Marzek the Iron-Willed

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Marzek the Iron-Willed

Post by Sadok on Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:45 am

Character name: Marzek the Iron-Willed
Gender: Male
Age: 71
Race: Orc
Class: Shaman

Birth region: Draenor
Specific area/town: Oshu'gun Foothills, Nagrand
Family: Markoth (father), Shaklar (mother), Grakla (deceased mate)
Known friends or enemies: Friends: Frostwolf Clan, Red Blade tribe, Earthen Ring (loose affiliation);

An elderly spiritualist that walks slowly with a pained limp. His skin is wrinkled and pallid and his eyes rheumatic. His greyed beard is long and scraggly, with clots of dirt and twigs tatting the hair. Marzek is clad in a variety of dull and thick pelts, some new and others frayed and ancient. His simple platemail pauldrons are held in place by a worn battle-harness, from which animal bones, horns and teeth hang as trophies. His armors are dyed in the colors of the Frostwolf Clan, and he wears its tabard with pride. A rusted longknife and fur-reinforced shield are easy to hand, though the heavy weaponry is ill-suited to the feeble elder, who struggles to wield them.

Marzek is usually reserved about his own dealings, preferring to solve his problems through counsel with ancestral spirits - he is forward about asking aid from his tribe or Clan should the spirits refuse their boon, however. The elder prefers tales and proverbs to illustrate his arguments, and is often found in quiet contemplation or meditation. He can become grumpy and stubborn when he perceives the erosion of tradition and 'the old ways', finding many modern orcs without respect or perspective. He has a peculiar detachment to the war in Azeroth as a whole, but will fight without hesitation should battle come his way.

Marzek is closely-guarded about his personal history. He was born upon Draenor before the Dying Times, and lived as a typical Frostwolf youth would, competing and sparring amongst his kin, taking the Rite of Om'riggor and hunting to impress his Clan females. Though with no immediate interest in shamanism, the orc nonetheless held a solemn respect for the ancestors, instilled in him by his wise father, an orc he greatly admired.

When the Legion tempted the orcs of Draenor, Marzek followed the Frostwolf in resisting Kil'jaeden. When Gul'dan condemned the Frostwolf, he followed his Clan across the Dark Portal as it went into hiding. As the rest of the Horde embraced the fel, the Frostwolf held onto their traditions in exile - Marzek grew to value the ways of old as separating them from the monstrous evils committed by others.

After decades in the Alterac Mountains, Marzek found himself more receptive to the call of the spirits - the older orc had already learned patience and discipline, and so sought to further his reverence for the spirits and practice shamanism. Imposing solitude upon himself, the orc would retreat into the snowy wastes away from his Clan - he would emerge with a new perspective.

It was this perspective that saw the orc leave Frostwolf lands for the first time in many years - though he would fight and die to defend the Valley from the dwarves, there was a greater war to be fought for the sake of the entire orcish race. He found himself greatly disgusted by many of the belligerent, traditionless orcs of Kalimdor, and soon sought the Red Blade tribe, having heard they valued many of the ways of old.

He now continues his quest for wisdom and honor, but having grown old and feeble, he is content to leave much of the fighting to others, instead offering mending and counsel where it is needed.

Things you may know about this character: Marzek values tradition over everything else, even when 'the old ways' have become obsolete or highly difficult. He is often fond of forcing his opinion on others without their asking, and will often ramble to himself if nobody is listening.
Things you may not know about this character: After years in the Alterac Valley, Marzek has developed a begrudging respect for dwarves.

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Re: Marzek the Iron-Willed

Post by Odgan / Keag on Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:21 am

Marzek has developed a begrudging respect for dwarves.

'Tis a start.
Odgan / Keag

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