two infront of them.
One of the thugs dart forward toward Vasgar, the rest of the gang following him - Allthough, the leader had taken a step backwards, staring blankly toward Vasgar. He tilt his head backwards as two of them started hammering on Vasgars chest, one dart backwards again after gashing his right hand up on a razorsharp tooth that was tied on Vasgars harness. He simply tensed his stomach and allowed them to punch him a couple of times before he hurled each of his hands for two of them, grabbing them by one of their ears. He snarls feriously and slammed their heads together and let go, letting them sail down toward the ground. The other three swallowed hard and started swinging their fists again, one swung an uppercut toward Vasgars crotch - With a loud grunt he rattled down onto his knees, another one took his chance and slammed his knee against Vasgars face, blood started pouring out of his nose rapidly. He fell over onto the back and sighed heavily, he leader leaped forward and aimed a kick toward Vasgars stomach.
Yeah! Take that, you fucking monster! - He shouted.
Vasgar rolled onto his stomach as he boot came flying, landing on his waist. Two of them stomped on his back as he pushed himself up into almost a kneeling position. The forth one grinned wickedly as he sent his right boot flying for Vasgars face. As the boot approached his face he grabbed it with his right hand and pushed him backwards, the thug got rammed into a lightpost and grunt heavily as the sharp edge dug into his back.
Arffg.. Gnhnh! - He cried out, falling to his knees.
The two stomp landed on his back and he was pushed down again, into a laying position. He grunt slightly and rapidly pushed himself standing, his armor was afterall mostly leather. He growled loudly and slammed each of his hand toward one of them, instantly knocking him out as he crushed his cheek and collar bone. He span around and slammed his elbow against the thug who had almost broke his nose, crushing his.
H-he's fucking is a monster! - The guy stuttered out, he turned and made a run for it... Leaving his leader behind.
O-okay.. T-take it easy now, wolfy.. W-we were just kidding. - He tried to smile but his cheek muscles formed into a face which could tell one, that he was about to break out in tears.
Vasgar clenched his fist again and swung it for the leader, he ducked quickly only to be kneed in his face. Vasgar moved his left hand toward his throat and gripped it, slowly.
Open yer mouth... - Vasgar snarled.
W-what.. ? - He blinked and tried to swallow, but had a hard time breathing.
Open yer fekkin' mouth, whelp! - Vasgar shouted.
The leader slowly open his mouth while closing his eyes, a couple of tears started rolling down his cheeks.
Vasgar sticked his finger into his mouth and grabbed his tongue, pulling it out as far as he could. He let go of his throat and reached for a dagger, hidden within his glove. Without any hestitation he placed the dagger again the leaders throat and cut it off, slowly to make sure he could inflict as much pain as possible, and also take as much of his tongue as possible. The leader struggled hard as Vasgar started slicing his tongue off, but quickly realised that with a tight grip around his tongue, he couldn't escape. Slowly he fainted, as the tongue were cut off he rattled down onto the ground, on his stomach. Vasgar grinned wickedly as he unbuckled the leaders belt and tugged his pants down, he shook his head slightly and shoved the cut off tongue up the leaders arse. He dust himself off, wiped his hands on a shirt and simply kept moving.

Vasgar had ripped a part of his cloak off, lirking it up in his nose to stop the bleeding. He slowly approached the keep and peered at a guard, which stared back - Directly at Vasgars bloodied chest.
Trouble, sire? - The guard asked.
Nae.. I'm lookin' fer tha' Cathedral.. is this it? - Vasgar tilt his head slightly, he bared his teeth in a vague smile.
Well, this is the keep. But the Cathedral is not far. - He raised his hand and pointed at the other huge building, with the tower that reached into the sky.
Ah... Thank ye. - Vasgar followed his hand and then peered at the other building, he nodded and marched off toward the Cathedral.
He swept along the canal route, slowly. He walked around in his own world, wondering why he even had made his way here, It was just a dying man... 'A dyin' mans last wish... Aye, tha's why...' he mumbled to himself and shook his head, stepping up on a bridge which should lead him directly to the Cathedral Square.
'A cute elven lass, with purple shoulder lengthed hair... usually seen in a dress, often around the Cathedral... That's Aariam.' 'A rather short beautiful human female... She's got rather tanned skin, deep brown chestnut eyes and black hair... Should be seen carrying a child.. My child, That's Marisa...' 'A tall draenei, horns, hooves, a tail... But also a pair of tusks, she's half orc you see. Often seen riding around on a Talbuk, a huge and proud Talbuk... You can't miss Utal...' Vasgar nodded and started moving into the square, people tossed glances at his direction, others stared and some even left their benches and moved out of the square. His stare fell upon an elven lass which fit very well with the description he had of her. Without any hestitating he walked up to her side.
Oy, lass.. Wha's yer name? - He tilt his head, staring at her.
Depends on who's asking... - She curled her lips into a smile.
Jerrad. - Vasgar replied shortly.
My name's Aariam.. Where is he? - He blinked twice, now staring back.
Six feet under. - Vasgar replied and open his pouch, reaching for a letter which he passed over to Aariam.
W-what.. ? .. What'd you mean.. S-six feet under? - She accepted the letter and sniffled.
Dead. - Vasgar once more stated his point shortly, he turned and left.
Aariam chipped after air as she unfolded the letter, reading it.
Vasgar moved up the Cathedral stairs and sat down on a stairstep, leaning back against a pillar - Waiting for any of the others he was to give a letter. He was well aware of the fact that it could take days, or even weeks. But it was a matter of honor, a dying mans last wish.

