Gwendelyn Ashborough

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Gwendelyn Ashborough

Post by Melnerag on Mon Dec 31, 2012 6:09 am

Appearance inspiration:

Worgen Form:

Character name: Gwendelyn Ashborough
Occupation: Chairlady of the Stormwind Council, Archlectress of Stormwind
Alias: Gwen, Leonie Munroe (disguise)
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Race: Human (worgen)
Class: Sharpshooter, Duelist, Priestess

Birth region: Kingdom of Gilneas
Specific area/town: Tempest Reach
Notable Ancestors: Logain "Ashborough", Scumbag and Pirate with a passion for looting and burning coastal villages and towns (250 years ago)
Family: Edward Ashborough (father, schoolmaster), Brandon Ashborough (younger brother, priest), Clive Ashborough (youngest brother, lawyer)

Things you may know about this character: Obsessed with order and cleanliness, intellectual snob, coldblooded, doesn't seem to mind worgen form, moderate for an Anethionean, puritanical
Things you may not know about this character: doesn't believe that the current Supreme Lector is blessed by the Light with prophetic gift, prefers worgen form to human form, is highly suspicious of the current Grand Inquisitor, is slowly shifting away from obsessive puritanism towards either Waldemarian pragmatism or genuine faith from the heart.
Possible crime record: public intoxication (charges never pressed), armed assault (charges dropped), kidnapping&torture (charges never pressed), impersonating stormwind official (charges never pressed)

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