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Calisar Ravencrest

Post by Calisar on Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:25 pm

Character name: Calisar Aelavain Ravencrest
Alias: Cal (preferred) Ambassador (formal title)
Gender: Female
Age: approx 1000
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Shadow priestess

Birth region: Darkshore
Specific area/town: Coastal village near the site of Auberdine
Family: Aelvar (Father MIA in the Emerald Dream), Amavain (Mother deceased)
Raised by: Siael (Aunt), Sivanna (cousin), Maravain (cousin), Ruasar (cousin)

Known friends or enemies: Aariam Nightborne(f), Maelmoor Lightbringer(f), Kathene Wildstar(f), Cromdale Frostsong(e), Darathir Drakesfire(e) Thondalar Stormleaf (f&e!), Silmaniel the Sin'dorei(e), Fran'cala 'Frank Lomonde(f) Crowley Greysmith(f), Zulath Nightbreaker(f) plus a few moreā€¦

Description: Very dark long blue/black hair, pale blue skin tone with a contrasting vivid red mark of the Owl across her eyes.

Used to be quite a gentle, diplomatic and peaceful Kal'dorei. Would have tried to talk you into something rather than force it upon you. Trained more to be a scholar and local healer than any kind of combatant.

But more recently... fear, necessity and sheer bloody mindedness have changed her into an acolyte of mental manipulation and control over others. A skill that she finds worryingly enjoyable and tempting to use. When pushed will relish the opportunity to assault the senses of her target. Aims to become an excellent inquisitor and seeker of hidden truths.

Why learn to fight, when you can trick a mind and body into pulling a weapon on itself?

To her disgrace she recently began to wield Shadow powers beyond her control and has only recently overcome this possession/addiction through the aid of Natures Grasp and the intervention of the Holy Lightbringers. Something that she will not easily discuss or admit to.

Creature of comfort, will ride rather than walk and walk rather than run. Has few possessions but those she has are made of fine fabrics or warm luxuriant furs. Finds gems and stones curiously cold and has little interest in jewellery. She does however find particular solace from a string of simple red and gold pandaren prayer beads that she always wears upon her left wrist.

Loves a fine drink, Stranglethorn brandy is a particular weakness, and has been accused of imbibing too much too often by her friends.

Adores her Hippogryph companion and protector 'Niali' and is often seen in the company of her hippogryph hatchling, nicknamed 'Virtue'.

History: Raised into the Priestess tradition by her strict Aunt Siael, in the wilds of Ashenvale. Watched her cousins learn the druidic path with envious longing.

Things you may know about this character:
* Has worked her way up into Keeper/Councillor/Ambassador positions in the past, though is wary of titles and prefers just being called Cal.
* For a Kaldorei shows disgusting fondness and patience for other races in the Alliance.
* Can't sing in tune to save her life, but loves to dance.
* Experimental Alchemist, has been known to test concoctions on herself. Always keeps a herb pouch stocked and ready to hand.
* Brews tea like an artform. Each cup a mixture of herbs and petals to create unique infusions to soothe or revive as required.
* Did I mention brandy... She loves that brandy!

Things you may not know about this character:
* Shadow caster and mental manipulator, studies this field intensely.
* Lost her ability to cast healing incantations with the gift of Elune as her skills in Shadow and mentalism advanced.
* Feels immense guilt for killing Thondalar's mother (Darathir's daughter) in self defence. She had no idea of her identity at the time, they both know of her guilt.
* She has deep mistrust of Tyrande since the betrayal of the Watchers and privately has limited respect for her leadership.
* Her first choice would not have been to follow the path of the Priesthood, but always felt duty bound to do so.
* Has buried her greatest treasure, a small silver engraved tin full of letters, on the outskirts of Auberdine. A site she often pays pilgrimage to.

Possible crime record: possession and manipulation of others, the Auberdine incident in particular. No charges made.

Calisar Ravencrest - Diplomat/Shadowcaster - Natures Grasp
Grit Goldenwolf - Wildhammer/Shaman
Grawlix Stormleaf - Druid/Elitist - Natures Grasp


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