Chapter Two - 'This coud'nae be tha' end...'

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Chapter Two - 'This coud'nae be tha' end...'

Post by Jehorius on Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:25 pm

Days... weeks... months... years... centuries... Tha Amani Empire grew, slowly.. but t'was growin'... I can'nae stay 'ere... - He thought, for how long had he been stuck within the walls of the troll empire?

He sighed, but for the naked ear a loud 'Ribbit!' could be heard - His tongue flew out toward a fly and catched it, slowly swallowing it.

The lake had grown over the past centuries, frogs came and frogs left 'Wha' did thay der wiff tha' ones tha' war taken?' he had wondered for a long time.

Out of the blue a rather loud splash could be heard, the area that went slightly wavy slowly turned red, blood red - What had happened? He never caught the trolls in here fighting before, besides when the Warlord lost control and slew someone for the fun of it.
A blue skinned troll with red hair standing at all possible directions, two huge crooked tusks and a pair of deep red eyes appeared out of the thin air. He tilted his head curiously as his eyes turned wide.
Ahaha! Dey be havin' froggies 'ere! Wut if dey is no frogs?! Trabukk must check dat! - With these words said the troll started chanting in a jolly tune. A frog slowly shaped into a dwarf and land on his butt.
By tha' titans, wha' tha 'ell is goin' on?! Wait.. I'm .. meself?! Woohoo-hoo-hooo! - The dwarf cheered and pushed himself standing, peering about.
Oh oh! Dey no be froggies! Trabukk continue, Trabukk continue! - Again the troll started chanting, peering at an unnatural huge frog. With a finger snap the frog shaped into a human.. or was it a giant?
Mrrrh... Mrrwwanaaaagh! - Vasgar tossed himself over the troll and gripped his head with both of his palms - The look he was given was one filled with fear, he growled and snarled again, he broke the neck of the troll and ripped the head off - Dropping it into the lake, he turned to the dwarf, snarling.
Uh.. Take it easy, lad.. I'm on yer side! - The dwarf chuckled and smiled.
Le's get outta 'ere, shall we? - He asked shortly after he finished laughing.
Mrrh.. Sounds like a plan.. Shorty - Vasgar continued to snarl, sceptical over the short race.
Oy, laddie! Wha's yer name? - The dwarf asked, now grinning.
Ye can call me Worg... - Vasgar almost muttered.
Owh.. Alright, naet tha' much o' a talker, eh? Ye can call me Farmondir! - Farmondir chuckled again, snorting in the middle of it.
Farm will der... - With these words Vasgar leaped up onto a bridge, offering his hand to the dwarf.
Thank ye, tha- Behind ye! - Farmondir gasped, reaching for where weapons should be placed.
A troll had sneaked up on Vasgar, holding a pair of axes. When he was in range he raised both of his axes, hurling them for Vasgar.
Vasgar span around quickly and met the trolls gaze, grabbing each of his hands. He tensed his muscles as both of the trolls wrists cracked and broke - He let go of them and slammed the trolls face twice, then his neck.
Eh.. Lad.. ye shou'd get yerself a weapon... - Farmondir snorted again, peering at the mutilated troll.
All in due time.. Farm. - Vasgar replied shortly.

They both started moving toward the exit, since they were only taken as frogs they had explored the empire with interest, or atleast Vasgar. Not far from a stair a battle could be heard, Vasgar and Farmondir looked at eachother and started running - They ran into an ocean of bodies, trolls, orcs, humans, dwarves, taurens.. All kind of races! They both looked at eachother again and picked up a weapon each, from the ground.

As the ran through a huge gate, through a smaller hall and out onto a couple of stairs they ran straight into the battle! The ground had been colored red by all the blood spread out, limbs were spread out aswell as weapons. A cloud of sand covered the battle field and warcries and screams of pain echoed in the alley. Vasgar and Farmondir kept to eachother, knowing that they both were their only allies. Back against back they fought their way through the battlefield, as Farmondir wanted to stay and fight, Vasgar knew better and slung the axe onto his back, picking the dwarf up.
Lemme go ye brute! I'll show 'em wha' us Wild'ammer are made outta! - Farmondir kicked and swung his arms, screaming slightly.
Yer givin' me nae choice Farm... - Vasgar met Farmondirs rather curious stare and slammed his fist against a nerve on his neck, knocking him out. He snarled quietly and sighed, he started jogging to get to safety.

