Chapter One - 'Weak an' ugly thay called us... Weak an' ugly'

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Chapter One - 'Weak an' ugly thay called us... Weak an' ugly'

Post by Jehorius on Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:24 pm

Vasgars bloodline always had been stronger, taller and faster than the common human, he was born shortly after the troll wars was settled, approximately 2,800 years before the First war. Loyal he stood by King Thoradins side as Strom was built, the ancient human nation of Arathor was given birth.

At the age of of ten he started training, in hope of becoming a warrior like his father by the time he grew up. Four years later he was given his first real sword and he was already taller than most fully grown men, quickly he learned how to use the sword aswell as keep it in shape - Four years later, he was complete. He had learned what can take a lifetime to master, a bears strength combined with the size of a giant, the fuse of his temper was shorter than ones thumb - He grew up into a berserk.

Even thought the tribes were unified under one banner, there was fights aswell as small civil wars. During one of those, Vasgar happened to slay his own brother, during a battle due to losing control of himself completely. This was something that would haunt him until the day he lied six feet under.

Troll activity had been spotted in Arathi 'Was this possible?' a question that seemingly everyone was looking an answer for...

Vasgar... Vasgar where are ye?! - Dorm shouted harshly.
I'm comin' father, Jes wait an' I'll be rite wiff ye! - Vasgar replied, his voice echoing through the house.

He carefully walked down the rather worn stair, which could fall apart in any second, he continued out through the door and found his father on the outside, as usually puffing on his pipe.

Aye, father? - He asked, peering at his father curiously.
Thoradin requested yer presence, son, hurry up! - Dorm replied as he tilted his head backwards to get eye contact with his son.
T-Thoradin 'imself, eh? I'll be on me way then! - He shouted nervously, yet happily.
Ye better hurry, slacker! - Dorm shouted after him, almost choking on the pipe.

He hurried through the streets in a high pace, still slightly nervous - The King himself afterall, had asked after him. He returned to reality as he ran into one of Thoradins guards.

H-hold it lad, slow do- Hnnfgh! - The guard couldn't even finish the sentence before he had been slammed onto the ground, with a giant ontop of him.
Get of me! - He shouted, groaning slightly due to the weight of Vasgar.
Eh.. Sorry.. I was kinda lost in thoughts, eeh.. sir. - Vasgar muttered as he pushed himself standing, lifting the guard back up on his feet.
Nae worries.. Ye must be Vasgar, aye? Just 'ead inside, King Thoradin is waitin' fer ye. - The guard sighed but crooked a smile on the corner of his lips.
Oh.. I 'ope I ain't late! - With these words said he dust himself of and walked inside - Several guards pointed him through the huge fortress and finally up into a final chamber where King Thoradin sat waiting.

Thoradin drank from a goblet and grunted quietly as his gaze fell upon Vasgar, a vague smile curled up on his lips.
Aaah.. If it ain't Worg himself... Come here, son. - A slight cough escaped his lips as he beckoned Vasgar over with a gesture with his hand.
Vasgar swallows the knot that had formed up in his throat and approached the king, he bowed down deeply.
Yes, me'lord? - He asked with a curious gaze.
I will go straight to the post... Our scouts brought me a report, including troll activity.. In -OUR- lands! Our lands, Vasgar! - Thoradins voice echoed through the great hall.
Please, der go on, me'lord... - Vasgars voice trembled slightly, shocked over the news.
I want you along with two others of our best scouts to head up north and have a look... It's important that we get to know if it really was -trolls- that was spotted. - Thoradin sighed and drank from his goblet again, the liquid inside of it apparently was wine.
You leave in the morning.. so prepare. Meet the other two by the gates, now.. Begone! - Thoradin dropped the goblet onto the ground and waved his hand in the air, shooing Vasgar away.
As ye wish, Me'lord! We'll be back wiffin a day or two! - Vasgar saluted his king and span around on his heel - Walking out of the great hall, through the long corridor, down the stairs and finally out of the fortress.

Vasgar waiting for half an hour at the gates before the other two scouts arrived to the gate, seemingly tired. Knowing that there were they were three in total, Vasgar had brought his own horse, and two others from the local stables. They simply nodded at eachother, and one of the two others split his lips open and said...
Ah.. ye must be Vasgar.. I'm Morgan an' this is Nadian.. We'll be movin' swiftly so don't expect any conversations.. - Morgan smiled and packed his belongings onto his horse, Nadian and Vasgar did the same and then the three mounted up - Riding off into the steaming hot plains...

Three days passed and the three had moved with barely any sleep at all, the huge stallions stamina was completely drained. They had tied their horses to a tree, close to a brook and moved up by feet over a mountain. For two hours they marched through the mountains, seeing nothing but wildlife, Nadian constantly whined about it, wanting to turn around because he 'knew' there was no trolls, then suddenly...

A shriek from a spear whistled in the wind as Nadian was hit by something, he fell over onto the ground - Having his chest pierced by a huge spear.
Wha' in.. Nadian?! - Vasgar screamed as he unslung his axe from his back, grasping it with both his hands.
Defend yerself, Vasg- .. Gnaah! - Another spear flew through the air, piercing Morgans stomach.
Two trolls, not far from Vasgars size jumped down from a smaller cliff - They were both dressed in simple loincloth, wielding two axes in each of their hands.
A silent snarl escaped Vasgars lips as he forgot about Morgans wound, everything turned black - In the next second Vasgar had jumped up in the air, meeting both of the trolls.
Vasgar... Ye darn.. fool! Watch it! - Morgan's vision went blurry as he collapsed, landing on his back.
Mrrhr.. Grrwawaaaargh! - He let out a loud battle cry, which echoed through the forest. While in the air he swung his axe toward one of the trolls, the blade of his axe dug deep into the trolls forhead and a slight crack could be heard, followed by a grunt.
Tza raka-tzhu! - The second troll screamed out and swing his axes for Vasgar. One axe hit his shoulder, cutting through his massive plated shoulderguards, and further down into skin. The second axe, on the other hand, somehow had been ripped out of the trolls hands before he even could finish the attack. The second after he had noticed it, He saw the blade of his own axe, which also was the last thing he saw - Since Vasgar had hurled it through his throat, leaving the head to hang only on the neck.

He landed on his feet and calmed down, breathing heavily - He snarled feriously and unbuckled his left shoulderpad, ripping the axe out of his shoulder and tossed the armorpiece aside. He rattles down along a tree and opened a pouch, pulling out a couple of bandages.
Jes.. me luck.. left alone wiff 'em trolls.. finally I get ter get me own share o' 'em! - He muttered under his breath, he bit his lower lip forgetting about his surrounding as he focused on his shoulder wound. Once again, everything turned black... But this time he had been knocked out by a third troll, luring in a bush not far from his tree.

Several hours later, he woke up tied, sitting in a cage - Around him four trolls could be seen, the trolls appeared to discuss something, before one finally approached him.
'Ello der! We kno' where ya came from, hummie.. An' yar goin' ta spend eternity 'ere.. as a frog! - The troll chuckled loudly and chanted on what apparently was trollish and before Vasgar could blink, his size decreased .. Was this a new body? What happened to him? The trolls picked him up, he held Vasgar with both his hands and peered at him.
Me me.. ya be one ugly fella' - The troll chuckled again and walked out to a smaller lake and tossed Vasgar into it.

From that day Vasgar promised himself, that if he ever got out of this rathole - He would claim revenge... In one way or another...

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