Melan Aetherel

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Melan Aetherel

Post by Valdar/Melan on Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:47 am

Character name: Melan Aetherel
Alias: Lionsclaw
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Race: Arathorian
Class: Ranger

Birth region: Northern Arathi Highlands
Specific area/town: Small village just below the treeline of the Arathorian mountains, no name.
Family: Bastard son of Dalarani noble family House Aetherel.
Known friends or enemies: Friendly with near all Arathorians, hostile towards cultists, voidsworn, Scourge, demons, Horde etc.

Description: This man is clearly young, entering his early twenties. He is of average hight and quite slim in build. His chestnut hair is often unkempt and messy. He wears a dark red ring mail armour, flying the colours of Stromgarde, or is clad in heavy leather armour. Tied across his torso with leather string hangs a large holster for the bow he carried most of the time; the Bow of the Lion, Haidren. The bow is a finely crafted piece, made from yeti horn. Strapped to his thigh is a quiver, filled with arrows. On a weapons belt around his waist hang two sheathed daggers, and he somtimes carries a cavalry spear. He has no notable scarring in his face.

Personality: Melan is generally shy and insecure. These attributes have recently, however, receeded. He is kind, friendly and something of a jester to the people close to him or allied to his cause. He is fiercly protective of his 'Pride'. Deeply rooted psychological issues, however, make him prone to extreme self doubt, self loathing, seclution and fits of rage.

History: Melan is a bastard son of the Dalarani Aetherel family, and was left in Arathi as an infant to be brought up by a poor farmer. Growing up in a small village at the foot of the great Arathi mountains, he was despised by the villagers for being born an outsider. To avoid the physical and mental abuse he suffered throughout his childhood, Melan learned to venture into the wilds in search of peace and solitude.
At 17, he ventured to Stromgarde where he was, for the first time in his life, accepted as an equal and started on the path of becoming one of the finest rangers housed in the Stromgarde regiment.

Things you may know about this character: Is named 'Lionsclaw' because of the mountain lion he killed during his Rite of Adulthood, and the claw he wears around his neck on a string. Holds the honourary title of "Hawkeye Ranger" due to completing the prestigious challenge of hitting a target from an extreme range.
Is the acting commander of the Stromgarde regiment at the tender age of 19.

Things you may not know about this character: -

Possible crime record: -

Other information: -

Character picture.

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