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Vaell Silvine

Post by Vaell on Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:02 am

Character name: Vaell Silvine
Character RL Picture
Gender: Male
Age: Around 50ish
Race: Dalarani Human
Class: Mage / Warden

Birth region: Dalaran
Specific area/town: Unknown. Assumed small village in the outskirts of Northern Hillsbrad.
Family: Unknown. Considers Arenfel Serpentine a father, despite the lack of any blood relation.
Known friends or enemies:  Rae Wulfgnar, Most magi, Most Disciples - Naz'aya Serpentine, Sophyra

A well kept man with a peculiar taste in fashion. Eccentric would be putting it lightly. His beard is trimmed and measured to a precise shape as is the hair on his head. He is not ugly nor handsome but instead quite a plain looking man. He is slim and even slightly muscular but hides it beneath his robes. Many common folk around the Shady Lady have compared him to a bearded woman.

Though heavily insecure, Vaell is extremely outspoken. This is to a point where he does not know when to stop and often babbles off into a mutter or is silenced by a nearby 'alpha' male (though, females often tell him to shut up and that works just as well). He means well, but often comes off as quite rude - this is mainly due to his self-perception as a nobleman, despite having no lineage nor ties with any noble family. His magic makes him arrogant of his ability and he holds very long grudges when shamed. He is an approachable and kind man but quite odd.

A brief history overview:
Growing Up:
A bright orphan boy that would usually play on his own, but self-taught to read. This intelligent start to his life had the flaw of lacking common sense, which led to him being extremely clumsy and peculiar to other children (he was dumped by his foster family for collecting their bogies whilst they slept. Your first thought will be "that's a little harsh!" but he then replaced the bogies with snail slime). Dumped upon the doorstep of an inn, an elderly gentleman (by a normal man's standards) came across him and found him rather cute and decided to take him back to Dalaran. That man was one Arenfel Serpentine. He grew fond of the boy and taught him magic along with enrolling him in pretty much every class he could. The boy had a strong will to learn and spent most of his time reading about magical adventures and books well above his age, often stealing Arenfel's spellbook and attempting to encase his spit bubbles in shielded wards. Though not a very popular boy, he excelled in his studies and was quite capable of going on to become an Archmage. Though he knew it dissapointed many of his teachers (bar Serpentine who seemed to only care for his happiness), he decided instead to become a violet warden.

Life as a Warden:
A weaker boy compared to most, he was not very good at wielding a sword and shield. He never excelled at melee combat which meant he was mocked for the earlier part of his warden career. This pushed him to be better and he took rather well to thin, long blades - specifically, a fencing sword. He became quite brilliant and would enter, under an anonymous name, many of the local competitions and quite often he would take home the prize funds. The thrill of the crowd (usually a rather small one) built confidence in him but he would never reveal his identity, fearing the mockery of his peers even by the time they were young adults. He built a repetoir over the years with many of the inhabitants of Dalaran, making many friends in high places. The mage-hunters never thought much of the Violet Wardens but he was most polite to any that brought criminals to his hold. He was even nicer to the criminals, listening to some of their stories and adventures (though most insulted and threatened him, he did not like those very much and would put dead flies in their dinners). A very pretty young woman of whom he had a crush on for many years prior was finally brought to justice. His teacher's daughter, Naz'aya Serpentine. He was infatuated with her and spent many nights trying to woo here between the shielded cells of the Violet Hold. He shared a cell with her, to no one else's knowledge, on a very unlucky and coincidental but catastrophic event. The day the scourge came to Dalaran.

The Scourge and life after:
If asked, he would probably give you a detailed but fake account of his heroic deeds during the attack on Dalaran. In truth, he was naked in Naz'aya Serpentine's cell when they attacked. One of their devastating meatwagons laid waste to the part of the hold that Vaell was stationed in and it collapsed above him, a stray slab from the falling ceiling sent him unconcious. When he woke, the battle was lost, many of the city had died and Naz'aya was nowhere to be seen. He crawled his way out and into the light of day to see the destruction that had befallen Dalaran. Alone and scared, he made for the local hills where he came across a group of survivors. He spent the following years alongside them and eventually aided in the restoration of Dalaran.

After the war in the north:
Now a high ranking warden of the Hold, he was very dutiful, shamed by his previous actions. He lived with a guilt for a long time until he began to read books on the light. He started to become enlightened and, during the war in Northrend, he would spend most of time reading about adventures of Paladins and the like, whilst off duty. He went through a series of struggles in this time, including losing one of his closest friends during the Hold's breakout. When, eventually, the Lich King had fallen, Vaell began to travel to the great city of Stormwind and used much of his savings to rent in one of the inns of the park - somewhat, a holiday home. He was in Dalaran when he had heard of the destruction caused by Deathwing and the horrible news that his summer home was now rubble in the sea. This lead to him joining the Disciples to deal with both his guilt and to still be provided a home in the city (or at the very least, nearby).

The road to becoming a Minister:
After a year of serving the Disciples, he felt like he had cleared a lot of his previous stress and trauma - with only one burden still remaining, Naz'aya Serpentine. One of his biggest desires as a child was to become a mage-hunter and so he persued it. He began training under the painful but rewarding guidance of the renowned Kazbo Frostgear. Leaving the Disciples, he pressed hard with the training - even as far as doing a hazardous week in Northrend with very little survival kit. As months went on, he finally applied for the position of Minister of Magic and achieved that goal.

Alternate Timeline

After meddling in magics beyond his capabilities, chronomancy got the better of this stalwart charmer. He spent fourteen years trapped in a horrible timeline where he saw events of untold horrors. Without a clue as whether to what he saw will ever happen or not, he lives in hope. Now, grey eradicating most of the black strands of his hair, he stands a greater mage but a worse minded fellow.

Things you know about this character:

  • He was the Minister of Magic for Stormwind.
  • He was once a man of faith among the Disciples.
  • He wears peculiar clothing.
  • His master/teacher was Archmage Arenfel Serpentine.
  • He is odd and outspoken.
  • He is quite adept at magic. Most notiably Abjuration and Evocation.
  • He once had a snail companion.

Things you don't know about this character:

  • His snail companion was murdered and he seeks vengeance.
  • He is one of the finest fencers in all of the world!
  • He was in love with his enemy, Naz'aya Serpentine.
  • He drinks urine on a regular basis.
  • Alcohol amplifies his attraction to Pandaren.
  • He recently spent over a decade trapped in an alternate timeline.

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Re: Vaell Silvine

Post by Vaell on Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:18 am

Updated since my return. Vaell went on a time trip.

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