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Krogon Devilstep

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"Ours is the most important of charges, a ward we must protect with our lives at all costs, To Safe-guard against corruption and evil of the likes once wrought upon us by the Warlocks and accursed Fel. We perform this without mercy, We do this without thanks or reward, We do this Until our last breath" - Akinos Steelclaw, Blademaster
Character name: Krogon Devilstep
Alias: The Render, The Red Devil.
Gender: Male
Age: 70
Race: Orc
Class: Blademaster (Rogue)

Birth region: Draenor
Specific area/town: Ancestral Frostwolf Clan lands.
Family: Shazula (Daughter), Rargnasha (Blood-brother)
Known friends or enemies:
Friends: Tribe Red Blade, Shatterskull Marauders, Other Blademasters, Forces of Thrallmar and Settlement of Garadar, Frostwolf Clan.

Description: Krogon is an Orc of many years and ritualistic habbit, As such he stands with good posture despite lacking any great height. His Body has numerous small and great scars that he displays openly on his bare chest and the rest of his body. His Face sports a short, neat, grey beard crowned with a scarred head he keeps shaved. Both His eyes are a Sharp Emerald green which inspect and pierce through even the most mundane of things and situations.

His Raiment includes, like all Red Blades, A Wolf mask first and Foremost. He will often wear the traditional Blademaster Pants with armoured plates on the outside of the Thighs. He is also never seen without his Red Waist-wrap, the symbol of the blademasters... A horde banner folded and wrapped about his waist, within this sit many of his combat tools and 'tricks'. At each hip he has his two hand made Deadly Adamantite Katana, and one Dagger of the same craft.

Personality: Krogon is an extremely unpredictable and Complicated Orc, To some he is deeply loyal and honest, To others he is Disloyal, mischievious and deceitful. The Truth is he is both, when and as required. Krogon follows a strict set of personal rules, Ethics and a sacred code that often causes him to have a great deal of internal conflict when presented with hard choices and situations.

When his Ethics and Code are stripped away, Krogon is an Orc of Experience, patience and devilish Cunning. He enjoys riddles, puzzles, solving problems and learning new concepts. When presented with a challenge, he preffers to employ stealth and deception over Brute strength, be it in war or simply engaging in a battle of wits. Both unconventional, and innovative, Krogon takes a small levy of enjoyment from using Fear and confusion to win his battles.

In more Relaxed settings such as the tavern or with tribe red blade around the fires, He is quiet, calm and collected. Difficult to read, or predict unlike his younger self. The alloy of his personality has been forged from the ores of his Youth, a young orc who was once impulsive, Brash, arrogant, brutal and passionate. These rarely, but still do, show underneath the discipline of his elder years.

History: Krogon was born among the frostwolves on draenor some years before the rise of the horde. When the warlocks did at last rise, and the dark portal opened he travelled to the new world with his mate 'Borla', full of Blood rage and the demons fire in his veins, quickly joining the burning blade clan. Serving through the first, and second wars until the defeat at blackrock, Krogon spent 15 years caged and unable to stand in his 'box of solitude' at hammerfall internment camp. This is also when he was seperated from his mate, who was heavily pregnant and never seen again as females and pups were force marched to unknown places.

When Thrall, Son of durotan, and Ogrim Doomhammer freed the orcs and the new horde was born, Krogon saw a flicker of hope on the horizon of his peoples future. Quickly recruited into the Circle of what they was now called, 'Blademasters', he swore fealty and a blood oath with his brothers to forever protect the horde from corruption of the likes they had succumbed too before.

When Hyjal was eventually won, and the Demon lord Archimonde defeated, Krogon found himself seldom with any purpose or use. When the campaign in outland ended, He sought audiance with a Tribe of orcs he had heard much of. A Tribe that held precious the old ways, respected honour, and defended the values of the new Horde. Krogon Joined Tribe Red blade, swearing loyalty to Chieftain Kozgugore feraleye. Eventually he even found his long lost Daughter, shazula, became blood-brothers with Rargnasha Bloodmark, and became one of the most familiar and regular faces around the tribes camp fires.

Krogon Has had many up's and downs with Tribe red blade. Rising to Varog'gor as one of the Chieftains personal bodyguards, only to allow the over-zealous nature he had in youth spoil this by defying orders. He quickly found his Code, and habbit for protesting causing him to be eventually exiled.

It was during his exile that Krogon built his Mental tree, a way of organising his thoughts, and behaviour through meditation and visualiszing a tree by which to arrange his thoughts and memories. With this done, and with a new found sense of discipline, Krogon Returned to Tribe red blade and was granted a second chance.

Things you may know about this character: Krogon is a highly regarded and expert Weaponsmith, His craft is sought world wide by collectors and combatants alike. A Master of metalergy and smithing, and deadly arts which use the same weapons he makes.

Things you may not know about this character: Krogon is extremely well read, able to pile through scrolls and books at a great rate when in solitude. He is also studying Alchemy but having mixed success. Furthermore, Despite his often rag tag and weathered appearance, seemingly shunning material wealth, Krogon has amassed an impressive fortune through his 'hobby'... Playing with the goblin stock and investment markets. And lastly, he has his own Emblem, one he places on all the weapons he creates as well as on his Sashimono Banner.

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