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Kozgugore Feraleye

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'We orcs take grand pleasure in the blast of the hunting horn and baying of the hounds. Dogs crap smells sweet as dreamfoil to us. Live with wolves. Perhaps then, you learn to howl.'
Character name: Kozgugore Feraleye
Alias: Feraleye
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Race: Orc
Class: Beastmaster, Hunter, Marksman, Scout, Wilderness Stalker

Birth region: Warsong lands, Draenor
Specific area/town: Unnamed Warsong camp
Family: Morgeth Feralheart (mate), Kraag (son), Muzg (son), Katashka (daughter), Shazula the Unbroken (blood-sister), Thorg (father, deceased), Thrazna (sister, deceased), Thrylka (mother, presumed dead), Abrag Sourfist (blood brother, deceased), Ar'gok (blood brother, presumed dead), Muzg elsaw (blood brother, deceased), Orboz Broadjaw (blood brother, deceased)
Known friends or enemies: Friends: Greggar Ironfoot, Grimthog, Nergul Darkblood Tor'kren
Kozgugore's outward appearance is one of a relative mid-aged-looking orc. The confident demeanour and burly muscles on him indicate a past rooted in either military or high adventure. Kozgugore is beginning to show signs of ageing, however, as his thin black hair and beard are already slightly streaked with grey. His old scars underline this fact, and it's largely due to the wolf mask which he usually carries that hides any forms of age or expression that may rest upon his features. His physique is up to par with any average orc warrior, still living a rather Spartan lifestyle, even for orcish standards. His armour usually consists of leather and mail, staying true to his origins as a scout rather than to give in to any kind of expensive armours fit for a chieftain.

Even though he tends to adorn himself with the bones of his preys, the most noteworthy are the two bone-necklaces around his neck. One of them, which clearly seems more worn than the other, is decorated with several bigger, sharp bones, these are the bones of Kozgugore's first kill, a raptor, for his Om'riggor, the orcish initiation rite. It's common among Warsong orcs to wear the bones of their first solo kill around their neck. This kill gave him his surname 'Feraleye' as well, returning to his village with not only the blood of the raptor on his face, but that of his own as well - caused by a deadly claw to the right side of his face. The scar is still visible underneath his right eye, though since he usually wears a wolf-mask, few may actually aware of the scar being present there. The other necklace he carries, donning several sharp, little bones, is clearly newer and better-maintained than the older, the most visible proof of his bonding with his mate, Morgeth Feraleye. Carried on his side is a decorated chimaera's horn.

Following in his footsteps is usually a healthy-looking worg, common among most orcs as Shrewd. The intensity of his yellow eyes seem to resemble those of Kozgugore's wolf mask.

Kozgugore is generally considered to have a grumpy character, seemingly indifferent and looking down towards others. This seems more like a fa├žade than anything else, however. Deep inside, a family orc resides, bent on safekeeping the orcish homelands, keeping his tribe together as well as to see it prosper. Kozgugore has a refined view of the word "honour", seeing it as a means by which orcs have been manipulated into doing things on their leader's behalf in the past. Although he won't be caught denying the usage of this by himself, he still seems to respect friend and foe alike if they give him reason to do so. Having witnessed the old glory of Draenor, Kozgugore holds the old, orcish traditions close to his heart, despite his tendency to occasionally crave for bloodshed and violence like any Warsong orc. In public, he usually speaks with a grumbly, guttural voice.

In general, Kozgugore has been known to keep at distance from any personal relationships, save for those of his own blood. This stems forth from a difficult past, that led him to lose all of his former family and friends in the three great wars. It's a certain sense of fear of losing more loved ones and seeing this as a potential weakness to his position as a chieftain that causes him to create as few true friends as possible.

Kozgugore was born on Draenor and raised within the Warsong Clan. Trained to become a shaman, he was chosen as one of the few in his village to guide his clan on the path of the spirits. Although he showed much promise in his training, what always attracted his attention over his spiritual teaching was his love for the hunt. He often went along with his father Thorg and his friends to hunt the wildlife of the Warsong lands, carrying supplies and sometimes even hunting animals himself. He envied the older orcs he accompanied, and dreamt of becoming a hunter himself one day. Unfortunately, his shaman training often got in the way of any greater ambitions.

At the age of fifteen, he stumbled upon a lonely worg whelp near the edge of his village during one of his treks out in the wilds. Kozgugore developed a strange connection to the beast. The worg whelp, later named 'Gruk' by Kozgugore, would prove to become a valuable friend and, to a certain extend, even brother to Kozgugore. As they learned to rely upon each other in the wilds, Kozgugore slowly developed a special, spiritual-like bond with the worg as he slowly grew older and grew more adept with the shamanistic magic, showing a certain aptitude with the aspect of the Wilds.

Possessing an outgoing character, the young orc made friends, as well as enemies. Throughout his upbringing, he made several blood-brothers, including Abrag Sourfist, Ar'gok, Muzg Felsaw and Orboz Broadjaw, as well as a love interest by the name of Grushka. However, this was not made to last.

To read the full extent of Kozgugore's background, see his wiki page instead.
Things you may know about this character:
Though reputed to have been the Chieftain of the Red Blade tribe for a long period of time now, it's becoming common knowledge that Kozgugore has not made himself beloved in Garrosh Hellscream's new Horde. Rumour has lately spread that he's been taken captive for refusing orders, and is soon to be trialled and executed for treason.

Things you may not know about this character:
Much of Kozgugore's background and history is a closed book, as he rarely speaks of it.

Possible crime record:
Accused of treason towards the Horde and Warchief Garrosh Hellscream. Currently imprisoned and awaiting execution.

Other information:
Affiliation: Orcs of the Red Blade, the Horde, Horde of Draenor, Warsong Clan
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
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