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Nessra Sunwhisper

Post by Nessra Sunwhisper on Sat Dec 29, 2012 7:16 pm

Character name: Nessra Sunwhisper
Alias: -
Gender: Female
Age: 200-250ish
Race: Blood elf
Class: Priest (formerly assassin)

Birth region: Quel'thalas
Specific area/town: The Royal Exchange if in Silvermoon.
Family: Nareesha Sunwhisper (daughter), Narafin Sunwhisper (son), Ryak Sunwhisper (son), Ashenila Sunwhisper (niece), Sinariel Sunwhisper (niece).
Known friends or enemies: Anthrios (lover), Kristeas Sunbinder (former husband), Celistra Silverstrike (friend), Darilas Lionfeet (enemy)

Description: Tall middle-aged Sin'dorei woman. A hint of grey in her hair.
Personality: Calm, strict.
History: Was the leader of an assassin's guild called the Circle of Serpents decades ago, until an injury forced her to change her ways. Many decades later, she joined the Sin Belore and eventually became its Commander.
Things you may know about this character: She is currently the Commander's advisor in the Sin Belore. She has also been in the Silvermoon council a few years ago as the councilor of internal affairs. If your character had any connections to the "underworld" in the past, they would most likely know that this woman and her family were known for brewing high quality poisons, as well as being able to be hired for assassinations.
Things you may not know about this character: Immune to most poisons
Possible crime record: Plenty of suspected crimes, none proven.

Other information: If you're planning to roll a rogue/assassin/criminal, and need a job-background or a familiar face from the past, poke me online and we may be able to sort something out. Nessra and her family had people working for them, and they had regular customers as well.
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