Faralan Bearclaw Thorgint

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Faralan Bearclaw Thorgint

Post by Rmuffn on Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:03 pm

Character name: Faralan Thorgint.
Alias: Bearclaw.
Gender: Male.
Age: Thirty-six (36).
Race: Human.
Class: Berserker, Spiritualist (Warrior, Druid).

Birth region: Kingdom of Stromgarde (Arathi Highlands).
Specific area/town: Slums of Stromgarde City.
Family: The Thorgint Family, alive family members; Orthur, Erahn, Nygarth, Adenah, Timna (Adoptive member), Angxia (Adoptive member), Raynar (Infant), Elayn (Infant), Dante (Infant), Lynnea (Infant).
Known friends or enemies: Allies; Most of the arathorian people. Foes; Eowale Dreadbringer, Olian Nithiladora, Erahn Thorgint.
Affiliation: Loyalty to the Kingdom of Stromgarde, Honour Hold, the Sons of Lothar and the Grand Alliance.

Description: Faralan is a battle hardened man, his skin contains plenty scars, wide as small. He stands just slightly past 2 meters tall, with a weight of 120kg, a broad posture.
His hair is long and untamed, very little attention is done to keep it in order, same goes for his wild beard, the colour of these are auburnish.
He's got a couple of tattoos upon his body; his inner left lower arm has the text "Bearclaw" imprinted to itself.
Both biceps are encircled by thorn vines that join together. On his chest,
just by where the heart should be there's the imprint of a bear paw and an eagle's talon, loosely joined together.

Personality: Faralan is a brash man, easily angered, and often acts upon instinct rather than logic.
He's however managed to seperate that from his actions when he's in battle or planning military strategies.
On an overall however he's usually a very happy person with no shame.

History: Faralan was born in the city slums of Stromgarde to his poor parents(Arran and Cecilla), he was joined by two younger siblings, a girl, Lynnette, and a boy, Nygarth. His father, Arran, had been the son of a farmer, but when he choose to marry a poor city girl with lowly reputation his family stripped him of the family farm heritage.
Faralan grew up in a bad enviourment but fought hard to stay alive, and to keep his siblings safe and happy.

He however enlisted as a squire to an arathorian knight after the Second War and followed the Sons of Lothar, alias The Alliance Expedition, into Outland.
Faralan managed to survive his stay on Outland but it didn't come without a cost,
a youngling brought up in a life of nothing but war didn't allow for much of the joys a child needs when growing up.
He fathered a daughter with Elayn Darisolt during his stay on Outland, at the age of fifteen.

The daughter would come to be known as Adenah "Duskeye" Thorgint. Despite the opening of the Dark Portal Faralan never left Outland,
now feeling obliged to continue the fight with his brothers and sisters in arms.
However during a skirmish it would seem Adenah and her mother both died to the brutality of the fel orcs,
in despair Faralan decided, two years after the opening, that it was time to leave for Azeroth.

He came back during the terror of the Lich King's Scourge, where he joined forces with his own kin and was given a ritename, custom to all arathorians; Bearclaw.
Faralan has since then served both in the Argent Crusade, the Seventh Legion's "Fordagon Company" division and the Grand Alliance army, through Stromgarde's forces.
He's held the ranks of Captain, Lieutenant and Warlord of Stromgarde, currently he holds the elite rank of a Silver Raven,
but considers himself retired after the Mad Lord Lionmane's reign. He's focused alot on spirituality and ancestral philosophy the past year and is one of few arathorians still who follows these virtues vigorsly, but also happily teaches them.

Things you may know about this character: Faralan's military past can be found in records and as such can be known about him.
Things you may not know about this character: Most of his childhood past and private time on Outland can't be known.
Possible crime record: Faralan is so far not under any official crime records.

Other information: Faralan enjoys great ale, brawls and a good laugh. He dislikes King Wrynn's warmongering.
The Thorgints are known for their notorious flirting.

Courtesy to whoever made the original two pictures, they're google found and thus I don't know their origin.
Courtesy to Timna for merging them and colouring them.
(The picture reflects a Faralan during his earlier days on Azeroth upon his return, however he's grown a mightier beard since.)


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