Cenalia Dawntreader

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Cenalia Dawntreader

Post by Gor'Thrak Frosthowl on Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:02 am

Character name: Cenalia Dawntreader (Cenalia)
Alias: Cen
Gender: Female
Age: 80+
Race: Blood Elf / Sin'dorei
Class: Holy Paladin

Birth region: Eversong
Specific area/town: Find out yourself!
Family: All that she has told people regarding her parents is that they're dead.
Known friends or enemies: Shatterskull Marauders (Friendly, or atleast I hope so), find out specific persons for yourself.

Description: She mainly appears as seen ingame.
At most times she keeps a faint smile. Her appearance is well tended to, her armour is regularely cleaned and she is usually using some sort of perfume.
At the same time she seems to be well armed for dealing with conflicts, unless seen in a dress. Some of the most noteworthy items she carry are the following: a little bag hanging around her waist as well a tome, and a couple of throwing hammers at about the same location.
Personality: She's a positive and open minded person, perhaps naive and easily pranked in social situations. While having a strong faith in the Holy Light she follows her own beliefs regarding it and not a specific church. Something this includes is her thinking that absolutely everything has a place in this world, but a certain balance has to be kept. The fel, shadow and similar must exist, for if there is no bad, then what is good? However, she doesn't believe that it is meant to be used by people, and that everyone should steer away from it. She won't look down upon you if you do channel any sorcery of this kind though, as she believes that everyone start out as blank sheets and that some are simply more unlucky than others. Instead she would feel pity for you. Those that have been more unlucky must be helped and guided back to the Light through kindness in her opinion. Everything good in this world is also part of the Light in her eyes.
She very much cares for others and is likely to help anyone that's in a bad situation, which is a big reason as to why she chose to learn healing.
History: Find it out for yourself!
Things you may know about this character: Drinking alcohol has quite an effect on her and she's not the best at controlling it.
For most of her career she has served in Silvermoon's army.
Her old regiment drowned when their ship(s) to Pandaria sunk, she wasn't on them so she survived.
She was in the Shatterskull Marauders for a while and took an oath, but had to break it as an emissary from her homeland came to get her back to Silvermoon.
Since her parents died long ago her older brother raised her.
Things you may not know about this character: Find out for yourself!
Possible crime record: None.
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