Vrenya Collins

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Vrenya Collins

Post by Nessra Sunwhisper on Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:57 pm

Character name: Vrenya Collins
Alias: -
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Race: Human
Class: Ranger, witch

Birth region: Northern Headlands, Gilneas
Specific area/town: Travels around. Seems to prefer Duskwood.
Family: Terinia Collins (sister)
Known friends or enemies: -

Description: Unruly black hair with braids and dreadlocks in it. Her skin is darker than the usual pale Gilneans, most likely not having full Gilnean bloodline.
Personality: Determined, Selfish.
History: Born into poverty, Vrenya learned all the valuable surviving skills as a child. While hunting brought food to the table, she was also interested in magic - harmful shadow magic to be exact.
Things you may know about this character: Seems strangely fascinated by peoples' hair.
Things you may not know about this character: Has killed at least three of her lovers.
Possible crime record: None

Other information: -
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