[A] Terrorism in Kharanos!

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[A] Terrorism in Kharanos!

Post by Odgan / Keag on Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:03 am

The following article can be seen as the header of the Iron Guardian paper, spread through Khaz'Modan and Stormwind (mainly the Dwarven District.)

Terrorism in Kharanos!

Grief and rage has struck the village of Kharanos after two explosives, attached to the two supporting pillars in the Strongbrew Clan Hall were brought to explosion in the dead of night, resulting in the pillars and a part of this ancient hall to collapse upon the feasting Dwarves beneath them.
Among the casaulties of this cowardly and above all, tragic attack is also the elderly Thane Modi Strongbrew.
Nicknamed the "Elder of Dun Morogh" for his undying devotion to the Mountain and his clan, and the great wisdom he used to bestow upon Dwarves and clans in need all around Dun Morogh.
The age of this Dwarf always remained a mystery, rumors say his beard is whiter then even the one of Greatfather Winter himself.
Besides the loss of this great Thane, five other Strongbrews didn't leave their partly collapsed clan hall alive, the other Strongbrews present in the hall during this tragic event luckily made it out with minor injuries.

Even now the village square is filled with a mob of Dwarves, some mourning their loved ones while others yell out in rage.
Besides the many child-unfriendly things that can be heard, the Dwarves, mainly Strongbrews call out of "Vengeance!" and "Justice!".
Not having any direct proof, the Strongbrews could think of only one suspect, or culprit in their view.
The "Forlorn Cartel" as one of their clan members explained, a criminal organisation who according to the Strongbrews also is behind the several assassination attempts, and eventual murder on the hero Ildranor Strongbrew earlier this year.

The local Mountaineer Captain Tharran said to our reporter that he "trusts and hopes the Dwarves of clan Strongbrew remain calm, and not to break any laws in any Alliance city."
Through other non-Strongbrew locals doubt that the Strongbrews will sit still.

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