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Zacchaeus Szymek

Post by Sadok on Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:22 am

Character name: Zacchaeus Szymek
Alias: The Doktor
Gender: Male
Age: 23 at death
Race: Forsaken
Class: Priest

Birth region: Lordaeron
Specific area/town: Alterac City, Alterac
Family: Barnebus Szymek (father)
Known friends or enemies: Friends: Hand of Vengeance remnants; Enemies: The Syndicate

Zacchaeus is a frail, bony Forsaken with distinctive signs of rot and decay - his hair is impeccably maintained, however. His work-robes are from his time in Northrend, and he proudly bears the tabard of the Forsaken (and Hand of Vengeance). His monocle looks considerably expensive in comparison to the rest of his dusty, torn raiment.

He often carries an annotated medical book, personal surgery kit (with scalpel, electrodes, saws and drills) and bloodsoaked surgeons' gloves. His belt has various vials of bodily fluids (blood, urea, bile, amongst others), and he carries a curved knife that serves as weapon, surgery tool and cauldron-stirrer.

Zacchaeus largely appears entirely unhinged, keen to diagnose various bodily malaises and mental disorders in even the most stable and healthy individuals. His diagnoses often include a gleeful offer to immediately begin surgery or electroconvulsive therapy. The doctor nonetheless has a keen analytical mind, and relishes the opportunity to solve problems and riddles - when he cannot find a solution, he favors research and experiments. Zacchaeus also has a reverence for the Shadow and acute awareness of the vulnerability of his condition.

Born in Alterac City, Zacchaeus' childhood was largely shaped by ongoing political struggles in his nation - he felt resentment in particular to the Arathorians who imposed martial law upon the city after Perenolde's treachery was uncovered. Zacchaeus showed a natural aptitude for medicine, and continued to study by himself - he would dissect animal corpses, inflict wounds upon himself and then operate on them, and compile reams of research notes.

This comparative calm would not last long. After Lord Prestor's disappearance, Alterac dissolved into anarchy and ogres came to occupy the city. Zacchaeus' knowledge of medicine made him particularly attractive to the Syndicate, who tempted the homeless youth with meals and his first taste of ale. After initiating himself, Zacchaeus would collaborate in the Syndicate's criminal activities and serve as a sawbones. Though he was exploited by those above him, the young doctor found kinship amongst the outlaws and knaves.

This would end suddenly after his business brought him to the commercial hub of Stratholme - eating plagued grain in his supper, he would fall to the Plague before the Culling took his life. He became one of the Scourge armies, a mindless undead amongst many others. This would end with the Forsaken's liberation - Zacchaeus regained his will and mind, but had nonetheless changed. His loyalties now laid with the Dark Lady rather than the Syndicate, whose purposes seemed transitive and hollow compared to the Forsaken's mission of vengeance and survival.

After years toiling as a researcher and medical practitioner in the Apothecarium, he would amongst those sent out to establish a Forsaken foothold in Northrend. Stationed at Vengeance Landing for the duration of the next two years, Zacchaeus assisted in the development of the New Plague but played no immediate part in the Wrathgate or ensuing coup. The newly-neutered Hand would remain in Northrend, largely stripped of resources and weaponry with the bulk of their forces absorbed into the Warsong Offensive's effort - Zacchaeus was posted to New Agamand as part of its skeleton crew.

Zacchaeus would eventually complete his service in Northrend, returning to his prior duties in the Undercity. Though largely occupied by his own research projects and experiments, he occasionally ventures outside Forsaken lands for field excursions and testing.

Things you may know about this character: Zacchaeus has no issues with Gutterspeak but has an atrocious grasp of orcish, consistently messing up grammar and syntax. His accent becomes considerably more strained while speaking orcish - it is uncertain whether this accent results from his hanging jaw, from the trauma of undeath, from his past life, or a combination thereof. He prefers to conduct his surgeries without anesthetic or other pain relief, sawing through bones with a gleeful zeal.
Things you may not know about this character: As a member of the Hand of Vengeance, Zacchaeus was complicit in the development of the New Plague. Though having sympathies with Putress before the Legion-backed coup, he remained in Northrend through the duration of the Battle for the Undercity, and largely escaped any personal consequences, though the Hand were left mistrusted and resource-starved.
Possible crime record: Prior affiliation with Syndicate during life, but not convicted for his crimes.

Other information:
Zacchaeus' accent (the Hungarian):

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