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Varrgosh Bloodrend

Post by Rmuffn on Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:30 pm

Character name: Varrgosh Bloodrend (Formerly Rockfist).
Rank: Maintains a General rank within the Warsong Offensive in Northrend.
Gender: Male.
Age: Fifty-five (55).
Race: Mok'Nathal (Half-orc, half-ogre).
Class: Berserker, Lesser Beastmaster

Birth region: Draenor, Blade's Edge Mountain.
Specific area/town: Mok'Nathal Village in the southeast.
Family: No living family except for two twin pups that are missing since birth.
Known friends or enemies: Allies; The Shatterskull Marauders and Morgeth Feralheart.
Foes; Most of the Red Blade tribe, more prominently Kozgugore Feraleye and Rargnasha Bloodmark.
Affiliation: Loyalty to the Mok'Nathal Clan, the Warsong Clan, the Hellscream bloodline and the Warchief. Beyond that he's also loyal to the Shatterskull Marauders.

Description: Varrgosh is slightly smaller than the average Mok'Nathal, yet imposingly large compared to his orcish cousins.
Due to being both a berserker, but also a man lost to anger and he's a permanent expression of rage etched upon his face, like a rabid beast.
Red burning eyes of hatred adorn this already crude facial expression.
His skin is light brown fading into a yellow hue, with pitch black hair often tied into a tail, he also sports a smaller beard.
He's got a scar crossing from his forehead across his right eye and down to his chin, the eye is rendered blind.

Personality: Varrgosh is a hotheaded, ill-tempered near emotion-void half-orc.
He's steered by anger and hatred for the human race and their allies, which often blinds his judgement.
He's easy to anger, and even easier to gauge into violent behavior. He values and respects physical strength above all else,
and will often hold no respect to those he meet until they've proven their worth.
However on rare occassions when in calmth and safe company he can show a much calmer and understanding nature.

Born on draenor to Magrokh Bloodrend and Thranieth, Varrgosh was the dispute that would lead to his uncle Turgash slaying his own brother Magrokh to claim Varrgosh as his own.
Turgash sought to breed Varrgosh into a warrior, a weapon. However the young pup would never forget the day he saw his father die, and thus wouldn't obey his uncle,
he only went as far as to become a pit fighter, specializing as unarmed combat since he did not want to fight wars and battles.

Varrgosh in his early years met a she-Mok'Nathal whom would become his lifetime mate. She encouraged his pacifist morals and pushed him to decline his uncle's request to join the First Horde.
Once the second war came and went, the Alliance Expedition came to Draenor which would change Varrgosh's life forever. He found his mate tied up,
tortured and violated by three human scouts, he had never seen the creatures before but did not hesitate as he in blind rage slew the two first he could reach before
interrogating the third, once he knew what he needed he dropped the man into the Abyss.

It was now he became what his uncle for so long had tried to accomplish, a merciless weapon, a killing machine.
He joined the orcs on Draenor in the defense against the Expedition from Azeroth. Despite the growing amount of humans he killed,
he felt ever so unsated, which was why a year after the Dark Portal reopened that he sought to join the 'New Horde' on Azeroth, his first step; to join the Red Blade tribe.

Varrgosh would be given the name "Rockfist" after his Om'riggor, replacing his father's name in honour of his new 'family'.
Tutored by Morgeth Feralheart, and allied with Gnash Bloodfist, Varrgosh learnt a great deal of Azeroth and the dispute with the 'Grand Alliance'.
He also found a new mate, the she-orc Mazguul Sharpeye. These three orcs would be instrumental in his stay with the Red Blade tribe.
Through Mazguul Varrgosh came into trouble with Osan and Gruulg, and through Gnash with the chieftain himself.

Varrgosh has both left and been exiled from the tribe, his second chances spent. He served the Warsong Offensive in Northrend dutifully when he was not with the Tribe,
later on the Mad Grin Legion of Shro'gan, God-Emperor to the Gurubashi Empire, a move he performed when he lost faith in Kozgugore leadership capabilities,
and saw more promise in the jungle troll.
Held captive by Alliance mad scientists and wizards he missed the shattering of the world,
when Deathwing wrought the Cataclysm to Azeroth. But once word reached him that Hellscream
was the new Warchief, he made his escape.

First he tried to rekindle ties to the Red Blade, but once it was apparent they would never truly accept him again,
he took up the Warchief's fight in the Twilight Highlands, aiding the Dragonmaw Clan in their everlasting struggle against the Wildhammers.

Just a few months prior to the mists parting around the continent Pandaria, Varrgosh enlisted in the Shatterskull Marauders warband where he has made his new home.
Tasked by the Warchief to create a divertion for the Alliance during the Fall of Theramore, Varrgosh gathered the tribes,
clans and factions of the Horde to lure the Alliance troops out of Theramore and into the marshes, to allow the Kor'kron safe passage into the city through the harbour.
A success, the forces watched how the mana-bomb erased Theramore from Azeroth's surface. A bit to Varrgosh dismay,
he may be a brute but he believe firmly in fair battle, which he thought his Warchief did too. He was never told what of the mana-bomb, and his faith in Garrosh falters because of it.

Things you may know about this character: His military servitude in the various Horde forces.
Things you may not know about this character: Everything you've not found out through in-character means.
Possible crime record: He holds no official crime records, but on the other hand he's an oathbreaker to the Red Blade tribe.
And he's (willingly) served under Emperor Shro'gan of the Gurubashi Empire's private army the "Mad Grin Legion", the Gurubashi whom are not Horde alligned.

Other information:
- Varrgosh has a worg named Morg, in honour of his former tutor, Morgeth.
- Varrgosh was the tutor of Rargnasha Bloodmark, and an inspiration of "What Rargnasha did -not- want to be, should he gain rank."
- Varrgosh values honourable combat, but in the case of humans he would slaughter unarmed children and women, due to his vendetta against the entire human race.


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