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Nygarth Thorgint

Post by Zhakiri on Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:38 am

Character name: Nygarth Thorgint
Alias: Croweye
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Race: Arathorian Human
Class: Highlander, Gladiator. (Warrior)

Birth region: Stromgarde City (Arathi Highlands)
Specific area/town: Slums of Stromgarde City
Family: The Thorgints; Alive- Faralan, Adenah, Orthur, Erahn, Timna (Adopted), Angxia (Adopted). Infants- Raynar, Lynnea, Dante. Deceased- Cecillia, Arran, Chaori, Lynette.
Known friends or enemies: Friends; Loyal Arathorians, particularly his Brother Faralan. Foes; Horde and Cultists, particularly Tyzai Revain.

Description: Nygarth, by no means a small man, is distinctively smaller than his Brother. Years spent under the role of a Priest (Orin) waned on Nygarth's physical stature however his natural muscular body always remained. Nygarth is known for his wild barbaric unkept hair which matches an equally wild beard. Typically for a Thorgint, Nygarth's hair is a earthern brown.

Personality: Nygarth is a patriotic man whose learned past often is overlooked in favour of his brutal nature. He tries his utmost to keep a clear mind and act as a tactician in the heat of battle. He is extremely pious, having spent a brief period of his service to the Kingdom as it's Orin, however the Ancestor's Light is currently out of Nygarth's reach. Nygarth is a notorious flirt, known for having commited adultery on the previous Queen of Stromgarde, Saihna Lionmane (Trollbane). His weakness for women is often his undoing, but deep down Croweye is a kind hearted, generous man who would do anything for anyone. He deeply loves his Family and Children regardless of the continuous strife they mutually put eachother through.

History: Born in the Slums of Stromgarde, Nygarth was the middle of three children born to Arran and Cecillia. His Elder, Faralan Thorgint, was a brother like no other who remains to this day to be a saviour and protector in Nygarth's eyes. His Younger, Lynette Thorgint, a pious Ambassador lost to the Thorgint's for years only to be found and lost again in the midst of plague. Growing up in the Slums of Stromgarde was no mean feat, children can be cruel and poor hungry children are often crueller. This childhood consisted of numerous brawls and contests to proclaim superiority; Nygarth and Faralan often won. Nygarth's first greatest strife was when his Brother was drafted away to the Alliance Expedition, the Family took his disappearance badly and although a sense of pride reverbed around the Family Name it was tainted with mystery and shame. Especially so that when the Syndicate sieged Stromgarde, Nygarth and his Father were alone to defend their Family against the Assassins. Too young to truely take up arms, Nygarth shielded his Sister from the battle and watched hidden within their home as Mother and Father died to defend them, Lynette maimed by a falling wooden beam seemed to have died too. Shocked and distraught by the loss, Nygarth fled into the Highlands and eventually the Foothills steering clear of most conflict living off mining and selling raw Ore.

The last of his name, Nygarth travelled Azeroth seeking purpose eventually coming across Arathorian Nobles; those that called themselves Trollbane and Dawnweavers, royalty in Nygarth's eyes. They proposed to reclaim Stromgarde and rebuild yet required a Orin to inspire the people of Arathor to return home and follow the Ancestor's teachings. Nygarth, having grown alongside his Uncle Orthur (also presumed dead in the Siege), knew much about the Ancestor's and their Tales more than even the Shar Saihna could proclaim and thus was granted the role Orin (Priest). It was soon found however that whilst Nygarth adapted well to the role of a Scholar, Elder and Preacher it was not his true calling, before soon the Thorgint's thought dead returned heeding the same call Nygarth did, hoping to rebuild and restore Stromgarde to it's former glory. Lynette was one of these, who returned only to be seduced into the arms of a cultist; Tyzai Revain, in revenge for the abuse he practiced upon her, Nygarth consumed by hatred turned to the Shadow's of Phelgas to reek a terrible revenge and was overcomed by Shadow Energies slaying the Cultist for the first time. In penance for this action, Nygarth spent time in the care of the Anchorites in Shattrath (where Lynette had ended up), eventually returning to Arathi in the guise of a Templar (Paladin), finally returning to his roots as a Fighter.

As more and more Thorgint's found their way back home, the Family Thorgint rose to be a large respected Family within the Walls of Stromgarde, Faralan naturally rose high within the Army, Orthur returned and took up the role of Orin much more suited to him than it ever was to Nygarth and they mingled with more returning Arathorians with many marriages, affairs and children both legitimate and bastards being born. It was during this era of bliss that Nygarth left to pursue the Scourge within the Argent Crusade and met the young Nilda Meyrick. Although Nygarth was engaged with a pregnant fiancé back home (Saihna Trollbane), it didn't stop Nygarth from falling for her and throughout the Crusade's adventures Nygarth seduced her. Eventually the affair ended and Nygarth fled from the Crusade, his relationship with both Nilda and Saihna tarnished. He fell into a deep depression and roamed the streets of Stormwind as a Tramp, (Rogue). It took alot of mead and self pity to eventually get Nygarth to rise above all what he had done and return to the Nation as a Highlander (Warrior), stripped of all his previous titles and priviledges, Nygarth fought hard to retain his role as a Silver Raven and eventually repaired his relationship with Saihna, the two of them went through many more ups and downs until eventually retiring to be apart. Today, Nygarth remains within Arathi, spending most of his time with his Children whilst subtetly overseeing the next Generation of Arathorians fight for Stromgarde's independance.

Things you may know about this character: Nygarth is a flirt and a merry drinker, offer him the warmth of a women's thigh and a cold ale and you mostly likely have his friendship. Nygarth has soured alot throughout the years, if you know him, you would know that he only truely becomes himself infront of his Family and Friends. Nygarth has held all of the following Arathorian Roles; Orin (Bishop), Dekaru (General), Dank'thar (Warlord) and even held the Throne as Protectorate of the Crown. He also used to be the Viscount of the Westplains, owning a large portion of Arathorian Land.

Things you may not know about this character: Nygarth used to be an adept Priest, he even developed a technique in which he channeled the Light via Emotion, aka, Tantric Magic. He once brought a woman to orgasm during a operation because it was Lust fueling his casting. He is also a rather talented Poet, however only in the sense of wooing women.

Possible crime record: Nygarth's only crimes exist within Arathor's Records, the vast majority of which are more immoral than truely illegal.



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