A day passed before Farmondir finally woke up, Vasgar was completely exhausted by that time and had set up a camp on the border to what the people today call 'Eastern Plaguelands'.
Ugh.. me 'ead... Ye okay, lad? Ye look terrible... - Farmondir peered Vasgar over and snorted.
T'is fine.. dun' ye worry, Farm... - Vasgar snarled but offered a vague smile.
If ye say ser... I suggest we rest an' then move on.. aye? - Farmondir narrowed his eyes.
Fair enouff... - Vasgar muttered and collapsed onto the ground due to exhaustion.

The coming day they argued about their way back and decided to choose different paths. 'Wha' 'appened ter tha' lands.. T'is all... dead...' He thought, peering around curiously. His eyes widen up as his stare fell upon a huge.. monster! It was a couple of feet taller than himself.. but made out of several bodies..? He swallows hard and dove forward, running past the abomination - A silent 'Huh?' could be catched in the wind as Vasgar charged past it - It turned around and set of after him, murmuring 'Meat... Fresh meat...'-

He glanced down toward his belt and found his throwing axe tugged onto it and sighed of a relief, he pulled two of them and span around in the air - Hurled both of the axe toward the Abomination, impaling both of It's knees, It fell over and crashed into a tree stump. It's stomach had been impaled and it was stuck, not able of getting on It's feet - Vasgar glanced around and turned again, once more starting to run.

Hour after hour passed - When he deemed it safe had had started marching instead, with is hands firmly holding the axe. He Saw the first couple of living trees and set of in a high pace again, He jumped both from a cliff, landing in a bush, he recoiled back to avoid a huge branch and jumped out of two trees, He fell over this time and hit the ground with a loud 'Bang!'. A silent grunt escaped his lips as he opened his eyes, peering over at a man in a golden armor, crawling along the ground. He narrowed his eyes and legged to his feet, slowly approaching the man...

Praise the Light! Finally.. Finally someone.. living! - The man chipped after air, staring at Vasgar.
I'm beyond help... but .. but you could- - He started coughing, a wave of blood poured out of his mouth.
Wha' ol' man? Wha' can I 'elp ye wiff? - Vasgar asked, kneeling infront of him.
I... I have a couple of.. letters... I knew I wouldn't survive this.. could you .. head to Stormwind.. Find... Find .. Utal.. Aariam.. A-and.. Marisa.. Cathedral.. of.. light.. to the.. south... - With these words said the man turned limp, stopped breathing and slowly died.
Vasgar narrowed his eyes and saluted the fallen knight, muttering 'May ye rest in peace among yer ancestors'. He leaned down and grasped a pendant, he could make out 'Jerrad Foehammer' written along the border of it. He decided to carry him with him, until he found a suiting spot to bury him at.

He saw a golden horse tied to a horse and approached it, he peered at it and mumbled 'This must be tha' knights horse.. He dun' need it anylonger...' - He tossed Jerrad up on it and climbed into the saddle, he peered around for a last time and then let out a loud 'Hee-wyaah! and set off.

He approached a small camp, the once nearby appeared to be a group of armored warriors, living ones! He rode there and glanced around the camp.
Who's in charge 'ere?! - He screamed out.
A lady in a silver armor, a plated headband, a sword and a shield walked up to Vasgar and tilt her head.
That might be me, m'lord - How may I be off service? - She asked, quite sceptical over the whole scene.
I want ye ter give this lad a soldiers funeral.. Jerrad was 'is name. - He snarls feriously and dropped Jerrad onto the ground.
L-Lord Jerrads Is.. Is dead? - Her eyes slowly turned tearfilled, she glanced down at the body and chipped after air, whimpering.
Seems like it lass, an' dun' ye weep over 'im, honor 'im ye sissy! I must be on me way.. Strength an' honor! - He kicked the horses sides and set of in a fast gallop.

He rode through Alterac Mountains.. Through Hillsbrad Foothills.. Through Arathi Highlands, deciding to return home once his task was fulfilled. The horse just seemed to have an endless amount of stamina and strength! While Vasgar slept, the horse carried on - Had it understood what It's former rider had commanded?

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days, days turned into weeks... weeks turned into months... But then... He entered a fresh forest, he had been directed to 'Elwynn Forest' by a group of adventurers he ran into in Blackrock Mountain. He kicked the horses sides, once again it set of a in gallop - After an hour he passed a crossroad known as 'Goldshire' and people screamed after him, waving their hands in the air as an angry gesture. But he didn't care... Because he had a dying mans last wish to fulfill... In the distance he could spot two huge walls, the outer gate of Stormwind - He was there, he had reached his destination - He once more saluted the death of Jerrad, he climbed of the horse which vanished as he hit the ground.
Wha'.. in.. Wha' tha' 'ell?! - He was shocked, where'd the horse go?!
Nevertheless, he rattled his head and marched into the city, snarling feriously as the guards swallowed as he passed by. The Cathedral of Light...

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