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Mozrogg Doomhowl

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Character name: Mozrogg Doomhowl
Alias: Doomhowl
Gender: Male
Age: Early to mid 40's
Race: Orc
Class: Warrior, Berserker, Grunt

Birth region: Draenor
Specific area/town: Nagrand
Family: Mrug'esh Bloodforge (Father, presumed dead) Shak'ra Wolfmother (Mother, presumed dead) Vrakosh Vilerend (Brother) Goru Swiftblade (Daughter)
Known friends or enemies: Friends and foe alike found within the Red Blades, no known nemesis' as well as newly forged friendships within the Blood Wolves and the odd Shatterskull.

Before you stands a hulking and imposing orc, almost as wide as he is tall. He is of a slouched posture, his curved shoulders bulging with slabs of muscle.

The orc's hair is a pitch black, his beard thick and unkempt, however the hair on his head is thinning slightly, with the odd strands of grey dotting the otherwise dark mane. Recently however due to shamanistic magic his hair has been changed, not to his liking into a ghostly shade of grey and white.

Various scars and bruises litter this one's body, This orc's right tusk is also broken. A large scar stretches from his left shoulder down to his elbow. Mozrogg's nose is noticably crooked, the sign of various breaks perhaps. A scar runs down from above the left eyebrow ridge, across the eye and down the cheek. The hands of this orc are heavily scarred. A horrifically large scar is upon the orcs' abdomen, burnt shut.

Upon Mozrogg's chest, the tattoo of a wolf's maw can be seen and around his neck is a hand-made necklace of bone and wood beads, as well as an old tattered rope adorned with fangs, teeth and claws. Upon his waist a dried up yak-brain can be seen dangling from a chain.

Mozrogg has two different coloured eyes, one glistens with the moonlight, whilst the other is merely a dull oxblood.

[Pictures courtesy of Kíro and Shargla respectively.]

Mozrogg is hot-headed, arrogant, extremely sarcastic and easily angered. Often mistaken as stupid which isn't the case, he merely uses his brain a lot less than he should, however when it comes to those close to him he is extremely passionate and protective.

The orc will usually bully or make fun out of other orc's within the tribe, however this is merely his way of showing interest and affection, he can be extremely xenophobic unless proven wrong. An easy way to gain the orc's respect is usually through a show of strength, or beating him into a bloody pulp.

During some of the most violent years of Draenor's history. Not too long after the Draenei had been all but annihilated and the individual clans resorted to fighting amongst each other, the orc known as Doomhowl would be born. From the moment he was brought into the world, Mozrogg would know only violence and chaos, brother fighting brother, clan fighting clan and it was from this environment that would shape Doomhowl into fearsome warrior that he is today.

Born from a fearsome warrior and blacksmith, as well as a visionary shaman the orc would boom promise. From an early age, Mozrogg was pushed into manual labour, whether this be assisting his father, the clans blacksmith by mining the raw materials required to make the weapons of war to hauling said minerals many miles back to the clans village the young orc would quickly put on muscle mass rare for one so young.

Mozrogg would frequently fight with the other boys of the clan, namely being picked on for being so freakishly big at such age, perhaps not a wise decision for the assailants part. Mozrogg's prowess in combat due to these incursions was soon picked up on by the older warriors of the clan. Perhaps a life outside of being a blacksmiths apprentice was in store for young Doomhowl.

Gul'dans influence continued to spread amongst the various orcish clans and the construction of the Dark Portal began. The widespread practise of necromancy and the use of fel magic began to affect the very land of Draenor itself, the once beautiful and lush landscape was being twisted and corrupt, dying as it were. If Mozrogg were to survive in this harsh environment he would have to drink the demon's blood like many of his brethren, thus it was done.

As the First War began, Mozrogg was considered too young at first to fight within the ranks of Blackhand's Horde, so remained behind on Draenor growing as an orc and as a warrior as he trained with the others of the clan, most notably those who were much older and you'd think greater in combat skill, however Mozrogg bested them all the same. By the age of fourteen due to Mozrogg's increased speed at his learning with an axe was drafted into now Doomhammer's Horde, the only action he would see in this war was the sacking of Stormwind.

Mozrogg faught extensively throughout the Second War, mainly following the bulk of Doomhammer's forces and their push northward, which ultimately led to their retreat back the way they came, their forces scattered and crushed at the Battle of Blackrock Spire forced Mozrogg to flee with the remaining Warsong clan back to the Dark Portal, realising the way had been shut, the clan fled into the wilds to evade capture from the hands of human.

Growing up within the wilds of outer Lordaeron meant Mozrogg grew into a cunning warrior, and when the Orcish Horde was mobilised he, along with the rest of his kin crossed the sea to the long forgotton lands of Kalimdor, it was here that Mozrogg was mainly put to work in Ashenvale along with the rest of the Warsong in guarding the precious lumber camps and fighting the vile Night Elves. Following the advise of their clan Chieftain, Mozrogg along with his kin once again drunk the blood of Mannoroth to aid in their plight against the forest guardians, this soon resulted in the Warsong Clan and himself fighting against their former comrades only to be freed once the vile demon was slain.

With the rise of the Lich King, Mozrogg was amongst one of the first to travel to Northrend, aiding in the fortification of Warsong Hold and after, spending the majority of his time in Northrend aboard Orgrim's Hammer, much to the orc's dismay. Upon returning to Kalimdor the orc soon met up with the Red Blade Tribe and now pledges himself to their will.

After many campaigns and adventures with the Tribe, Doomhowl soon climbed the ladder and obtained the rank of Rrosh-Tul, a rank in which he held with the highest of regards, however upon the tribes' latest visit to Nagrand the orc would soon become possessed by a cunning and vile demon, bent on eradicating his blood-line for reasons still unknown, his pack left him there, in his eyes abandoned. However through the perseverance of the Mag'Har spiritualists Mozrogg was able to regain control, for the most part, the ritual took it's toll upon him and yet gifted him with something, his inner shamanistic potential, long hidden away as a child was unlocked and he soon began to hear the screaming of the land and the spirits that suffered, he still to this day carries the confusion and misunderstanding of this, as well as the soul stone in which the demon resides, an ever burden around his heavily scarred neck.

Upon returning to Kalimdor due to blurred visions of the happenings in Orgrimmar he soon discovered the Horde in a sorry state of affairs, not agreeing with the current regime of the rebellion forming an alliance with their hated enemies he soon cut all ties to his former tribe and sought out those who still carve up the alliance in the name of the new Horde. Doomhowl, reluctantly sought out Grim Stonepaw and pledged his allegiance to the Blood Wolf Clan.

Things you may know about this character: Whatever you see upon the surface.
Things you may not know about this character: Fear of heights; Mainly when propelled by goblin technology. Has an adverse effect when in contact with demon blood and magic. Unintentionally aided in the release of a first generation Death Knight's spirit.

Other information:
Affiliation: The Horde, Doomhammer's Horde, Horde of Draenor, The Orcish Horde, The Redblade Tribe
Alignment: True Neutral
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