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Post by Shandrea/Nar'Gaya on Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:48 pm

Character name: Nargaya
Alias: Voodoo Weaver, Preacher of the Elemental Pantheon
Gender: Female
Age: mid twenties
Race: Darkspear Troll
Class: Voodoo Weaver (Shaman)

Birth region: Stranglethorn Vale
Specific area/town: Grew up in Durotar with the Darkspear Tribe. Current residens: Zul'Gurub
Family: Birth family deceased, mated to Kuf'ell - Adept of the Second Gurubashi Empire.
Known friends or enemies: Friends: Ziata'ima, Vradu, Kuf'ell, Vala'zhi and Strike. Enemies: No true enemies, but she dislikes a lot of people. Most people, actually..

Description: Nar'gaya is of average height for a jungletroll. Her hair is a vivid shade of emerald green and her eyes is a bright, blood-red colour, always watching her surroundings with a sharp, judgmental gaze. She has many scars, most seeming to be of ritual origin, along her arms and hands. She carries herself with grace, standing tall and seeming to look down her nose at pretty much everyone. Her belt is filled with various pouches, fetishes and baubles, along with a curved, ritualistic dagger.
Personality: While most see her as judgemental and cocky, she really just wants to preserve the old ways of trollkind. Nar'gaya is a traditionalist through and through. Although she may frown upon most of the Empire's 'Newbloods', she will stop at nothing to aid her allies should they need it.
History: Coming soon!
Things you may know about this character: Anything you find out IC.
Things you may not know about this character: Anything you do not find out IC.
Possible crime record: While she was still part of the Darkspear and the Horde, she lived a quiet life with her mother and sister. No record can be found on Nar'gaya.

Other information: Might come soon!


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