Two days had passed, a priest offered Vasgar shelter in the Cathedral - 'There were some kind souls in the city, afterall.' The second night he barely got any sleep at all due to a crying child. At the dawn he managed to fall asleep and didn't wake up before noon. Quickly he hurried up onto his feet, strapping all his armor back on, you could never be to cautious in a city like this. To his surprise he ran into a girl which slightly tanned skin, deep chestnut eyes, black hair and she didn't even reach waist. She was rocking a child comfortingly, kissing his forhead every now and then.
S'cuse me, lass.. Is yer name Marisa? - Vasgar smiled warmly as his eyes fell upon the child, which remind him of his own.
That might be me, yes. How can I help you? - She peered up toward Vasgars face, smiling vaguely.
I 'ave a letter fer ye... - He opened the same pouch as last time and placed his right index finger and thumb upon the letter and pulled it outside, handing it over.
Oh? - She shuffled her child abit and placed his chin upon her shoulder, holding him with her right hand as she grasped the letter with her left.
Yer child will grow inter a great an' proud man.. Marisa, keep yer head high... - Vasgar smiled in a uncertain way towards her as she unfolded the letter.
Before Vasgar could turn she broke out in tears, she placed her hand with the letter upon Vasgars arm, with a trembling and sniffling voice she asked.
W-what ... happened? - She swallowed hard.
Only 'is ancenstors kno' tha', lass. He was a soldier... dun' mourn him. Be sure ter tell yer child tha' 'is father was a hero, aye? He's buried in tha' North... - He smiles in an uncertain way again, peering at her.
T-thank you.. Thank you.. - She cried out and slowly let go of his arm, she turned around and walked away, tears flowing down along her cheeks.

Later on that day, while walking around the town, lost in his own thoughts - A talbuk came charging, He quickly jumped aside and the rider pulled the reins and turned slightly, peering at Vasgar.
I'm sorry, I didn't see you and you didn't hear me, I suppose? - The half orc crooked a grin on the corner of her lips, eyeing Vasgar over.
Uh, Nae.. Did'nae, sorry. - He narrowed his eyes and stared at the half orc, his eyes tracing along her somewhat beautiful and curvy body, he shook his head and peered up again, into her eyes.
Yer Utal, aye? - Vasgar asked with a slight grin himself now.
Aye, That's me.. Who's asking? - She giggled softly and tilt her head.
Tha' matters little.. I 'ave somethin' fer ye. - Vasgar for the third and last time slide his hand down into the pouch and pulled up a letter, he flicked it toward Utal - It sailed through the wind as she catched it.
Oh? A letter, from whom?! - Her tail wagged curiously as she unfolded the letter, slowly reading it.
Yer friend... - Vasgar replied shortly and swept up to her side and continued past her.
She grunted loudly and turned, snarling.
What happend?! TELL ME! - She was furious, staring at Vasgar.
I dun' kno', lass... - Vasgar peered over his shoulder.
What'd you mean don't know?! Huh?! You must've gotten these letters from him, right?! - She leaped infront of him, staring into his eyes, one could think... Was it pain, or was it anger that she had unleashed?
I dun' kno'... I ran inter 'im as he was in 'is last breathes... If ye wish ter unleash yer wrath upon me, der it quickly. I kno' 'ow it feels ter lose somebody... - Vasgar smiled vaguely, while peering at Utal.
This is the fucking second time in a fucking short while, Fucking great! - She swore out and stomped the ground with her hooves in anger, or pain. Her talbuk scratched his left front hoof against the stoned ground.
Calm down, lass... - Vasgar tried to comfort her but she interrupt him.
Don't you fucking lass me, pup! - She glared and her breaths pace had increased rapidly, she could explode at any second.
Vasgar shooked his head and turned, walking away mockingly.
Oy! I'm talking to you, don't you fucking leave! - She darted forward and directly into Vasgars arms as he turned.
T'IS 'BOUT TIME YE CALM DOWN LASS! - Vasgar snarled back in return, staring directly into her eyes.
Ain't ye 'alf orc? I 'ave been told tha' we 'ave tha' same sayin'! 'Dun' mourn a fallen warrior, honor 'im! Fer he shall adorn tha' sky fer eternity as a star, amongst 'is ancenstors!' - Vasgar leaned in extremely close, their nose tips touching eachothers.
Utal end up silent, staring at Vasgar as she placed her hand upon his chest, tracing her index finger along it slowly.
Well... ain't you a feral one? - She forced out a painful smile.
Eh.. ? - Vasgar arched an eyebrow with a grunt.
Mmhm... - She smiled again, even though it wasn't hard to notice that she rather would scream out in tears.
Keep yer 'ead up, aye? Me task down 'ere is done... T'was nice ter meet ye. - Vasgar sighed and pat her shoulder shortly.
What's your name? - She asked and tilt her head to her left.
Ye can call me Worg... - He sighed again and turned.
Will we meet again? - She bit her lower lip.
I dun' think ser, unless ye 'ead up ter Arathi... - He peered over his shoulder at her with a vague smile, along with an almost purring snarl.
Arathi.. ? I knew you were an Arathorian! My worst enemies... But I like you, you're not like the others. - She blinked twice.
Aye, tha's true, lass. I 'ave ter 'ead 'ome.. t'is been a lon' time since I visit me king... - He smiled proudly.
King.. ? Worg.. Stromgarde lies in ruins and the King has been murdered, the last Trollbane has fallen, or well... Seikens daugther still lives. - She blinked twice and swallowed.
... Wha'? - Vasgar was stunned, didn't know what to do, what to say... What to believe.
I'm sorry... - She made it short and climbed up into the saddle on her Talbuk again.
Vasgar shook his head and sighed.
I dun' believe ye, Utal. I'll see fer meself. - He snarled and turned, simply walking off.

He left Stormwind and head over to a local stable, simply stole a horse and set off for Arathi...

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