Simaria Winter

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Simaria Winter

Post by Thondalar Stormleaf on Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:11 pm

Character name: Simaria Winter
Alias: Wolf, Simmy, Sim.
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: Worgen
Class: Rogue

Simy with her natural haircolour.

Birth region: Redridge
Specific area/town: Lakeshire
Family: Nina and Simon (parents), Ren (older brother)
Known friends or enemies: Friends: Generally all of the Blades, with Feral as the closest friend. Enemy: Ravenholdt Sanctuary, Serpent Academy. Black Hand.

Description: Tiny, skinny girl with dark brown eyes and black hair (naturally blonde). She has a small burn mark on her left cheek, and a shallow cut on her right. Her lips have six vertical stripe-scars, and there is one running from right above her eye to straight up to the middle of her forehead. lefs side of the shoulder on her back, and running to the middle of her neck is a burn scar, as is there a big burnscar on her left hip.
Personality: Very unstable. Simmy can one day be bright mooded, to then suddenly snap at you, and even stab at you.
History: Born in Lakeshire to Nina and Simon Winters, little is known after her parents died when she was 5-6 years of age. She vanished, and next time she reappeared in Lakeshire, was when she had turned roughly 12. She found no home to meet her there, however, and turned to roam the roads. Or so was said. There is no clear record of what happened at that time, and up untill the point where she was taken in by what she refer to as her 'pack' now, and given the name Wolf.

However things change, fates change, situations change. Her pack she had to leave, for theirs safety, and for her own. To join forces with he who she now call brother, and which is for her the most important person in her life. Oliver Thornwood, or Feral for short. Their friendship started violent, but is currently a strong bond. For her, he is more family then her own ever was.
She is slowly adapting to her place in her new pack, still struggling with her standing, but slowly getting there. She is gaining more 'family, the closest being Timmy Deneton and Rayne. She is getting a sensation of belonging with her new 'family', of sleeping in a bed, having her own horse, her Worg and her raven. She even have her own coin and food to eat. So for her, she is currently happy and content.

Except for her fear of the Black hand.

Things you may know about this character: That she is a Blade, and have previously worked in the Slaughtered Lamb, and currently in the Pig and Whistle.
Things you may not know about this character: n\a
Possible crime record: Ex-Ravenholdt, ex-spy, murderer and Horde sympathiser.

Other information: n\a
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