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Character name: Riz’han
Alias: -
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Race: Troll
Class: Hunter

Birth region: Darkspear Isles
Specific area/town: Small village bordering the jungle.
Family: Zadla (mate), !K’tuki (father), Zai’khal (mother), Lao’maha the Mad (paternal grandfather)
Known friends or enemies:
Friends: Hyena, Kamoho, Bumja, Tartargo, Jhodan
Sort-of-friend-but-also-person-who-hates-him: Jalzari
Enemies: Tochwakee, the stubborn kodo

Description: A tall, strong troll with a bald-shaved head. He has quite some scars, mostly from animal origins.
Personality: Laid-back.
History: About twenty years ago, Riz’han was born to !K’tuki and Zai’khal of the Darkspear Tribe. In their small village on the Darkspear Islands, he spent his early childhood in a relatively peaceful environment, among the other children of the village.

When Riz’han was ten years old, trouble started. Murlocs came to the islands, and Riz’han soon found his village under attack and himself running away from a big one. Quickly, the monstrous murloc had cornered him, and young Riz’han found himself staring in the face of death… - and then an orc heroically chopped off the murloc’s head.

The Darkspear travelled to Kalimdor with the Horde, and after the Third War was settled Riz’han’s family settled down in Razor Hill, among the orcs that he had started to idolize. As a teenager most of his friends were orcs, and he quickly started taking on some of their traits.

As he came of age, Riz’han started travelling Kalimdor. He hunted animals to skin them and trade their hides, while the hyena would feast on the remains. His wealth is growing slowly, especially with the addition of a pack kodo!

Recently he settled on the Echo Isles for a while with the rest of the tribe, later joining them in the war on Pandaria. Eventually, however, he deserted, and now travels Kalimdor again with his mate.

Things you may know about this character:
- Riz’han is very superstitious, and mistrusts most magic. He’s deeply afraid of voodoo.
- Riz’han knows many stories. Most of these are short and bloody, intended to teach people not to mess with spirits.
- As a teenager, Riz’han lay in a snakebite-induced delirious fever for a month. This because of a bet. He won the bet.
- Riz’han is pretty pro-Horde.
Things you may not know about this character: -
Possible crime record: Desertion

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Friends: Hyena, Kamoho, Bumja, Tartargo, Jhodan

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