Matthew Meriwheter

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Matthew Meriwheter

Post by Bradley on Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:14 am

Character name: Matthew Meriwheter.
Alias: 'Matt'.
Gender: Male.
Age: 21.
Race: Human.
Class: Thug.

Birth region: Gilneas.
Specific area/town: City of Gilneas.

Father: Anthony Meriwheter, - Alive.
Mother: Angelica Meriwheter, - Alive.
Brother: Patrick Meriwheter - Deceased.
Uncle: Charles Bennet Crowley, - Unknown.
Cousin: William "Will" Jefferson, - Alive.
Cousin: Clarissa Blake Meriwheter, - Alive.

He has also been in a stable relationship with Xynla 'Nia' Sanvralo for more than a half year by now, and still going strong!


Matthew is easily recognized by a few particular traits, such as his brown, fuzzy hair that reaches his neck and a skinny face with quite common features. His facial expressions usually stand out. However, one can almost always spot a glimt off arrogance in his blue eyes.

Matt's body type, however, isn't very impressive at all. Standing at about 5'9", he is a pretty small guy. He problary weighs less than 75kg, mostly due to his lean figure and lack of any considerable amount of muscle.


Rude and annoying.. Romantic and pathetic.. Hell, even slightly sadistic and mentallly unstable! There are many words that can describe Matthew's personality. He is a proud, arrogant loudmouth, who always speaks his mind and lives to offend people. He is a firm believer in the statement that violence can solve anything, and very often resorts to violence. He is over-confident, and believes that he is more or less perfect. He is also very discriminative, especially to women and their human rights. He rarely behaves or acts nice unless it is for his own benefit.

With a very short temper, Matthew very often experience dangerous temper tantrums where he is capable of doing just about anything. He was also raised without common logic, and does not have any morals whatsoever. He is very selfish, and simply doesn't care about his fellow humans, or anyone else. He will always, in the end, do exactly what benefits him the most.


Matthew was born in the city of Gilneas, twenty years ago. He was born into a family with a decent economy. He grew up in a family surrounded by criminals, like his father, Anthony Meriwheter, who worked as a henchman for Matt's uncle, the quite infamous druglord, Don Charles. And at the age of twelve, Matthew was arrested for the first time, charged with pickpocketing. After this incident, he began to live a life of petty crime, including pickpocketing, collecting debts for his uncle and gambling. When he was seventeen, he murdered for the first time after a fight with a deadbeat went too far. Unfortunently, he was caught, charged and sentenced to death. However, as Gilneas was infected by the curse and the Forsaken assaulted the city, he managed to escape without leaving a trace. His entire family managed to escape without being cursed too, except his cousin, Will, and his entire family. He ended up on one of the elven boats who then brought him too Darnassus. Eventually, his family and himself ended up in Theramore city, but they later seperated. Matthew wen't to Stormwind while his family stayed in Theramore. ..Except his uncle and his cousin, whom he later found. During his first year in Stormwind, he worked as a janitor for one of the rich nobles located in the Mage District. However, the life of sweeping floors wasn't really that desireable, and with his very low monthly payment, he quickly realised that the life on the right side of the law wasn't really the life for him. And so, his cousin got him work for one of the local Cartel's in the dwarven district. He still works with these people, spending his time executing jobs like dealing drugs, fixing and gambling on underground fights and smuggling arms while his free time is usually spent spending his coin on booze, gamling and women.

Things you may know about this character:

- He is a well known figure in the dwarven district.
- He is involved in several criminal activities.
- He can usually be found in the shady lady, or it's surroundings.

Things you may not know about this character:

Under construction..!

Possible crime record:

Matthew is involved in several criminal activies, including;

- Assault.
- Murder.
- Thievery.
- Involved in Piracy.
- Loan Sharking.
- Bookmaking.
- Illegal trades.
- Gambling.
- Bootlegging.

Other information:

This page is not finished...

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Re: Matthew Meriwheter

Post by Delinith on Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:52 am

R.I.P the stupid Matt

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