Ryak Sunwhisper

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Ryak Sunwhisper

Post by Ryak Sunwhisper on Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:26 pm

Character name: Ryak Sunwhisper
Alias: Dice or Viper
Gender: Male
Age: 100ish
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Rogue

Birth region: Unknown
Specific area/town: Unkown
Family: Nessra Sunbinder (mother), Nareesha Sunwhisper (sister), Narafin Sunwhisper (twin brother), Ashenila Sunwhisper (cousin), Sinariel Sunwhisper (cousin).
Known friends or enemies: Celistra Silverstrike (friend somewhat), Kaleil Sunstrike (friend)

Description: Ryak is a normal stature blood elf, his upper torso is more developed then his legs due to his training, he always favours short hair less predictaments in a fight, he has light green eyes, and is often seen bearing a devious smirk on his face like he is plotting something while talking to people. He bears a pair of teeth marks on the back of his neck ( no he isn't a vampire some crazy blood elf thought it would be fun), also recently adquired a small X scar above his left eye.
Personality: Anti-Social
History: Worked for several people along the years, and lead the Circle of Serpents for a while at the moment working with the Sin Belore again.
Things you may know about this character: He was also known as Viper, and is associated to the Sunwhisper lineage wich name can still echo in the "underground" for their deeds. Very flirty.
Things you may not know about this character: He splits his life between Dice the mercenary and Ryak Sunwhisper.
Possible crime record: Attempt to kill a high officer inside the Sin Belore.

Other information: I normally keep tabs on roleplaying rogues from several Horde races to organize some tournaments from time to time and always interested in underground Roleplay just don't call me for petty thefts
Ryak Sunwhisper

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Character sheet
Name: Ryak Sunwhisper
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