Rayne Lieuth Farglade Thorgint

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Rayne Lieuth Farglade Thorgint

Post by Timna on Sat Dec 29, 2012 2:24 pm

Character name: Rayne Lieuth Farglade Thorgint
Alias: Timna, Void, Dorty
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty (20)
Race: Human
Class: Rogue (Entrepreneur)

Birth region: Stormwind Kingdom
Specific area/town: Westfall
Family: Clay Farglade, Zalerin "Blacktongue", Thorgint family (adopted).
Known friends or enemies:
Friends: Tyriez Greyson, Zarek Magnum, Feral, Simaria Winter, Kittrina & Humphry Beaumont, Remai D'Waltir, Belserden Bastonne, Sharyssa Leyson, Faralan Thorgint, Adenah Thorgint, Orthur Thorgint, Nygarth Thorgint, Melan Aetherel, Nilda Meyrick, Trave Andrew, Lei-jie Foo, Eodan Haidren, Soulyna Shadow, Zalden "Zeede", Arenfel Serpentine, Kayle Ashton, Brigs, Eloresh Silversmith.
Enemies: Whitker Whitecastle, the Forsaken, Kettin, Malithus, Eowale Dreadbringer, family Revain.
Neither: Vincent Whitecastle, Willow Whitecastle, Lillith Silversmith, Prython Darkclaw, Olian Nithiladora, Skarain Feirand, Forseti, Menorian Cutford.

Description: Timna seems to have reached an age of maturity, her scars remaining proof of old deeds and memories. Her hair is let out albeit a tad messy, but a small effort of keeping it tidy may be noticed. The hair, rich in colour, seems to carry a reddish-brown hue more commonly known as chestnut; her eyes giving next to no contrast with their dark brown. Her gaze seems calm and controlled, but can turn sharply between natural softness to a murderous glare.

The woman, when carrying armour, keeps it patched up and ready for battle but appears short and frail beneath it. Without the armour she carries either semi-casual clothing, or completely casual; however, this does not stop her from the constant watch she keeps on her surroundings.
Personality: Her attitude varies greatly from person to person. She seems greatly focused these days, but that doesn’t stop her from keeping a smile on her lips at occasions.
History: (If you wish to know, please poke me in-game of check out Link)
Things you may know about this character: Whatever you find out in-game! (if looking for records etc, please send me a note here or in game.)
Things you may not know about this character: .. Whatever you don't find out in-game!
Possible crime record: Very old petty-crime and assault record; a few things classified (whisper in-game).

Other information: N/A.

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Character sheet
Name: Timna

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