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Bismack Bronze

Post by Samian/Bismack on Sun Dec 30, 2012 7:44 am

Character name: Bismack Bronze
Alias: Mack, Mackie
Gender: Male
Age: Thirty
Race: Worgen (Though refers to himself as cursed human)
Class: Warrior

Birth region: Gilneas
Specific area/town: A modest farm inbetween Keel Harbour and Aderic's repose
Family: Father: Samuel Vancerdal(Retired), Mother: Bonquisha Ralegh(Dead), Brothers: John Ralegh and Treavor(Shipped off to the monastary), Cousin: Zeke(Dead) Cousin: Otis
Known friends or enemies: Enemies: All scourge! Rapists of justice and people that have avoided justice. Politicians.

Description: Healthy tan, healthy physique, tends to have a dumb look on his face.
Personality: Loyal, harsh, honorable, patriotic
History: Born as a bastard son of a soldier he had not gotten acknowledge by his father till he reached the age of 30, his mother dislikes him though he is rather tight with the rest of his family. Raised to work on farms through his chores he managed to become rather handy, turning him into a decent carpenter(See barricade). Eventually became a squire to a Gilnean knight though the same knight got slain on the battlefield fighting scourge soon after, Bismack is a survivalist and due to being the oldest of his brothers a natural leader though him and his family never left Gilneas even while the war versus the scourge was going on it is a small miracle him and his brother's survived his mother died as he was forcefully extracted from Gilneas to serve Stormwind by his father's request.
Things you may know about this character: A known local in Gilneas though not for anything impressive. Hates beating around the bush.
Things you may not know about this character:
Though now a ranked officer in the alliance(due to lack of better, more noble options not being available) the man is simple and known for his brute approach rather then tactical ones. He is a prime example of a Mustang(Military officer)
It refers to the mustang horse, a wild animal and therefore not a thoroughbred. A mustang, after being captured, can be tamed and saddle broken but it always has a bit of wild streak, and can periodically revert to its old ways unexpectedly and therefore the owner needs to keep an eye on it at all times. However, since a mustang was formerly a wild and free animal, it may very well be smarter, more capable and have a better survival instinct than thoroughbreds.
Possible crime record: Public intoxication, assault, treason(Greymane is his real king!)
Other information: Cursed Gilnean. Though not proud of it
This sums up how Bismack and his brother function
(Forest = Bismack, Ralegh = Howard)

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