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Siegmund Shadow

Post by siegmund on Sat Dec 29, 2012 8:22 pm

Character name: Siegmund Shadow
Alias: Sieg
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Race: Worgen
Class: Rogue

Birth region: Lordaeron
Specific area/town: A small town near a lake
Family: Father and Mother (Unknown), Drake (Grandfather, deceased), Galatea (Sister, Missing), Soulnya Shadow (wife), Dante Shadow (Son).
Known friends or enemies: Ask him in person.

Description and Personality:
Seems to be a very carefree person at first glance. Always joking and giving remarks or being oblivious as a child. His facial expresions change swiftly, when in the heat of battle or times of unease. Irony follows him everywhere, but is carring, mostly a good person with a sense of loyalty, but at the same times smart enough not to endanger himself or those he cares for. One would say good, but not with a huge conscince.

Mostly speaks with a polite common tone, sometimes with a dash of sarcasm and irony. Sometimes even his  darker jokes sound as if he really ment them, having a serious tone as he tells them. Deep Grey-blue eyes as if always a thought in his mind. Usually messy long natural dark hair with a average looking face, light  scars on his right cheek, just under his eye. In his other form he tends to try and hide a clear mark of bloodlust in his eyes, scruffy hair and a damp or fierce seen from afar. He holds a slightly above average height, his body covered with old and new scars most running along his chest, most of the time he wears bandages  under his shirt to hide them.
Siegmund was born in lordaeron and raised by his grandfather, an old ex-war veteran. After his grandfather died of old age, he went to search for work and a purpuse in life. Luck was scarce until he was contaced by an old friend of his family. There he was taken care of and thought how to fend for himself and kill. Creating a dark side in his personality.

Years later  he was captured and accused of various crimes, yet he was offered a chance to pay for his crimes by joining the army. He was sent to the north and later silverpine, to fight against the forsaken. There he became a worgen by drinking their blood as an attempt to save his comrades lives.

Shortly after he was wounded and left for dead. He mostly traveled after, once even to Darnasus to recive full control over his form. In time he returned to his old dark ways, doing various contracts from retriving information to theft and such.

After a time his path lead him to Stormwind, where he decided to find a new path, perhaps finding it in traveling and exploration. In time he joined the Freelancers and currently acts as director in the organization.

Things you may know about this character: He has sarcasm and is not afraid to use it.
Things you may not know about this character: Even i don't know.
Possible crime record:
Distant past (Files possibly lost, ask in person): Pickpocketing, breaking and entering, atempted muder, murder, threats...
Recent years: Assault on a guard, resisting arrest.

Other information: Tends to like the heat of battle.

Siegmund in young adulthood
(Courtesy of Allonia)

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