Ariandra Fox-Alence

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Ariandra Fox-Alence

Post by Timna on Sat Dec 29, 2012 2:21 pm

Character name: Ariandra Fox-Alence
Alias: "Ari".
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-two (22)
Race: Human
Class: Guardian

Birth region: Stormwind Kingdom
Specific area/town: Stormwind City
Family: Alec Fox (adoptive father, deceased), Mrs. Fox-Alence (mother, deceased), Sir Alence (father, deceased, former minor noble)
Known friends or enemies: Feral, Timmy, Simaria.

Description: The expression of a defeated but recovering woman is evident when eyes are placed upon Ariandra the first time. The sorrowful gaze of hers is filled with paranoia and often directed at the ground.
Her features are lined with scars and bruises in contrast to her pale skin; the malnutrition and slavery-like worker's body show and remain like invisible scars upon the woman, in addition to her state of apathy and ruthlessness.
Personality: Very apathetic and bland.
History: (Ask me or check out [url=Link][/url])
Things you may know about this character: Anything you find out in-game (if looking for records etc, please send me a note here or in game.)
Things you may not know about this character: Anything you do not find out in-game.
Possible crime record: Non-existant.

Other information: None.

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