[A] A letter to the Stormwind Mage Tower

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[A] A letter to the Stormwind Mage Tower

Post by Zalissa on Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:35 am

Dear sir or madam...

It is likely that you have heard the rumors of certain outlaws native to our streets somehow obtaining access to 'The Plague'. I am sure I need not remind you of the dire consequences such a volatile weapon can bring, especially in the wrong hands. I am still skeptical as to whether this sample I have obtained is genuine, and I thought it best to contact the magi watching over our city before I proceed to study it any further, and with your permission.

The sample was brought in by a man named Haegarn Strombourne, allegedly from the blade of a wanted criminal known as 'Zerdia' after she assaulted a certain Disciple - Rae Wulfgnar - with the infected blade. It might be beneficial to have a letter sent to him to see how his health is after the incident, as it would help with the study of this so-called plague.
I would welcome anyone who has an interest to aid me in getting to the bottom of the samples mechanics, please reply via letter or come by the Command Centre when able.

Regards, and Kings Honor,
First Cadet and Medic, Adrielle Jainrose
The Stormwind Regiment.

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